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  1. 1800ron paul
  2. Have you donated yet?
  3. WOW 184k in last 1/2 hr and RAMPING up more!!
  4. News Coverage for Tea Party
  5. The email is going out from 1pm- 3pm
  6. Everyone go to drudgereport.com and submit the money bomb as a news tip
  7. Granny Warriors on Ron Paul Radio!?!?!?!
  8. This doesn't look good
  9. 10K 5 minutes in a row
  10. Jerry Koosman just donated!!! Ex Baseball star
  11. Do Not Donate Here
  12. Campaign store order?
  13. A sign from nature?
  14. Graphs of progress
  15. $1,000 a minute
  16. RATE still increasing GREAT NEWS>
  17. watch the new york support for RP!!
  18. Will there be a live feed for Boston Tea Party at 2pm est?
  19. Some media stories so far on Tea Party
  20. 1,432 people online
  21. Screenshot
  22. Buchanan is a POS
  23. Great Ron Paul Video for TeaParty Donations!!!
  24. ***WARNING*** 800 RP number
  25. Line Extrapolation
  26. Don't let it drop below 300,000
  27. Everyone Stay Off Ronpaul2008.com
  28. DAMN! I missed my name AGAIN!!!!
  29. USA TODAY: Paul Smashes 4th Quarter Goal
  30. 14 Million!
  31. ok guys....
  32. People are waiting to donate at teaparty rallies
  33. 14 Million!!!
  34. 14 Million
  35. 14 Mill!!
  36. Any Cuban/Hispanic forums following
  37. Spammers Unite!!
  38. Thanks, you guys, you got me $50!
  39. Counter showing "0"
  40. Alert to Donation Times on TeaParty site
  41. November 5th Total To Be Met Around 5PM
  42. Have you seen the Boston Globe article?
  43. What are today's targets to beat?
  44. Email from Trevor?
  45. Widget Shows Official Numbers
  46. How many donors so far?
  47. High traffic site implode-o-meter adds Tea Party ad!
  48. Keep PUSHING and going ALL OUT to reach TEN MILLION in one day!
  49. Is Old South Meeting House affiliated with Ron's Tea Party?
  50. ALERT ALERT!! Trevor! The donation time is WRONG on the website!!
  51. 14 million!!!!
  52. Lots of New Donors in New Hampshire
  53. Ron Paul Tea Party supporter from Dubai
  54. Tea Party on CSPAN?
  55. Ron Paul on Fox News
  56. Come here for accurate, math-based projections
  57. Anyone down with a mini money bomb this evening?
  58. gap between nov 5th and today is widening!!
  59. Take a look at this graph!
  60. #1 TV Network to Claim the Title, " First in News". Which one Will it Be?
  61. RP on CBS evening news today
  62. The Double Dare - 4.30M by 4.30PM!
  63. Leo of 'Paul Cash' Predicts $9.5 million Total
  64. Alert to Donation Times on TeaParty site
  65. Teaparty email sent out!!
  66. Trevor Lyman on Ron Paul Radio...
  67. RICHIE!!!! You were correct... I guessed WAY low...
  68. Lets raise 10 million today to SHUT UP GLEN BECK!!!
  69. Daily donor rate stuck at exactly 3000 people/hr
  70. TEAPARTY07.COM EMAIL Just Went Out!
  71. How much will we raise total today if we maintain a rate of 300K per hour?
  72. Vote in This Urgent Poll!
  73. Press Release We Would Like to Have Seen from the Official Campaign
  74. Dr. Paul's response to the success of the teaparty should be...
  75. The website is full.
  76. NEW RECORD!! 18 of 20 Top Rated News Videos About Ron Paul!
  77. 100,000 doners!!
