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  1. Call the North Carolina Media about the Blimp Here are the #'s
  2. Liberty Eagle and Hellah10 make Wonkette article
  3. New Video Of Blimp Launch!!!
  4. Tracking the Blimp in Real time?
  5. Digg The Blimp Photo
  6. CBS news blurb on the blimp
  7. another video of the Blimp Launch
  8. Email CAFFERTY at CNN and tell him about the BLIMP & TEAPARTY
  9. Just flew over Chapel Hill, NC
  10. The blimp is the most baddest ass thing.
  11. Blimp: What's my name again?
  12. Ron Paul Campaign Saved by the Blimp
  13. Some new news coverage
  14. Quantifying the success of the blimp...
  15. I was there
  16. It's On Cnn
  17. Blimp over Charlotte!
  18. Blimp Funding Predictions
  19. Blimp Funding Prediction poll
  20. Blimp vs. Campaign TV ads
  21. Something to be aware of for future projects...
  22. A couple of observations
  23. Post Publicity Links Here
  24. Blimp Spotters!
  25. blimp thoughts
  26. Urgent Help For Blimp
  27. Blimp legal question
  28. What about nightime spotlights on blimp over big cities?
  29. Its the second symbol on the Periodic table
  30. Will BLIMP Fly Over NFL Game Sunday?
  31. Blimp To Boston?
  32. Blimp information and Live Video
  33. ThunderBlimps are GO!!!
  34. Is there a blimp cam widget HTML code available?
  35. Has anyone taken 4 ounces of liquid on the blimp yet?
  36. OK.. When is the blimp going to get the 2nd banner?
  37. Blimp is the traveling salesman problem
  38. How can we get the blimp on Drudge?
  39. Newspaper ad with blimp!
  40. Blimp Tours--Chester,SC 3-5pm ET
  41. Live footage of Blimp
  42. Last Blimp "Pit Stop" Tonight for Tea Party 07 - Backup Items and Great PR Ideas!
  43. Want to make a big donation to the blimp project but can't!
  44. Al Gore calls blimp 'abomination'
  45. Will the blimp be practical in the northeast?
  46. Advertising purchase form is back up
  47. got blimp?
  48. Theme Song for the Ron Paul Blimp (Round Three)
  49. Blimp donations back online
  50. **New Updates posted on Blimp Blog**
  51. My first YouTube upload: Husker Du meets the Ron Paul Blimp.
  52. ~New footage from the Ron Paul Blimp in Flight~
  53. AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL: a blimp's eye view of our nation
  54. Ron Paul Blimp Scrolls Over Web Page
  55. We all live in a yellow submarine
  56. Fly blimp over Disney World in Orlando...
  57. Clinton Chopper getting more press than the blimp
  58. Can we ask Google to put a live GPS blimp link on a map?
  59. You Can ONLY Watch This Video If You Donate Another $50
  60. Blimp Request: Fly It Over Rush-Hour Traffic
  61. Warning! Blimp Update!!!
  62. On The Media Interviews Brad Smith and talks about the Ron Paul Blimp
  63. Rename the blimp?
  64. **Blimp over Columbia, SC** 11:45am--will remain over city for 30 minutes
  65. Should the Videographer People Be Fired?
  66. fort bragg?
  67. Blimp flight path ?
  68. Media Packets. Can we see one?
  69. Did blimp donations decrease.
  70. Fly the Blimp over New York City!
  71. Cool blimp footage
  72. Media value of the Blimp
  73. Matching Thread - even the smallest donation matched!
  74. We Need To Remove "google Ron Paul" From The Blimp!
  75. Ummm??Donations?
  76. Can the Blimp talk?
  77. What the Blimp Can Do
  78. MC Hammer loves the blimp
  79. RP Blimp over Columbia, SC on Mon, Dec 17
  80. Purchases Are Not Donations!
  81. Did ya see this article?
  82. Mini-Blimp
  83. Blimp FAA Registration Code?
  84. Video of blimp flying with revolution banner yet?
  85. **Watch the R[evol]ution banner go on**
  86. Second Banner Added
  87. $150,000+ in 3 days is needed (Dec 21st)!!!!!
