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  1. "Ron Paul, talking about a secretive highway that is a figment of his imagination..."
  2. Super Highway Imagination?
  3. Cnn Poll
  4. After the debate, we know what we should do
  5. CNN Panel on NAU question
  6. For those that are mad/sad about the debate...
  7. Dude, there IS a NAFTA highway
  8. Youtube?
  9. Winning RP ad aired on CNN 10/28/07
  10. CNN Confirmed - Gay General was a Hillary Clinton Plant
  11. Talk Clock
  12. Post-Debate Huckabee vs. Paul donations
  13. CNN trying to downplay the Veteran's Rally
  14. ANOTHER REASON TO HATE CNN - Tivo's and DVRs Will Not Record Ron Paul's 10:02 pm AD
  15. I would like to thank Ron Paul for a job well done tonight.
  16. Guests and New Members
  17. AOL Debate poll - go go go
  18. My family was impressed by Paul, but he got the least time out of all
  19. Call / Write You-tube
  20. Flyers
  21. I feel sick.
  22. I KID YOU NOT! We are up against the Machine!
  23. EMAIL LOU DOBBS and tell him CNN called him a LIAR!!
  24. Gay Plant too
  25. Post debate rally on Justin.tv
  26. The abortion question
  27. North American Union is a winning issue in Iowa/America
  28. Florida straw poll
  29. Political Informer Poll
  30. V for Vendetta Mask in background of YouTube question!
  31. Send a message to Anderson Cooper
  32. HOW TO RETURN FIRE AT CNN: Turn Them into a JOKE (Video Example)
  33. 4 new Paulians tonight!
  34. TOBIN calls LOU DOBBS a NUT ?? North American Union ??
  35. What Ron should've done at the end
  36. Supporting Evidence That Ron Paul Was Ill Tonight
  37. Dr. Paul is more intelligent than anyone else running and it shows!
  38. Could we organize a boycott to CNN advertisers?
  39. AOL Post Debate Poll
  40. Ron Paul's final statement about revolution
  41. Clips from Youtube Debate is up!
  42. "No IRS... lolz how will the government make money"
