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  1. [video] Universities, Labor Markets, Deflation
  2. Obama speaks market tanks..
  3. [GATA] Embry covers nearly everything in King World News interview
  4. Bank of America Restructuring Forecasts That Layoffs Could Reach 30,000
  5. Free Trade in Theory and Practice
  6. USPS Could Post A $10 Billion Loss For Fiscal Year 2011, White House Prepares Bailout
  7. Does The Bernank Have Another Ace Up His Sleeve?
  8. San Francisco mint Silver American Eagles
  9. Bankers raping & pillaging
  10. Did we learn anything about American poverty prior to the Civil War?
  11. Stocks slide after Bernanke offers no new stimulus
  12. Mining Stocks
  13. how to ship my bullion to Canada
  14. HR 1892 Authorize Classified Spending Intelligence, Spy, Intel FY 2012 Cost: ~$80 BILLION
  15. Will the New Jobs (spending Plan) lead to another downgrade?
  16. Peter Schiff Debate on Yahoo's Daily Ticker
  17. Stocks: Are we ****ed?
  18. Broken Window Fallacy Question
  19. 80k in my Roth- looking for ideas
  20. Ron Paul, Evolution, Liberty, and Austrian Economics (video)
  21. housing loans under slow deflation
  22. Stocks: Sounds like the next week or two could be high risk for economic collapse.
  23. With Switzerland's move, what currency do I turn to now?
  24. "Keynesians for Rick Perry" by Kaul Prugman (Satire)
