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  1. Will the TeaParty be on the front page of Drudge tomorrow?
  2. Why I think we'll raise 6.9M
  3. Son of a.... I messed up my donation!
  4. Have you donated?
  5. Money bump after the Boston Rally
  6. J BYDLAK: Your Date (with Destiny) is waiting.....
  7. Streaming tea party speaker...
  8. Offline Donations Estimate***
  9. Cnn Right Now!
  10. I love you all and ron paul
  11. Suppassing our own projections :D
  12. VIDEO - The Strasbourg Tea Party for Ron Paul
  13. article
  14. *Plan what you are going to do for the last 6 hours*
  15. 70 million people - the next Moneybomb could look like this
  16. The all time one day political fundraising record...
  17. I am going to take a nap now, when I wake I want to see $4.4 million
  18. $500,000 to break 11/5 record!
  19. Including the IMUPTED VALUE of the BLIMP makes us the Record Breaker
  20. Are y'all still mad at Bydlak?
  21. Can we get 500K in 51 minutes? Break record by 6pm news????
  22. We should be calling everyone we know for last minute donations!
  23. Thank you for your donation
  24. TURN on QVC right now
  25. CNN Mention
  26. Any news about the Boston rally and the blimp?
  27. On CNN Now
  28. New Campaign Email
  29. I'm not sure we're overloading their servers
  30. Tonight we dine in the Whitehouse!
  31. I'm sorry, but...
  32. $17,752,561.00 To Beat Hillary's MSM "Record" By Midnight!!!
  33. 5 Dollars For Those Who Cant Donate!
  34. Whoa, $40,000 in 7 minutes!
  35. Official tally?
  36. Give Dammit Give!!
  37. I am now maxed out.
  38. Anyone up for setting off another firecracker at around 8 oclock?
  39. My mom won't let me donate
  40. 50k away to break our own ONLINE record
  41. 1000 people
  42. Message from the Campaign just in now!
  43. Feel like I'm going to cry
  44. Beating Kerry and Hillary: Goals 5.7 and 6.2 coming up
  45. Thanks to everyone here sending in tip, Ron Paul top story on www.drudgereport.com
  46. Let's break $4 mil by 6pm!!
  47. A Sign From God?
  48. Unable to get to Ron Paul Site
  49. Funny discrepancy at RonPaulGraphs
  50. Screw the Ball...Let's drop the bomb!
  51. $4 Million
  52. $4,000,000 Has Been Passed
  53. Alex Jones Wants you Drop a Mini Bomb NOW!
  55. Did someone from Manvel, ND just donate?!?
  56. 4 million! Keep pushing... break down the dam!
  57. My checking account has $200 more than it should...
  58. Ron Paul vs Mike Huckabee Fundraising Today
  59. Offer Family, Friends, Neighbors your free labor if they donate
  60. This is breaking news... is TeaParty on CNN, FOX, MSNBC
  61. Steady as we go !!!
  62. Donors per hour highest yet
  63. HousingPANIC.com / Money Bomb / extended ?
  64. Forbes.com - Paul Raises Millions in 24-Hour Effort
  65. Mini Money Bomb In 3 Minutes Alex Jones
  66. Final 6 hrs - your $100 may worth $20 only 8 yrs from now without a RP win, why hold?
  67. $3.5M in Ron Paul Dollars Stolen by the feds!
  68. 6,1 mio - latest estimation
  69. Drudge
  70. When people say, "What about your $10,000,000 goal?
  71. Faux news radio: "It John McCains Weekend" LOL
  72. Dial 1-877-RON-2008 if you are having issues!!!
  73. 16 million before 7:00 EST
  74. I feel a huge aftershock about to happen..
  75. TEXT Message !
  76. Who has had a problem within the last hour getting their donation to go through?
  77. I have to be 18?
  78. Nov. 5 Second best day
  79. AP picked up on us
  80. Most amount of donors on now
  81. Donor Rate - 2007 ppl per hour
  82. For those who've already donated what they planned ...
  83. Make it rain on dem neo-cons
  84. 1779 people on the forums!