  43. The BS that happened tonight...we really have to unite and respond to this.
  44. Someone YOUTUBE and do a LIE/FACT issue on these two..
  45. VOTE in AOL debate poll!!!!!!!
  46. Go to Justin TV right now
  47. CNN Rate the Candidates
  48. Who is this guy?
  49. CNN Poll link
  50. David Gergen: inappropriate post debate guest
  51. NBC13 Philadelphia: Rally Draws 5,000
  52. Majority of People not paying atention to election debates this far in advance
  53. I fear all is lost
  54. The North American Union Video. For the unbelievers
  55. Cnn Poll
  56. Ron Paul Photo leading NY Times Story...
  57. Watch justin.tv now - Dr. Paul on
  58. Ron Paul - LIVE NOW!!
  59. Ron Paul Live Right Now
  60. Are you mad enough to donate RIGHT NOW?
  61. video/question removed
  62. Ron Paul Live Right Now
  63. Romney didn't just lose the south... he lost it all tonight
  64. CNN debate scorecard
  65. Is Ron Paul sick, have the flu or what? He looks awful!
  66. Post you Poll pic from CNN debate
  67. Huckabee/IRS and Foregin Policy
  68. CNN Poll - New!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  69. Vote for ron on AOL!!
  70. We have less than one year to save this country
  71. Channel your anger! Tell 25 friends/family!
  72. Remember When?
  73. vote.com poll
  74. Hit job question #1 and #2
  75. New debate
  76. We expected to much, the rest of America got to see him in Action. All is not lost
  77. The fallout: predictions
  78. Link to debate video?
  79. Conspiracy Question
  80. AOL Rate the candidates
  81. Is it just me
  82. McCain and Paul exchange... "USA never lost a battle"... but the 60,000 deaths!!!!
  83. Come back to McCain on Vietnam
  84. Staged Question
  85. Donít Give Up
  86. Was the CNN effort to crush Dr. Paul "blowback"
  87. Has anyone been treated more unfairly?
  89. CNN transcript incorrect?
  90. You guys are way too negative
  91. Message to guests to the forum
  92. Ron Paul needs to do a better job of selling the Iraq pullout...
  93. CNN Coverage after the DEBATE
  94. CNN re-airing debate now
  95. Link to that YouTube 3rd party question for RP
  96. 3 other outlet Polls for debate
  97. Cnn debate team is a PROVEN GOVERNMENT SHILL!!! MUST SEE!!!
  98. daily kos poll
  99. Daily Kos Poll: We Are Losing to Huckabee
  100. Ron Paul just mentioned the Tea Party
  101. Another DailyKOS poll
  102. CNN poll is rigged.
  103. Best Response Of The Night!
  104. Someone had darned well better get this on youtube!
  105. I Have The Ammo To NEUTER MCCAIN - Read This Quote From Tonight!!!
  106. Ron's YouTube stats
  107. The Debate was a Success
  108. This to cnn if they are lurking around this fourm
  109. DailyKos Poll
  110. Ron Paul told Rudy
  111. Post Debate Speech-- Gotta have it!
  112. Anyone live near Tarrytown NY?
  113. Protest CNN!
  114. LOU DOBBS is pissed!! Tobin called him out on NAU !!
  115. Your favorite part of the debate
  116. Did you see this poll?
  117. Submitted Ron Paul Ads Now Available!
  118. RonPaulRadio Post Debate Coverage NOW!
  119. McCain did us a favor
  120. Davis Fleetwood Interviews Ron at YouTube Debate
  121. Cnn Transcript: Wrong About Ron Paul
  122. Digg the Debate's Time Allotment to the Candidates!
  123. Of all the moments, I think this is currently my favorite
  124. New Forums to discuss on
  125. CNN throws LOU DOBBS under the bus!!
  126. Time Tracking?
  127. This debate was not a LOSS.. We are winning!
  128. Entire Debate on Youtube
  129. Donations are up since the debate.
  130. My quickie recap on the debate...
  131. WHY? Did Ron Paul not get to respond to the question..
  132. Some Things I Noticed Tonight!
  133. Any transcripts of the debate or debate archive link yet?
  134. I Quit Funding CNN
  135. Dear Cable/Sat. Provider
  136. The Straw that Broke the Camels Back
  137. List of Post-Debate Polls - Vote Now!
  138. I loved the look of Ron Paul to McCain..
  139. CNN gets another thing wrong...
  140. The current POLL for CNN
  141. What Can We Do?
  142. Watching the Rerun
  143. Minnesota Straw Poll tonight for Youtube debate
  144. Awesome Debate
  145. John McCain attack on Ron Paul
  146. YouTube commercial link needed.
  147. Putting an Enemy on the Defensive Makes and Enemy Weak DO NOT BUY INTO IT!!!
  148. Once again: MSM Trickery Backfires
  149. Reminder: Pat Buchanan on Coast to Coast AM
  150. CNN Says Ron Paul Talks about Conspiracy
  151. ~cnn * ~cooper
  152. Are the other candidates becoming more like Ron Paul?
  153. Finally...Here are the youtube vids
  154. Tancredo's Hit on Ron Paul, how would RP answer
  155. Was Romney exposed as the utter fool he is tonight or what?
  156. McCain on Vietnam
  157. Giuliani confused
  158. The "Confederate Flag" in the video didn't exist until the 20th Century
  159. Huckabee: "Jesus was too smart to run for office"
  160. Mad? Discouraged? Some Perspective.
  161. Brought a friend with to watch the debate...his thoughts
  162. Protest CNN headquarters
  163. my CNN "iReport"
  164. The end for Guliani? How does this help Ron Paul?
  165. Huckabee: on sending Hillary Clinton to Mars
  166. CNN Last question - Was it a set up?
  167. McCain Blames America for WWII ?
  168. How would/should Ron Paul have answered the conferate flag question?
  169. AOL/CNN debate Poll - vote please - RP needs help
  170. Why is everyone so negative about the debate?
  171. Great article about Romney buying straw poll victory
  172. CNN deletes 12000 Ron Paul Votes?! [PICS]
  173. How many guns do you own and what type?
  174. Debate report from a Meetup member
  175. huck wins phone polls
  176. Something is up...
  177. onlyidiotswatchcnn.com
  178. Ron Paul needs to post a 90 second YouTube video response to each debate question
  179. would it be illegal to...