  25. Germany prepares to support banks exposed to a possible Greek default
  26. Melt values site
  27. Ron Paul Has Saved Us From Hyperinflation says Gary North
  28. Keynesian: Consumption is already at pre-crisis levels (aka keynesians are wrong again)
  29. The Keynesian Multiplier – An Illustration by Kaul Prugman (Satire)
  30. Stop The Florida Foreclosure Fraud Forgiveness Act of 2012
  31. Its Thorium, Stupid!
  32. Keynesian: Should the govt try to create JOBS or WEALTH? [VIDEO]
  33. CEO Of JPMorgan Chase, Calls International Bank Rules 'Anti-American'
  34. Goodbye Euro, Hello Drachma
  35. Asian Markets are down now.
  36. Ideas for Investing in Agriculture?
  37. Many in U.S. slip from Middle Class, study finds
  38. Food Stamp Restaurants? Yum! Brands Lobbying to Make it Happen
  39. Bernanke Blames American Consumer for Continuing Recession
  40. The Definitive Gold Stocks Report by Morgan Stanley
  41. Keynesian: Holy S***! Greek 1 Year Bond Yield: 111.7%
  42. Mortgage Mod Hell: Trapped Between Lenders, Collectors
  43. Reich: Unemployed Could Soar 40% to 35 Million
  44. Obama's Jobs plan paid for exclusively by tax increases
  45. War: The Fiscal Stimulus of Last Resort
  46. Debt correction articulated
  47. Free Trade Agreements: Key to Economic Recovery?
  48. PMs: 6 Gold Miners Now Yield More Than U.S. Treasuries
  49. CNBC propaganda exposed as fraud
  50. Economist: 46 out of 50 US States are Insolvent
  51. The NAFTA Of The Pacific Will Soon Send Millions of American Jobs Overseas
  52. More College Grads Filing for Bankruptcy
  53. Some are more equal than others
  54. Poverty In America: A Special Report
  55. The Big (Stupid) Idea: Universal Personal Bankruptcy to Save America's Economy
  56. Legalize Currency Competition by Ron Paul
  57. Authors of Social Security Believed It Was Unconstitutional
  58. Lawsuit accuses Chase of 'nationalized fraud'
  59. The $1 trillion Student Loan Market begins to Implode
  60. Regular Austro-libertarian commentaries on various topics
  61. Survey Reveals Profile of Unhappy Worker: She’s Unmarried, 42 & a Lawyer or Doctor
  62. Peter Schiff testimony before jobs comittee (vid)
  63. US Bank Profits to Fall By HALF In 3Q
  64. Bailouts: Comprehensive List of All 14 Tax Hikes in Obama's "Stimulus 2.0" Bailout Plan
  65. The Dollar As the World's Reserve Currency. Poor World.
  66. Another Town Votes to Hit Union Pensions
  67. Bailouts: The Global Liquidity Bailout Arrives (its raining dollars!)
  68. The 10 Poorest States in America (N.C. is #10)
  69. Soaring Poverty Casts Spotlight on ‘Lost Decade’
  70. Congressman: Student Loans used to Fund For-Profit Colleges should be Dischargeable
  71. Banks Took $6 Billion in Reinsurance Kickbacks, Investigators Say
  72. Generation X Stymied by Baby Boomers Refusing to Give Up Jobs
  73. Dept of Labor: $19 Billion In Unemployment Benefits Paid Out In Error
  74. Keynesian: WaPo Reports $38.6 Billion In Loan Guarantees For Green Programs Create Only 3,545 Jobs
  75. A Den of Vipers and Thieves
  76. Just reading the 6-7 first titles in this thread, this @#$% is ridiculous.
  77. Another round of coordinated European bail-outs through the Fed?
  78. Mrs Obama Applauds restaurants for pledge to serve healthier food
  79. The Free Competition in Currency Act of 2011
  80. Should government get out of the money-making business?
  81. Geithner to Recommend TALF-Style Bailout for Europe
  82. "Everything must be done to keep the Eurozone together" MERKEL
  83. Wells Fargo Sues JPMorgan Over 800 Soured Mortgage Loans
  84. H. R. 2867 International Religious Freedom Etc Act: Budgets Increase 46.4% 2012 & 2013
  85. Donald Trump Accepts Gold Bullion in Lieu of Dollars on APMEX Lease at 40 Wall Street
  86. Btfd?
  87. End the Fed in jazz style
  88. There Is No Consumer Debt Crisis sat Gary North
  89. College Bubble Update: Default Rates on Student Loans Soar to 15%
  90. Paul Craig Roberts on Krugman & the Pressitutes
  91. BofA Said to Keep Countrywide Bankruptcy as ‘Nuclear Option’ to End Losses
  92. BREAKING! -- Geithner: US Not Lecturing Europe on Debt Crisis!
  93. The Fed is Bailing Out Foreign Banks--Again
  94. Goldman Sachs Involved in the Solyndra Financing . . . .
  95. the constitutionality of paper money
  96. BofA, JPMorgan Fail to Make Fannie Mae Grade for Loan Servicing
  97. Mayor Bloomberg predicts riots in the streets if economy doesn't create more jobs
  98. Usury 101
  99. What happens if it all falls down?
  100. Rumors on Yahoo message boards that SLW is being bought by BHP
  101. Schiff: "Voters are part of the problem" [VIDEO]
  102. END the imf, a great article.
  103. Deliberate Impoverishment of the Western World
  104. Money Masters (Documentary)
  105. Obama Set to Propose 'Buffett Tax' on Millionaires
  106. Austria restricts gold purchase by individuals