  85. Tea Party 07 > Nov 5th!
  86. minutes from passing the 4.2 record
  87. Highest Donation Per Hour Rate!
  88. Donating 10% of my winnings from the Poker Tournament
  89. 15,851,156 is the 4.3 million mark.
  90. Call people NOW about the Tea Party! No excuses!
  91. I'm hearing fireworks in my neighborhood!!
  92. 12/17
  93. Have we gotten any coverage from the news today???
  94. Great scrolling blimp Tea Party reminder for RP or non-RP sites
  95. The "OFFICIAL" RP Forums 6:30PM EST PEP RALLY !!
  96. Easy money!
  97. We Did It!
  98. My Donation Won't Make It
  99. I think $20 Million for the quarter is a realistic goal now
  100. Message from HQ
  101. Why I Wait
  102. Listening to NBC Nightly News right now
  103. Halfway To National Ad!!!
  104. $16 M Quarter = 33% Over Plan
  105. Graph of people/hour is near a high
  106. If you have friends overseas, donate on their behalf...?
  107. Just passed November 5 total!
  108. Check Out This Graph!!!! Awesome!
  109. Official One-Day Record to Beat?
  110. A poem for today!
  111. We could have a $20 million Q4 - please work the phones and email
  112. It's like it never happened!!!
  113. Cnn @ 7:00
  114. Delaying your donation DAMAGES the final total! Donate NOW please!
  115. $17.76 from everybody right now! Go! Just do it!
  116. Challenge: Can you do one more?
  117. Tea Party News Starts Rolling in..(included)
  118. I know people that are waiting to donate
  119. Accountability money bomb 7-12 EST!
  120. 15,911
  121. Not bad, but can you beat THIS ONE??
  122. Total Donors Reaching Nov 5th Levels!
  123. Sun Dec 16 18:55:29 EST 2007 $4,384,422.00
  124. ESPN Classic
  125. About to cross the $16Million Mark! *WOW*
  126. Predict the exact time, to the minute, for 5 Million today
  127. Apparently Snow > Ron Paul
  128. BOSTON TEAPARTY first pictures***
  129. No news because it's Sunday?
  130. Big money donors, please step up
  131. Seriously, Can Someone Please Tell Me?!?!
  132. There will be news tomorrow people
  133. ****!!!!!!!!!!-stop Complaining-!!!!!!!!!!****
  134. Fighting the FED with FIAT
  135. Paul Raises Millions in 24-Hour Effort
  136. Can You Imagine What Jack Cafferty Will Say Tomorrow?
  137. Cnn Now!
  138. Ron Paul On Cnn
  139. How many are still HOLDING?
  140. Blog Buzz 7:30 CNN
  142. $4MILLION TO GO (and other thoughts!)
  143. 16mm!
  144. Can we get a basis for the 3 benchmarks?
  145. The Unthinkable Within Reach!
  146. offline contribution minibomb
  147. Urgent! We are close, but we might NOT break Hillary's $6.2M "record"
  148. Last minute donation Idea
  149. Report the error in reporting on CNN Now,
  150. Get Ron Paul on CNN.Com **Action Required*
  151. We Set A New Record!
  152. I'm in for a blitzkrieg @8:00!
  153. Doubling, Tripling, and MAXING OUT your donations - The FINAL challenge thread!
  154. We did all this - 9 DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!!!
  155. Match Donations
  156. On Track for $5.85 Million
  157. Bling, Bling Motherf^*&Ss!
  158. $16 Million
  159. Drudge picked up the story
  160. Wanna bet that neither Limbaugh nor Hannity mentions RP tomorrow?
  161. Where are the big guns?
  162. Just posted tip to drudge
  163. Never say Die!
  164. 1 Million Every Hour
  165. Final Push... (Surge, if you will)
  166. We've reached 16 million!
  167. >>>>>>>Open Fire Now!<<<<<<<
  168. What we need to beat 6.2m in one day.
  169. From Ron Paul's MySpace
  170. TIME to phone your distant relatives - cousins, uncles, etc...
  171. Hip Hip Hurrah for the Grand Old Party ! - what to tell donaters
  172. *Do NOT send angry feedback to CNN!
