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  1. Better Demographic Poll on Religious Beliefs
  2. Corporate Christianity Avoids Ron Paul
  3. Please stop the stupid attacks on religion!
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  5. Even a Canadian Christian Singer Sees It Coming
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  7. Stop the Evangelical Christian hate please..
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  9. Atheism and The Revolution
  10. Deism and atheism
  11. Transforming Culture: Christian Truth Confronts Post-Christian America
  12. Christian Librarian Takes "gay" Profs To Federal Court
  13. Religion
  14. Islam and Christianity
  15. Believers: Your favorite religious-themed fiction?
  16. Should Organized Religion be Outlawed?
  17. If someone is a Christian, it is a contradiction to be a democrat!
  18. This is why they should teach religion in schools...
  19. Israel Hit By Bible Burning Row
  20. Religion is a product of evolution
  21. Evolution is a Product of Religion
  22. Tony Blair Launches Global Religious Foundation
  23. Documentaries on Religion
  24. I'm a Christian, but I'm starting to believe that the Christians have hijacked
  25. Religious Scientist Takes On Creationists and the ID Movement
  26. Interesting article on the Founding Fathers, Christianity and our Constitution
  27. Panarchism
  28. Baby starved to death by a religious group
  29. blahhh...i have to take a religion course...
  30. New World Religion Worshippers Wailing Over Dead Trees
  31. what religion suits you [quiz]
  32. Pre-Christian religions
  33. Historical Jesus didn't create a new religion!
  34. Religion - What is the name for what I believe in?
  35. Your religion
  36. Steve Grey: My Absurd Religion
  37. Why mixing religion and politics is a BAD IDEA!
  38. What religion/philosophy scares you the most?
  39. Jews
  40. Chi, Christian and Atheist explanations
  41. Please stop bashing Christianity.
  42. The God Strategy: How Religion Became a Political Weapon in America
  43. Off-topic discussion and flame fest from the Founders and atheism thread
  44. Einstein Didn't Think Much of Christianity
  45. Great Barry Goldwater quote about Religious Groups
  46. Woodland Critter Christmas (religious or not ya gotta love this modrn christmas tale
  47. Religion must die for mankind to live
  48. Incest, Religion and The Constitution
  49. Do any of you believe in Gnostioc Christianity?
  50. which religion is the right one?
  51. Which religion is the wrong one?
  52. how to start your own religion :)
  53. Gay scientists discover "Christian gene"
  54. Ron Paul: The War on Religion
  55. What causes conflict between Christian Conservative Republicans and libertarians?
  56. We Should Start a Religion
  57. religion and libertarianism (W. Block article)