  107. Obama’s ‘Jobs Bill’ Makes ACORN Eligible for $15 Billion in Taxpayer Money
  108. Zero Hedge: Bernanke Will Shock Everyone With What Is About To Come
  109. How do you respond to Sweden?
  110. Can deregulation and tax cuts help America’s seniors and the poor?
  111. The central banks can't win!
  112. Silver Finger - Bunker Hunt story
  113. Futile to legalize competing currencies when FRNs still required for taxes, litigation?
  114. Poverty Met with Silence-Juan Williams
  115. Obama jobs bill grows government payroll and clout
  116. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to look at Overdraft Fees
  117. EU Bonds Rollover Debt with a Chinese Bailout
  118. Destiny Is Demography. Welcome to the Gray Age
  119. Stocks: Is anyone familiar with SILVERCORP (SVM)
  120. Federal gov't stealing money from the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund
  121. Retiree Benefits for the Military Could Face Cuts
  122. Obama’s Economic Quagmire: Suskind’s Revealing Book About White House Economic Team Bozos
  123. How Obama and Buffet FIRED 40,0000 Workers in One Day!…and made $4 billion
  124. Siemens shelters up to E6 billion at ECB
  125. Bernanke and the Banks Say 'Trust Me' and for Many Gold Is the Answer
  126. Monetary Crisis a Threat to Liberty, Lawyer Warns
  127. Obama's Proposal Would Allow Debt Collectors to Call Cell Phones
  128. Richard Rahn - Stealth Wealth Tax
  129. Some Fed shill defending fractional reserve banking (surprise) anyone got a response?
  130. NEM is up 7%. All miners are killing it.
  131. Asia will take whatever gold the West sells, London trader tells King World News
  132. Central Banks Now Net Buyers Of Gold
  133. Relatively New to Libertarian/Conservative Philosophy - Need Help
  134. Bailouts: The name's Bond.....Junk Bond
  135. Fed predictions for tomorrow
  136. The Markets Just Called the Central Banks' Bluff
  137. Bloody Bankers and Wall Street Killers by Murray N. Rothbard
  138. Middle-class Income Fell in the Last Decade--First time since records kept
  139. GOP Leaders Warn Fed Against Making any Policy Move
  140. CNBC Rick Santelli Blasts Yale Professor and Government Regulations
  141. NPR: The Fed Twisitng the recession away
  142. The ever widening gap between the wealthy and everyone else... What can be done?
  143. Interesting National Review Online Article
  144. Could The Federal Reserve Go Broke? - Bernanke Grilled By Senators Over Balance Sheet Loss
  145. Fed is about to anounce Twist and Shout
  146. Curious about these arguments
  147. When is a free market economy good enough to stand w/o gov't vs. having limited gov?
  148. Fed better at managing panics/recessions?
  149. Moody’s Downgrades Bankster Trifecta (BoA, Wells Fargo & Citi)
  150. Tom Woods - Is Ron Paul Wrong on Money and the Constitution
  151. Markets looking extremely ugly
  152. You think THIS is bad..Wait until next week when the government needs MORE $$$
  153. PMs: Is the paper dam under stress?
  154. Doug Casey: Debt, Doom, and Opportunity
  155. Bernanke Twists and the Markets Break... whose been teaching Uncle Ben to dance?
  156. Schiff on CNBC now!
  158. What the hell is happening to gold and silver?
  159. 6 Million people age 25-34 live with parents, up 25%...
  160. PM's Getting Crushed. BTFD!!!
  161. Do You Have Faith in the Fed? CNBC Poll
  162. Reason for the decline of gold, equities, oil, etc.
  163. Short term rates WON'T go up because of Operation Twist
  164. Can someone show me where to find total US debt
  165. Poverty pervades the Suburbs
  166. HUUUGE! Rally today! Watch out.....DOW 11,500+
  167. Can anyone debunk this Liberal claim thank you ?
  168. Lawyers eye Jobless as Clients
  169. Manipulation is So Transparent
  170. Credit card debt surges by $18.4 billion in second quarter
  171. A wealth tax on net worth
  172. Pastor ARRESTED for Squatting in a $440k home, leaving family homeless
  173. Hypothetical situation
  174. Question about interest rates.
  175. Emotional monkeys vs logical stackers
  176. This Phony Economy is Unraveling: Peter Schiff Reports 1/2
  177. Are humans naturally economists?
  178. "End The Fed" White House Petition
  179. The Fed's Ultimate Lie: 'Central Banks' Are Not Banks
  180. Silver down 14%!!!!
  181. GOP Likely to Escalate Attacks on Dodd-Frank Regulations
  182. Commodities: Investing in Water?
  183. Peter Schiff Interviews Dennis Kucinich
  184. Sales Tax Destroys Commerce
  185. Australia is Next
  186. What's more important: a strong dollar, or high equity prices?
  187. The Story of the Great Depression
  188. DOCUMENTARY: The men who crashed the world
  189. American Charity $300 Billion/year,American Need $1 Trillion/Year
  190. Bailouts: Failure of Crapitalism [VIDEO]
  191. Kaul Prugman: Destroying Wages via Devaluation – The Keynesian Way Out
  192. eBay: 5 Troy Ounce Gold Bullion?
