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  1. Promotional Money Bomb at the end of November
  2. NOVEMBER 30th: Call To Action (EUROPEANS TOO)
  3. November 30th - RudysReadingList.com
  4. We need to GET BEHIND TREVOR & NOVEMBER 30th - RudysReadingList.com
  5. Why November 30th is important
  6. November 30th Name and Reason for it
  7. RudysReadingList.com: November 30th Money Bomb
  8. $10M by November 30th
  9. rudy's reading list out of alignment?
  10. November 30 reminder - give!
  11. Nearly 1,500 Pledges for Ron Paul Rudy Reading List
  12. Nov. 30th is OUR DAY. Use it to be TWICE as generous.
  13. Rudy's Reading List Nov 30th Banners
  14. Is the Nov 30th money bomb too close to Dec 16th?
  15. Conact the media about Rudys Reading List!
  16. Why breaking $12 million now will help us most..
  17. Need Viral Assistance Please : Tag Ideas and RRL Description
  18. Why no Countdown Banners for RudysReadingList?
  19. Will Daily Paul support 11/30?
  20. Video suggestion for reading list site
  21. We need to have the next fundraising date/site up and online as soon as possible.
  22. DIGG This - November 30th Money Bomb - Get it to the front page
  23. Successful 30th will help for a larger Tea Party
  24. Rudy's Reading List Articles
  25. Hehehe
  26. RudysReadingList.com top story on Politico.com!
  27. This is ESSENTIAL to make Nov. 30th and Dec. 16th EFFECTIVE... Need Your Help!
  28. URGENT : Web design help needed
  29. Ron's Supporters Have Evolved: The Core Supporters Should Donate Nov. 30th
  30. $1 million Money bomb within a money bomb
  31. Help with how to do a press release, to get the attention of local media
  32. Video: Rudy Giuliani has some work to do
  33. Someone at this car dealer loves RP...
  34. Pledges Tonight
  35. Preparing for November 30th: Have you contacted your Meetup about Rudy's Reading List
  36. Show them Ron Paul can WIN! - Rudys Reading List & Tea Party 07
  37. Success on November 30 would...
  38. Help an Aussie donate... The $2-extra pledge!
  39. $1 million in one hour!
  40. purchase/donations
  41. Give At Midnight?
  42. WEST COAST: Donations only count til 9PM 11/30!
  43. Pushing Ron Paul over the top (11/29/07)
  44. We must reach 12 MILLION dollars tomorrow! Support the Rudys Reading List money bomb!
  45. West Coast Rp Supporters Attention!!!
  46. How Do I Donate?
  47. Let's direct the campaign to this subforum
  48. Mad Money Bomb to Beat 12 Million Begins at MIDNIGHT!
  49. Are we Ready? We just past Thompson on 3rd Qtr Fundraising. Onto Mitt & Rudy.
  50. everyone needs to watch a RP video before they donate
  51. Ron Paul Graph here -- post your donation receipt!
  52. Starting number for RRL drive
  53. How to market and make 11/30 a success
  54. Digg This To The Top For The November 30th Donations
  55. New Poll VOTE QUICK!!!!!
  56. After one hour, ahead of Nov 11th pace
  57. Huckabee just went minus 1.6 mil in donations
  58. Tracking 1/3 of Nov. 5
  59. First Time Donators
  60. Your prediction for the today
  61. I'm Addicted Already!
  62. A better poll
  63. Campaign should -- Throw in Offline Donations
  64. Nov 30th, 1999 - Remembering the Battle of Seattle as we support Ron Paul
  65. Spread the word!!!
  66. If you are going to donate, donate now!
  67. The Unofficial Money Watch
  68. Today vs. Nov 5
  69. Good Morning and SMELL THE MONEY BOMB fellow Ron Paul supporters!!
  70. RudysReadingList video #88 - Top Rated This Week
  71. Any Mathematical Projections? Will We Make It?
  72. USA Today mention of RUDYSREADINGLIST
  73. spread the word!
  74. We must FUNDRAISE--call and email now
  75. Nov. 30th is in Miami Herald top stories!
  76. Prove Ron Paul is not a one-hit wonder! Digg!
  77. 10 Million Mark: Urge Campaign
  78. USA Daily article
  79. I was skepticle, but this money bomb is FOR REAL!
  80. Your Donation Screenshots
  81. Letter's to editors and online commentary
  83. Rush's Open Line Friday!!
  84. ATTN: Huckleberries talking about outraising Rudys Reading List!!
  85. URGENT!: Why we MUST HIT 12 MILLION before midnight!
  86. $1 million from 7 to 8 P.M. EST!
  87. Post here if you are a first time donor.
  88. "If it fails, Paul runs the risk.... one-hit wonder..."
  89. Myspace/ IM advertisement
  90. The widget needs to be expanded.
  91. Read If You're Maxed Out
  92. Let's see those confirmation numbers!
  94. This is now 2nd biggest week of quarter!
  95. A request for a commitment.
  96. Huckabee's supporters trying to keep pace! Lets BLOW THEM away with 12 MILLION!
  97. We could raise more today than huckabee has this month!
  98. What Radio shows can I/we call into for todays bomb?
  99. TeaParty07.com Down?
  100. If you can't donate, do this instead
  101. November 30th Front Page at Digg!
  102. The goal released is a perfect example of the failures of central planning.
  103. On Rudy Reading List Day we Beat his Donation Record!
  104. approx. 18k in last 30min
  105. Giulliani raised 11,624,255 according to Opensecrets.org
  106. You can see the 12 on the meter!
  107. ok guys time to hit your meetup groups myspace etc.
  108. Tonight from 7PM to 8PM EST - An opportunity to MAKE FUNDRAISING HISTORY!
  109. Being positive
  110. Fill the board with 7pm THREADS!
  111. 7pm Est We Bomb!!!!!!!
  112. How does adding an "08" in the donations sound?
  113. Definite SPIKE in donations already!
  114. Make videos FAST
  115. What portion do the credit card processors get?
  116. Congrats! Bye Bye Giuliani!
  117. Let's make the 30th last through Sunday
  118. TIME ZONE BOMBS this evening 7PM to 8PM
  119. Victory Points
  120. HQ need to send out another email now
  121. I Just Got My Dad To Donate!
  122. Come on West Coast!
  123. Aim High
  124. The Bottom Line - We Did It!
  125. Health benefits of giving money for cause of Liberties
  126. Good to see people aren't giving up on the TIME ZONE BOMBS tonight
  127. $100,000 from $8 million month?
  128. Keep making phone calls
  129. 10.3 million just rolled over!
  130. Offline donations?
  131. "The begining of the end" on todays money bomb.
  132. It ain't over till it's over!
  133. $500,000!!!
  134. This Is Where The $12 Million Figure Came From - MEDIA TAKE NOTICE!
  135. January 1st
  136. LAND OF THE FREE - The Perfect Dec 16th Promo Video - Ron Paul Video Podcast
  137. Mike Huckabee fails to meet monthly goal -- bet the media won't report THAT.
  138. How about a little support for Trevor
  139. the Next grenade day
  140. Nice spike in tea party subscribers today
  141. E-mail Greetings from the Huckster
  142. November 30th has passed time for December 16th!
  143. Nov 30th CONGRATULATIONS. Goal reached!
  144. Rudys Reading List
  145. VA Straw, Not many people knew about the 30th
  146. Forget it and focus on DEC 16th!
  147. Forward press releases to mainstream media
  148. Let's push to get $12 million by December 16th, then the tea party!
  149. Isn't it time for this section to come down?
  150. What are the hard numbers on pauls donations?