  180. Vinoy Park straw poll - from someone who was there all day
  181. Two positives from tonight's debate
  182. So, Are me gaining more support after debate or losing
  183. Educating McCain?
  184. Tons of booing tonight
  185. Mccain vs Ron Paul
  186. I really think Romney and Giulianni lost it tonight...
  187. CNN Manipulating Poll Results
  188. Ron Paul Hits a HOME RUN on Question #5
  189. What does the bible say about our enemies?
  190. Questions Breakdown
  191. CNN/YouTube FL Debate: Paul on North American Union, CFR, and Conspiracy.
  192. Gay general a Clinton supporter and membver of the Kerry campaign
  193. AOL who won the Youtube debate?
  194. Indianapolis Star: who will be the next president?
  195. VIDEO: John McCain gets pwned by Ron Paul
  196. big winner for Ron would be to...
  197. CNN/YouTube debate: McCain, Paul spar on Iraq - McCain:Isolationism caused WWII Nazi
  198. VIDEO: Will Paul let America down by not running as an Independent?
  199. Poll: Are you new here or support Ron Paul after the CNN Debate?
  200. Giuliani on the 2nd Amendment
  201. Kirk Douglas submitted a question.
  202. I have the video from the debate
  203. pre-debate poll, results. Ron Paul barely won!
  204. TOP VIDEOS: CNN/YouTube Florida Debate
  205. I think that the "hit"-question, was actually good for us!
  206. The entirety of Ron Paul from the debate all in one MPG4 file for you
  207. What happened at the end?
  208. Debate Videos: Attack Huck if anyone
  209. In retrospect, the debate was really not that bad.
  210. Post debate rally speech by Dr Paul
  211. VIDEO: My CNN/YouTube 30 Sec TV Spot.
  212. Extreme negativity!
  213. I was miserable until I came here...
  214. YouTube of Paul at the debate?
  215. McCain was slammed by Paul
  216. Poll: How would you rate Dr. Ron Paul performance?
  217. Call CSPAN about debate
  218. Vote on AOL... he just dropped to number 2!
  219. CSPAN talking about the debates right now
  220. CNN/YouTube Debate poll
  221. Wall Street Journal excerpt on Ron Paul
  222. CNN Post-Debate interview with RP? Where is it?
  223. Campaign video shown at the debate
  224. AOL votes being manipulated.. votes been substracted from paul
  225. CNN to cover blogs about the debates next
  226. Lets COMMISSION a mino-Movie to REVEAL the B.S. that many do not see as CNN pulled on
  227. Kiran Chetry
  228. Ron Paul Supporters
  229. Be a Hero - Count The Minutes Given to Ron Paul vs. The Other Candidates
  230. Constructive Criticism of RP
  231. Ron Paul Christmas Card Bomb
  232. Paul's grin and shake of head at Mcain...
  233. Inside The Debate And Post Debate:
  234. "THEY" will never get it.
  235. Worst and Best Campaign Videos at debate
  236. Post Youtube Debate Rally - 33 Minutes - Video
  237. Republican debate questions asked mostly by Democrats?
  238. WP debate coverage
  239. CNN Post-Debate Transcripts
  240. Equal Time? Full Rundown of How Long Each Candidate Was Allowed To Speak
  241. Great Line: Washington didn't change Ron Paul
  242. Politics1 on the debate
  243. WP's The Fix on the debate
  244. CNN Rejects 3,000 YouTube Questions Submitted By The Public To Give Airtime
  245. MSNBC's First Read on the debate
  246. Knob Response Request
  247. Time rating candidates
  248. News Media Abuses: We need to start speaking their language...
  249. Weekly Standard: Barnes: Two Hours of Humiliation
  250. V Mask in background during Confederate flag question!?