  58. The Christian and War
  59. Christian Bale Dance Remix
  60. Elite Overtly Attack Religion and God using Bill Maher as their Hollywood Pawn
  61. Barack Obama attacks religion
  62. Romans 13, 1 Peter, and the Proper Relationship Between the Christian and the State
  63. They are REALLLY Hammering Christianity now...another.
  64. You cant enjoy liberty without religion
  65. Jefferson's Religious Beliefs
  66. Christianity taking off in China
  67. Why Most Christian Music and Entertainment Stinks
  68. Why do Religious People believe that Athiests are Immoral?
  69. Atheists talk more about religion than religious people.
  70. What to do about religion threads
  71. Religion, technology, and Jefferson. Looking for some good conversation!
  72. Happy Good Friday - Christian Passover Poem
  73. Newsweek Taunts God
  74. Orthodox celebrate holy fire ritual in Jerusalem
  75. To My Fellow Christian Libertarians...and anyone else open to this..
  76. Iraq fallout: Christianity is being wiped out of America?
  77. Waterboard an a-rab for Jesus (article)
  78. SPLIT: Was America founded on Judeo-Christian Principles? Of Course it was!
  79. Two Catholics Spew Lies about Galileo, Angels & Demons Starts Friday
  80. Are we living in the "end times"?
  81. Jews
  82. On Capitalist Jesus. The Evil of Christianity.
  83. Jesus endorses torture!
  84. What was God's logic?
  85. Creation "Stories" (Non Christian/Muslim)
  86. Jim Jeffries Funny Comedian! On Christianity and Pandas
  87. Dane Cook on "Atheists"
  88. the tragedy of gov't run religion
  89. Properly understanding Romans 13 (and its modern implications)
  90. God Approves Of Homosexual Behavior.
  91. God created Man or Man created God?
  92. Did God make Atheists?
  93. Is the Bible is the Literal Word of God?
  94. Proof Of God Thread.
  95. What happens when you remove God from schools?
  96. Discussion Between Christian Man and Muslim Woman Turns Violent (Video)
  97. Salvation in Christ
  98. The Real Face Of Islam Reveals Itself.
  99. Can Jesus Microwave a Burrito So Hot, That He Himself Cannot Eat It?
  100. Church performs gay exorcism on 16 year old
  101. Ark of the Covenant about to be revealed?
  102. free download, Christianity and war audio
  103. Christians, Stop Complaining
  104. Survey of RPF beliefs on religious issues
  105. Chuck Baldwin - Good for nothing Christians
  106. You Christians out there, is this true?
  107. Murray N. Rothbard: In Memoriam by Ron Paul
  108. atheist or agnostic, semantics is stupid
  109. The Prejudice of Atheists
  110. Chief White Cloud on Religion and the Great Spirit
  111. Christianity, America, and Immigration
  112. What religion are you?
  113. Demographics -- Religion
  114. Is the Gospel of Matthew lying here?
  115. The New Age Movement threatens us all!!
  116. Samuel was right about the State
  117. Funny religion cartoon
  118. Who is Palestinian? Where is Palestine?? Who Named Palestine???
  119. Leviticus 18:22 is flaming hot. (According to Google)
  120. Uh oh, the God word!
  121. Bush Invaded Iraq on a Mission from God
  122. religious roots of liberty (article)