  88. Who has been on the Blimp?
  89. How does funding work?
  90. CNN covers Ron Paul Blimp during special report
  92. Grassroots help needed!
  93. Does Trevor Lyman get paid with our blimp or other donations?
  94. Blimp Going Down in Flames!!!
  95. Blimp is Airborne - Blimpin Ron Paul - 12/19/2007
  96. **Wed 12/19--Flight Updates. Help me contact the media/RP supporters-**
  97. Blimp will fly with 2 banners for only 2 days?
  98. Blimp is on the move.. Lets alert the media
  99. ***Live feed from Norfolk, Va..then Newport News...then Williamsburg
  100. Are there any pictures of the blimp?
  101. Little Request: Forward Mount Cam
  102. Blimp Tracker Question
  103. Blimp Google Map
  104. PRIORITY # 1 today & tomorrow is FUND the BLIMP !!
  105. Blimp in action: live video + blimp real time flying path
  106. Did you become a RP supporter after seeing the blimp flying overhead?
  107. Ron Paul Blimp fundraiser?
  108. Cool Blimp Photo over Norfolk, VA
  109. MD residents look for the blimp!!!!
  110. Time To Send Another Email Out. . .
  111. Blimp people reject my $600 payment effort
  112. What we need from blimp people.
  113. Positive Blimp Thread
  114. Does anyone know if the "Who is" on the Blimp is a particular font??? Need for a...
  115. All Trevor Has To Do For The $$$ Is Send An Apology To The TeaParty Mailing List
  116. Aerial photo of blimp?
  117. Where is the Blimp Now?
  118. VIDEO - Ron Paul Blimp over Richmond, Virginia
  119. YouTube idea: RP blimp spreads good message; Huckabee blimp said to torture a dog
  120. ***Safe minivan or SUV for Blimp Crew***
  121. Local Media Contact Blitz -Dec 20th
  122. Latest Blimp info
  123. PRIORITY #1 Fund the Blimp FUND the BLIMP we need 110k in 2 days !!
  124. Ron Paul Airplane Banner Advertising with the Blimp?
  125. Maryland Blimp Rally photos
  126. I would like to extend a big THANK YOU to those who organized the blimp
  127. The blimp is over downtown Baltimore.
  128. Save the Blimp by Midnight!
  129. ***Live 1:42 EST Watch the blimp landing live**
  130. **Watch the blimp take off live 2:07pm EST***
  131. 2 things needed ASAP for BLIMP coverage...
  132. Blimp Needs Money!
  133. DAILY GOOGLE INTERNET HITS - Media Post/Coverage for the Ron Paul BLIMP
  134. >>>> URGENT update on the BLIMP <<<<
  135. Have question about blimp - What is it like travelling on it?
  136. Stop responding, and it goes away
  137. Cheney Building death blimp ;-)
  138. Video of R[EVOL]UTION side of blimp in Baltimore.
  139. Digg this everyone
  140. Top Blimp-related spin-offs
  141. Hey, Elizabeth is on Ron Paul Radio right now talking about the Blimp
  142. Blimp Sightings posted Dec 19th
  143. Blimp needs money [2]!
  144. *** Blimp Money Bomb Today ***
  145. Blimp Money Bomb Now
  146. $95,000 to fund the Blimp!! We need our AIR FORCE to fight this WAR !!