  173. Fox News just gave a blurb... and didnt say "Pledges"
  174. Don't wait too long! The websight will get congested.
  175. Latest Teaparty Coverage
  176. Ron Paul was here in Freeport, Texas. Here is the vid
  177. What are you going to do to donate more money today?
  178. Monitoring today's money bomb.
  179. Upgrading
  180. Portraits to help inspire us on our journey
  181. Just made Fark
  182. 8pm Money Flood Announced on Ron Paul Radio
  183. Lets have a real surge for the troops. Donate 10PM Eastern!!!!!!!
  184. Calling All Ronbots!!! Suit Up!!!
  185. Don't wait to 10
  186. Minibomb at 10:15pm Eastern! Donate any amount!
  187. My solicitation email to friends
  188. how long does it take to show up as a recent donor?
  189. How's Dr. Paul going to spend all this money?
  190. Ron Paul Radio: LIVE Coverage of the Tea Party!
  191. You Can ONLY Watch This Video If You Donate Another $50
  192. CBS News
  193. What happens if you do not get a confirmation???
  194. TOP 5: Tea Party Money Bomb States
  195. Whens the daily graph show more than 5 mill?
  196. Donating at 11 pm PST???
  197. Get The Troops In Iraq To Donate
  198. Is The Goal set at $18 mil by midnight? H.Clinton`s $6.2 eclipsed?
  199. MUST DONATE BEFORE 12 am EST !!!
  200. This moneybomb is for 300 electoral votes in 50 primaries through feb. 5
  201. Donations stop at Midnight EST, so PST people that means you only have until 9pm
  202. Let's Try to Hit 50k Donors!
  203. What have you been listening to today??
  204. New Daily Record for Donations / Hour
  205. Donors per Hour at highest level yet!
  206. Next Big Ron Paul Idea?
  207. Should Someone call the Yuckster and make sure he's ok?
  208. Just look how far we have come $$$ wise this year
  209. Missed opportunity
  210. So I'm kickin' here with the blimp team in South Carolina
  211. IF WE FALL SHORT MEDIA WILL REPEAT "Which is Less Than Hillary's Record" 200 TIMES!!!
  212. Wait, explain offline donations...
  213. Highest Ratio Yet!!!
  214. Need to be pumped for these last few hours?
  215. Southern Cal Tea Party, HUGE!!
  216. When are Offline Donations added?
  217. SCREW the money, We just got VOTES!
  218. Send a SECOND EMAIL to the Tea Party LIST!
  219. Okay, new plan.
  220. We Need To Hit 5 Million By 9pm
  221. 6 Million possible!
  222. Las Vegas Tea Party!!!
  223. Drudgereport.com covering the tea party!
  224. List of upcoming Ron Paul events?
  225. 150k + 30 minutes = 5mil @ 9PM!
  226. Hillary's biggest single day fundraising was $1.9 million, NOT $6.2 million
  227. Call everyone to donate a AGAIN - we're so close to making it!
  228. Can we donate $1M in 3 and a half hour?
  229. If we beat $17,752,561.00 I'm popping champagne!
  230. It's going to be VERY close to $6 million
  231. Austin Tea Party... HUGE Success
  232. Can we make it to $17,760,000?
  233. I am quitting smoking weed, cigarettes, and drinking - for Ron Paul
  234. When did you get your confirmation email from HQ??
  235. I bet that all of the other politicians wish they had as an enthusiastic following...
  236. Washington Post on Tea Party
  237. Austin Tea Party [PICSSSSSS] [DIGG IT]
  238. Breath, Regroup, and FIRE AGAIN! - One more BLAST from EACH OF US for LIBERTY!
  239. Is Lieberman's endorsements good?
  240. Grassroots set us up the moneybomb!
  241. Do Not Donate Today!
  242. 10 mintues till 9pm est lets get...
  243. 40k in 10 min...
  244. 40k Away from 5 Million -- Need 333K per hour for 6 mil!
  245. Screenshot Call
  246. 15 mins to raise 25k to reach 5 million!
  247. Shame On You All For Crashing Ronpaulgraphs.com
  248. We need 1.23M in 3h, 5min
  249. We need the rate to stay at or above $333,333 per hour
  250. FYI - Found Reason for No Confirmation Email