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  1. Anyone else catch McCain saying this?
  2. is the Youtube video of the Debate up?
  3. Hotline rankings
  4. Hotline on Paul Indy run
  5. Michelle Malkin sure can dig....
  6. I Pledge Allegiance to Grover Norquist
  7. WSJ blog on debate--and they have a poll!
  8. Ron Paul talks to CNN 's John Roberts after debate
  9. Am I the only one who thinks Guiliani bombed hard last night?
  10. Paul answers question about North American Union
  11. Glenn Beck talking about Ron Paul's debate answer
  12. Great Debate Breakdown.
  13. McCain's attack on RP being played on local news
  14. Anybody see the CNN guy lying about the NAFTA highway?
  15. CNN Headline News Debate replay. Gee, really subtle CNN.
  16. John Leboutillier Analysis
  17. Is it time to start filing FCC complaints?
  18. What are the chances of the SAME GUY
  19. 3 undecided voters
  20. CNN Debate poll on MSN.com Huckabee ahead by 4 %
  21. Huckabee using Paul's stance on the IRS?
  22. YouTube Debate Winner
  23. New Forum for polls
  24. Video: Ron Paul CNN Post Debate Interview
  25. RonPaulRadio.com LIVE NOW - Judge_Andrew_Napolitano
  26. Reuters quote RP on YouTube debate
  27. media bomb for ron paul
  28. McCain's Reading List
  29. NEW VIDEO: "McCain Said Iraq is a FAILURE (Honestly)"
  30. Photo of Ron Paul
  31. Ron Paul is like a Hurricane Watcher
  32. Great Article Exposing McCain
  33. Last night just pissed us off... almost to 10 Million!
  34. Cnn Refresher Course For The Memory Impaired
  35. Suggestion to campaign re Youtube debate followup
  36. Cafferty
  37. MSM & Huckabee
  38. Florida pictures or video?
  39. What would Ron Paul have done in 1940?
  40. Bill O'Reilly and the CNN Youtube debate
  41. 08 GOP Debates Are A Worthless Circus
  42. Come on Rudy, attack Ron Paul again...please
  43. msn poll - the doc needs help - hurry!
  44. Has proposed a scholarship program for illegal immigrants who graduate from Arkansas
  45. Mark Strauss, Journalist
  46. CNN idiots!
  47. Rp Should Host His Own Gop Debate!!
  48. Political landscape Changing? Fred Thompson's answer on Gun Control
  49. Duncan Hunter is a conspiracy kook too!
  50. Help Ron Paul Is Losing To Huckabee In A Debate Poll-help!!!!!!!!
  51. Wow -- Wolf just announced Huck got major boost for mention of IRS
  52. Where on Youtube is the Fantastic Ad that was shown on the CNN Debate please?
  53. Ron Paul losing in both these polls (100K+ votes in each
  54. Any photos/videos of Mitt's Straw Poll balot-stuffers yet?
  55. I wish i would've submitted a question like this
  56. Reuters article
  57. CNBC Political Capital Poll
  58. John McCain vs Paul - The video if you havent' seen it
  59. Huckabee's awsome poll turnout
  60. CNN's Cafferty and another analist just SLAMMED McCain for the "Hitler" comment.
  61. POLL: Did you expect more?
  62. The post-debate speech/rally...
  63. Post-debate Video
  64. Hugh Hewitt's interview prior to the debate
  65. Huckabee 6666?
  66. NAU Question
  67. Somone may be spamming MSN poll for Huck.
  68. Enough already??
  69. Video with good audio of post debate speech
  70. It was not Ron Paul's best debate, by a long shot
  71. VIDEO post debate 11/28, BEST QUALITY
  72. "'Pro-Life' Candidates Should Put Up or Shut Up" by Pastor Chuck Baldwin
  73. Insights after Attending the CNN/YouTube Debate in St. Pete
  74. Patrick Henry at the Palladium Theater
  75. Olberman Declares McCain worser person in the world after last nights Hitler Remark
  76. McCain Wasn't Lying Exactly...
  77. An Open Letter to the Old Media and their candidates
  78. CNN Debate Debauchary
  79. Watching Oreilly, Hannity/Colmes and
  80. Debate summary: Qs and As
  81. Video of Ron Paul Supporters at Debate
  82. Ron Paul is #1 in CNN debate poll!
  83. Youtubed Rally Post Speech 11/28
  84. My blog focusing on the youtube debat last night.
  85. Bible question in youtube debate was a trick
  86. Watch this video on how crooked last night was(required viewing)
  87. Ron Paul goes to War after debate!
  88. Ron Paul "supporter" was FAKE!
  89. Post CNN/YOUTUBE Debate speech by RON PAUL!!
  90. Ron Paul did not show as well this debate
  91. CNN Exposed! Independent question a plant.
  92. Ron Paul LOSING AOL poll
  93. Who Would the World Elect
  94. My debate experience, and message to the old guard.
  95. Florida Straw Poll
  96. Let's picket CNN
  98. Larry King Republican Poll!
  99. Liberal/Conservative Bias
  100. Patrick Henry Supports Ron Paul VIDEO
  101. More pics from St Pete *img heavy*
  102. Why didnt CNN Pick a question about the H.R 1955 Bill?
  103. CNN YouTube Debate : 70,000 illegals get free education in NYC under Rudy
  104. CNN "blog" post doesn't mention paul.
  105. Ron Paul post-debate interviews in CNN's Spin Room
  106. Message from Estonia, Europe
  107. Huckabee Fair Tax being discussed on CNN
  108. Who Else Felt Sorry for Tom Tancredo
  109. Call Tancredo
  110. Guest at work heard some good things about debate
  111. LOL at Dead Fred's Larry King Appearance
  112. Evidence proves question to Ron Paul SET-UP by CNN!
  113. I think it was a POSITIVE set-up
  114. CNN Attempts to Fix Its Own Poll Against Ron Paul
  115. Glen Beck invites RP to appear
  116. A Simple Way For Ron To Turn The Tables At Debates
  117. LA Times: CNN: Corrupt News Network
  118. YouTube Debate Questioner CNN Conspiracy links
  119. Tim Russert Thinks "Plants" Were Inappropriate
  120. Question to Ron Paul about NAU Planted
  121. Did anybody see or get videos of McCain post debate interview?
  122. Video of Mccains flip flop at the debate, please digg!
  123. New Video of Romney Supporters rigging the Straw Poll
  124. So why hasn't ron paul given mccain a reading list yet?
  125. McCain, Rudy, Huckabee, Ron Paul and the truth
  126. Rommney campaign stuffed ballot box at Flordia Staw Poll
  127. Ron missed an opportunity to nail McCain the other night...
  128. Best part of CNN YouTube debate
  129. Lets make ron # 1 for this poll.
  130. Freudian Slips at the debate
  131. Anderson Cooper WTF?
  132. Events for the Nov 28 and Videos
  133. Some Ron Paul Debate Highlights (CNN/Youtube + More)
  134. Ron's message about the debates!!
  135. Verbal Judo for RP
  136. Seekster Speaks
  137. NAFTA super highway proof
  138. Ever wondered what Ron Paul would look and sound like as an elf?
  139. What if Dr Paul interupted the Youtube debate and ..........
  140. Ron paul still won the youtube debate.
  141. What was the speech that the AD was made with?