  147. Texasliberty's Blimp Purchase matching
  148. Blimp to buzz Manhattan today!
  149. **HOT off the press, update on the blimp!!**
  150. Simple Solution to GOOGLE CHECKOUT on the BLIMP
  151. Blimp blogging
  152. What if we don't meet the deadline??
  153. Blimp in MSM again!
  154. The Blimp needs to define its mission (FLY IT DOWN SOUTH)
  155. Resurrection: The Living Blimp Story
  156. Elijah explains small blimp hiccup - KEEP DONATING
  157. Blimp People Finally Do Something Right!
  158. **Online News Hour Blog and Blimp Video just went Live**
  159. Bowl Games
  160. Blimp Makes News In Salisbury,md - Please Help
  161. As Primaries Begin, the FEC Will Shut Down
  162. blimp main page - suggestions
  163. Press Assistant needed for Blimp
  164. If a Ron Paul supporter sees the blimp they must...
  165. First Amendment vs Homeland Security
  166. ** Blimp Blog Update **
  167. How Long Do We Have?
  168. Capital One Bowl
  169. *** Consolidated Thread - NFL & College Bowl Games ***
  170. Blimp internet humor articles
  171. GREAT interview with Trevor, and my christmas plea
  172. It would be nice regarding press releases
  173. Will blimp ever fly in New Hampshire or Iowa?
  174. Which dollars/minutes are mine?
  175. **Anything you’d like to see from the blimpographer?**
  176. Donating for the first time
  177. Only $73,000 to go FOR THE BLIMP!
  178. Blimp discussion
  179. Blimp Update - Strong Winds and Hangar Problems
  180. The Week in Weather in NH
  181. Team Blimp makes the calls (Please Read)
  182. Attack Of The Ron Paul Micro-Blimps!
  183. A Ron Paul Blimpette Rises Over San Diego
  184. Whats up with the blimp?
  185. Savannah, GA - Need anything when you stop here?
  186. **Blimp crew still here and listening**
  187. Blimp Photos!
  188. American Flag 8 x 5 nylon - Wanted
  189. **Searching for Floridians, especially those from Jacksonville**
  190. thinking about 20 foot blimp in NH
  191. Justin.tv live tomorrow on the 27th!
  192. Give them a break
  193. Contacting Trevor
  194. Reality TV Series: Blimpin Ain't Easy?
  195. What the Paul campaign lacks in organizational structure, they certainly make up for
  196. *** Blimp Bound For Florida... Semi-live Updates ***
  197. Ron Paul Blimp - Due to headwinds the Pilot is taking a route directly toward Savanna
  198. Ron Paul Blimp - Need $71,575 by Monday!
  199. Please answer this question. Originally posted in **Blimp crew still here and listeni
  200. Please respond. Originally posted in **Blimp crew still here and listening**
  201. Ron Paul Blimp-Axel's Theme Video
  202. The Ron Paul Jet
  203. Blimp Website Suggestions
  204. BLIMP - Departing from Waterboro, GA (40mi. north of Savannah) 12/28
  205. Blimp Naysayers...
  206. ***2pm EST live Feed from the Blimp along the Coast**
  207. Add The Ron Paul Blimp Myspace as a friend
  208. Blimp only $59,750 to go!!!
  209. Funding the Blimp
  210. Blimp Floating over Jacksonville
  211. RP Blimp photographed on News4Jax.com Weather Page
  212. Blimp Video on News
  213. Call these media outlets in Orlando about the blimp
  214. Citrus Bowl Parade: A Huge Event
  215. Blimp - Jacksonville Blimp Rally Video News Coverage 12/28
  216. **New Slate Magazine Blimp Video**
  217. **Answers to important questions-Take 1**
  218. Pictureslide which shows the real reach of the blimp: awesome photo's!
  219. Another wasted day and opportunity?
  220. Blimp in T.V news- links to date
  221. Ron Paul signs follow in Blimps wake..
  222. Get blimp to Saint Anselm College in Goffstown in Jan6!
  223. Blimp in Orlando
  224. Let's send the blimp to Brazil!!!
  225. Blackwater & Airship Management
  226. Please Read and help by doing so
  227. Blimp at Capital One Bowl?
  228. The Blimp only needs $48,735!!!
  229. Official Report from Blimp RE: Football Games
  230. Best Reason For Going To Florida - More Hours of Daylight!
  231. Houston Chronicle article on the blimp
  232. Blimp blog is Excellent...
  233. Blimp in Daytona Beach
  234. Blimp in Polk City, FL
  235. ~~Help save the Ron Paul Blimp!~~ Only a little money needed to save the blimp!~~
  236. ~~Help save the Ron Paul Blimp!~~ Only a little money needed to save the blimp!~~
  237. The Blimp is Flying!
  238. get to a local meetup in FLA
  239. I Saw the Blimp Today!! (Orlando)
  240. Some Blimp Videos - December 30th
  241. $ 45,500 left
  242. For anyone who doubts that the blimp is worth the investment, consider yourself pwned
  243. Two money dealines for tomorrow: blimp and campaign
  244. If you think a legal challenge against the blimp would be good - inside
  245. Do your non-forum friends know the Blimp needs money?
  246. Ron Paul Blimp status
  247. Need PayPal address! have $600 on hands
  248. Trying to get this photo up...
  249. After this many sponserships have been purchased it would be a waste.
  250. per the schedule for tommorrow