  193. Bailouts: PONY UP: The IMF needs a BAILOUT
  194. Cheap bullion right now
  195. America & Europe: Saving the Rich & Losing the Economy-Paul Craig Roberts
  196. Open Your Wallets--IMF Chief says IMF Needs a Bailout
  197. Homeowners Beware: Mortgage Mod Scammers Are Selling an Audit to Nowhere
  198. PMs: How to play the dip for the monthly investor?
  199. Trader on BBC says Eurozone Market will crash
  200. East Africa Op/Ed: Why smuggling thrives where free markets are quashed
  201. FORBES: Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come for You? IRS CID Stepping Up Its Act
  202. Man Sues Bank Of America After Being Locked Inside Conn Branch (WATCH)
  203. Stocks: How many of you are personally in the stock market?
  204. Is this good enough to share?
  205. This guy agrees with Ron Paul and gives us 12 months until CRASH TIME....
  206. Dangers of Imposing US Law on others (Swiss Banking)
  207. Microloans
  208. A Way Out of Impending Economic Chaos
  209. PMs: Silver: The Canary in the Gold Mine
  210. The Fed Obliterates the Savings Ethic
  211. Silver Soars 26% In 26 Hours
  212. Massive silver haul found on shipwreck
  213. SEC Investigating S&P for Bogus Rating of Mortgage Debt
  214. Gold value vs. the dollar
  215. BBC Speechless As Trader Tells Truth: "The Collapse Is Coming...And Goldman Rules The Worl
  216. Stansberry Predicts Bernanke and the Fed Creature Will Invite A Collapse
  217. Russia Fires Finance Minister Kudrin
  218. Monopoly Money and Federal Reserve Note Side By Side
  219. cains 9-9-9- or is it 6-6-6
  220. China Feeds Gold Rush With Gold Dispensing Vending Machines
  221. Discussion with Dad - Free Market Regulation
  222. Platinum taking a big plunge
  223. Is buying Apartment good investment?
  224. PM Volatility, PM Shares, what I am doing.
  225. RT interviews Peter Schiff: Ruined economy, artificial dependency
  226. Dip in gold price
  227. Keynesian: Paul Krugman at war with the wise
  228. Awesome Reporter, Dollar backed by Fed, Gold backed by nothing (Video)
  229. [Audio Interview] Jim Rogers, Still a Gold and Silver Buyer
  230. Reason for the drop in gold price?
  231. Coin Roll Hunting
  232. FED: UNDER PRESSURE, Politics and the Federal Reserve during the 1990-1992 Recession
  233. Plan To Return America To the Gold Standard Set To Be Offered at Washington
  234. article about silver technicals
  235. Gold dispensing ATM in China!
  236. 1 Near Earth Asteroid=20 Trillion $ USD
  237. Help Consolidating Private Student Loans
  238. Boycott Bank Of America Which Is About To Institute A $5 Debit Card Usage Fee
  239. Debt Inspectors Back in Greece, Protests Swell
  240. Technical Analysis on Silver
  241. Bank of America will Charge $5/month to Use Debit Cards
  242. Rod Parsley vs. the Fed
  243. to all the ron paul economic regulars
  244. How Short Sellers Fleece Investors
  245. Max Keiser: Time To Mace Jamie Dimon In The Face
  246. Peter Schiff's & Axel Merk's Five Favorite Currencies for Next 5 Years
  247. Free Currency Zones + Denationalization Treatise
  248. FED: Fed can support the economy through inflation, inflation expectations a "potent tool"
  249. Jim Rogers: Gold price correction will last for several months; buy on dips
  250. PMs: Looks like the INVERSE correlation between the DOW and Gold returned today