  123. Muslim Father To Kill Daughter Who Converted To Christianity
  124. Do you believe in Satan?
  125. RPF Christians: Are Christianity and Liberty Compatible?
  126. Do you believe Santa is evil incarnate?
  127. Dear Christians, Dear Atheists
  128. Paganism and Christianity
  129. Chuck Baldwin: Has the Church Become Irrelevant?
  130. Tolstoy and Christian Anarchism
  131. The Daily Dose....... Of Islam.
  132. So what's the deal with Yeshua?
  133. What political party would jesus be?
  134. Muslim and Christian Tensions Rising in the UK: Is this the Future of the U.S.?
  135. Pastor asked "Does anyone know what quantum physics is?" during his sermon...
  136. What Is The Difference Between ......
  137. Ron Paul's Christian Beliefs
  138. Survey Reveals Growing Ranks of "No Religion" Population
  139. Ron Reagan (son of President Reagan): why I'm an atheist (youtube)
  140. Atheists: No God, no reason, just whining
  141. Attention please:
  142. Excising Religious Beliefs From a Child
  143. Christians you frustrate me when you do this...
  144. Plasma Jinn
  145. MY religious belifes summed up in like 5 minutes
  146. Dr. Craig videos
  147. Archeologists find 'Joseph-era' coins in Egypt
  148. Issues Christians Have been lead astray with
  149. Israeli drive to prevent Jewish girls dating Arabs
  150. [Video] Philosophy of Freedom :: God-Given Rights
  151. Jesus Camp highlights
  152. Biblical View of Virginity
  153. RPF Christians: American Revolution Biblically Unjustified?
  154. DMT - The Spirit Molecule - Movie Trailer
  155. Best Painting Ever
  156. Does Liberty exist without God?
  157. Catholic Church on pedophilia: what's the big deal, everyone else is doing it
  158. Good
  159. Killing for Jesus
  160. Do all evangelicals see Israeli Jews as superior race than Palestinian Arabs?
  161. Why politicians feign religious conviction
  162. Karma survey
  163. Meet the antichrist
  164. Libertarians who are atheist
  165. SPLIT: Religious comments from Stephen Baldwin: "RP is nuts. And you can quote me."
  166. Was Jesus Resurrected?
  167. Why are neo-cons so often Christians?
  168. Supreme Court to Decide if Cross Violates Constitution
  169. "Atheism" is an Irrational Religion
  170. Richard Dawkins Book Tour
  171. Dawkins on O'Reilly tonight @ 8pm
  172. O'Reilly Just Called Dawkins a Fascist
  173. Which Group is More Oppressed: Theists or Atheists?
  174. Doug Stanhope on Politics and Religion - Mentions Ron Paul, Bob Barr, Palin, Obama...
  175. Is God "love"?
  176. 2012 Movie Symbology
  177. article: Old Testament scholar says it was mistranslated, God is not the Creator
  178. Allagash Incident
  179. Obama, religion, and government (Ayn Rand Center clip)
  180. Is this why our evangelical base is so demoralized lately?
  181. A Neocon Bible: What Would Jesus Say?
  182. "Expelled" movie available on Google Videos
  183. Bible Burning Baptists in my neck of the woods...
  184. Split from Muslim Infiltrating thread
  185. Did Darwin inspire Nazi Germany?
  186. Do Christians believe the Earth is 6,000 years old? [DEBATE]
  187. Individual Spirituality - My logic on morality, what we are and how we came to be.
  188. Pope Benedict XVI visit to Israel?
  189. Resurrection and memory
  190. Near Death... Life Flashing before your eyes... What does it mean? My Hypothesis...
  191. No Greater Love (The Hoyt IronMan Team - video))
  192. God Particle Sabotaged?
  193. Excellent source for patristic understanding of the Gospels
  194. Justice Alito Criticizes Focus on Supreme Court’s Catholic Majority
  195. Latinos may be 'future' of U.S. Catholic Church
  196. Does Ron Paul have Jewish ancestors?
  197. liberals have used religion as justification for US emperialism throughout our histor
  198. On the Christian understanding of suffering
  199. Is Taxation in Violation of the Commandment Not to Steal?
  200. Was the Pope right in declaring "Iraq invasion lacks moral justification"?
  201. God blesses those who stand with Israel
  202. The Religion Poll
  203. Christian Exodus - Free State Project for Christians (South Carolina)
  204. How American Evangelicals are Killing Gay People in Africa
  205. Creationism = Holocaust Denial
  206. Hate crime? Larry David urinates on picture of Jesus
  207. Anti-Semetism Rising - British TV debate
  208. SPLIT: Ole Miss seeks to silence "rising South" chant
  209. do you feel this joke is offensive
  210. What was Christ writing on the ground?
  211. If I were to suggest that between the Earth and Mars there is a china teapot...
  212. The Root of All Evil
  213. Occupation 101
  214. I believe that a belief in a supernatural creator is founded on a basic manifestation
  215. Miracle in the River Jordan!
  216. The Virgin Mary appearing in Zeitoun
  217. Seeking Resource on Pico...
  218. If Christ did not rise from the dead...
  219. "The Bible is God's Word"
  220. Fibonacci Sequence:Fingerprint Of God?
  221. Science and Religion
  222. FFRF Sues IRS, Geithner & California State over "Minister of Gospel" Tax Benefits
  223. Which is the greatest commandments of God?
  224. Matrix producer plans Muhammad biopic
  225. Larry David and the Best Thread Ever
  226. Bahá'í
  227. An Illustrated History of Scientology
  228. Major Malik Nadal Hasan a brainwashed muslim killer~!!
  229. Saints of God
  230. The difference (Christianity vs. everything else)
  231. Ron Paul Supporters and Faith
  232. The fullness of Christ, the Logos of God.
  233. Trinity: A question for the Christian scholars
  234. "God" is really fear of others
  235. Should Churches be Taxed?
  236. Vatican looks to heavens for signs of alien life
  237. Has Anyone Seen Collision?
  238. "Christians" and "Muslims"
  239. Howard Stern on Teaching Christianity in Public Schools
  240. New School Prayer
  241. ABC's V Series - The Spiritual Connotations
  242. The Racist Teachings of the Talmud
  243. Justice Scalia: 'I Have Religious Views...They Have Nothing to Do with My Job'
  244. Dems risk losing Catholics over abortion
  245. There is one thing I will give religion credit for...
  246. The Only God Given Right
  247. SPLIT: Religious discussion from Judge Napolitano (Sarah Palin)
  248. vigil for peace and justice at John Hagee's "A Night to Honor Israel" in Phoenix
  249. Please don't label me!
  250. Would statement "Arabs are God's Preferred Race" constitute religious racism?