  78. Good luck from New Zealand
  79. Socialist Kusinich Supporters vs Freedom Loving Ron Paul supporters
  80. Fun fact: maybe
  81. The Freedom Train is going vertical!!
  82. Over 100,000 donaters this Quarter
  83. Just got off a talk radio show
  84. You are the "Great Americans"
  85. Last hour: 325,290 per hour!
  86. UPDATED STATS - All Areas.
  87. Pessimistic Prediction for TeaParty
  88. Please Do NOT Overload the Ron Paul Donation Page
  89. need video link QUICK!
  90. Is there going to be a "surge" later in the day?
  91. People donated around $280k just before midnight
  92. Can someone please LOCK the graph comparing 11/5 with today?
  93. Why don't we keep a running total stickied?
  94. Mini Money Bomb Today. Poll. Vote Now.
  95. Collection of International RP supporters!
  96. Please Help Fix This! Alert to Donation Times on TeaParty site
  97. Our efforts already yielding a PEACE DIVIDEND
  98. Passing Nov. 5 projection: 7:00 PM
  99. Listen while you watch!
  100. No more holding out...We're in a REVOLUTION here!
  101. Donation rate surging!
  102. It's Picking Up!
  103. Difference between Dec 16th and Nov 5th
  104. Alaska
  105. live feed for tea party...
  106. Urgent! Current money bomb estimate: 6.2 Million. Not enough to beat Hillary's record
  107. We're approaching $3 mil.!
  108. ALL YOU PEOPLE!!! - Join Operation PWN YouTube!!! - Click Here!!! Don't be Lazy!!!
  109. How YOU can make a BIGGER difference then donating to Tea Party! *Hint* It's FREE!
  110. California its our time to rise again
  111. Stop Projections!
  112. Money bomb likely to be on CNN
  113. **Trevor sent an email to Tea Party list**
  114. Simple things you can do to increase donations
  115. Maxed out your $2300?? Then PLEASE give to OperationNH.com
  116. Graphic for your site....
  117. Am I the only one?
  118. Supplies count - buy them TODAY, if you were getting some anyway
  119. $3,000,000
  120. 3 million!!!!
  121. WE did $3,000,000.00 in 14 hours!!
  122. Almost to $3 Million!
  123. RonPaul2008.com is getting slllooowww
  124. $3,000,000 in donations!
  125. Is youtube dead for anybody else?
  126. 3,000 an minute?
  127. Decoupling from November 5th
  128. The REAL One-Day Record is 5.7 Million, Correct?
  129. Stop Using The Widget - It's Killing Bandwidth - Use Link Here
  130. Links to other boards?
  131. Look at the rate of seperation compared to November 5th!
  132. We are about 5 HOURS ahead of November 5th
  133. I've tried to donate 3 times
  134. I Am Tired Of The New World Order! Revolution Now!!!!!
  135. Four Thirty-Eight by Four Thirty-Eight!
  136. Paypal donations - Instant recognition or no?
  137. Great News Moving Forward: NH leads US in Donater Density for Ron Paul!
  138. Donation Widget Code
  139. Want to take some load of the main site?
  140. Ron Paul Revolution Radio ranked at #2
  141. You Do Not Have To- But For Those Who Want To Match Contributions Tonite
  142. This is truly AWESOME !! WHat a GREAT DAY Folks!!
  143. last 9 and a half hours - Brainstorm what we can do to help the final push.
  144. Get Rid of the Widget Code!
  145. Remember our Q2 totals?
  146. Don't be ashamed of five million dollars people.
  147. Prediction: Just over 6 million... can we do better?
  148. Democratic Underground is tracking our progress
  149. David Rockefeller Sr just donated?
  150. Ron Paul vs. Hillary?
  151. IMPORTANT. HQ: Kill all connections with widgets and graphs, except 1 maybe
  152. Forget the math for a minute... have you donated yet?
  153. ~1600 users logged on here right now!!
  154. How much is being donated via phone?
  155. A linear graph can only mean one thing
  156. OH s@^#!!! I think the ticker BROKE!!
  157. Almost 3.2M, according to RonPaul2008.com
  158. Can we break Kerry's all-time, 24 hour fundraising record???
  159. Do not forget your *SPOUSE*
  160. Couldn't help it....
  161. Tea Party on Fox news crawler
  163. live justin.tv video of tea party rally
  164. "on Cnn's Election 2008 Page!
  165. Message to slact.net and xnamatrix.com
  166. Anyone just see this massive rainbow over Wash DC?
  167. Tell http://paulcash.slact.net/ to turn off the widget
  168. How do you save your name on the donation widget?
  169. $5k/minute
  170. Who's Waiting to Pull the Trigger?
  171. Alex Jones Live Coverage of Money Bomb 4-6 p.m. CST
  172. If you bet on 6mil you better get crackin
  173. Screengrab Software
  174. Nine Hours Left !
  175. Strasbourg Tea Party
  176. HQ is swamped - close any widget widonws!
  177. Urgent! They should modify the website!
  178. Rand Paul LIVE TEA PARTY
  179. Emailing everyone that's ever emailed me.
  180. The Forums are Eating Bandwidth
  181. Tea Party Press
  182. I wish I was there
  183. Goal: $20 Million by midnight (minimum)
  185. Without registering Republican the TeaParty means nothing
  186. Granny Warriors On Ron Paul Radio NOW!
  187. Pledges: 33,539 == Donors: 28,312 (at 3:30 PM)
  188. My neo-con friend is mad that another friend donated
  189. My Cofeemaker is Tired
  190. Sticky PLEASE
  191. We collected 3.32M
  192. Almost @ 15MIL !
  193. USAToday...First Reports I've found on Tea Party
  194. CLOSING IN ON NOVEMBER 5th!!! Place your bets!
  195. Another $100 at 6PM. Who is with me?
  196. The Six Million Dollar Man
  197. How we can quicken the pace of donations.
  198. PLEASE ADD IN the OFFLINE DONATIONS from today only BEFORE Midnight!
  199. New stats mirror
  200. Paypal broken?
  201. The Tea Party Double-Dare!
  202. donate over and over again by yourself is useless.
  203. 15 Million Here We Come
  204. Call your friends & relatives. Ask for a "Ron Paul donation" Christmas present!
  205. Is anyone else listening/watching the boston tea party live on...
  206. 15 Million..... WOOOOOH
  207. 15 Million
  208. 15 Million!!!!
  209. The Final Hour 11PM EST- 8PM PST Tea Party Push For Ron Paul
  210. It feels like a holiday...
  211. 15000000
  212. Shawn Hannon Show on RPR, call to holla for the Tea Partay!
  213. For The Day After (or how to get over a tea hangover)
  214. 45% of avid supporters HAVE NOT donated yet!!
  215. RPRadio snow fall from Syracuse
  216. Have you/Are you still going to donate?
  217. BOSTON GLOBE: Ron Paul raises millions in today's Boston Tea Party event!!
  218. pump up ranking of tea party youtube videos now!!!
  219. What's next after the Tea Party????
  220. Explain something to me
  221. Tea Party on DRUDGE
  222. Huckabee Widget Turned Off in Shame?
  223. Ron Paul coming up on CNN
  224. Ron Paul Cnn!
  225. Mentions on the MSM channels
  226. I am donating again!
  227. 750,000 People Are At Football Games
  228. All supporters, we need to advertise for the tea party!
  229. DO NOT raise less than $17 million!
  230. Reddit this Article!
  231. Everyone, be absolutely serious...
  232. Huffington Post: Ron Paul On Pace To Shatter One-Day GOP Fundraising Record...Again
  233. Final results: 5,5 mio at current rate
  234. If you are donating tonite between 5-6pm est, DIGG
  235. Call 'Em Up!
  236. The First Ron Paul Microbomb
  237. We Need An Email From the Campaign
  238. Glad I'm Not At The Boston Event
  239. Hillary's record $6.2 million
  240. If you want the fund raising record, do this.
  241. Less than $730,000 To go to match the 5th!!!
  242. Ron Paul Coming Up on CNBC - 4:30pm EST!
  243. Is the Boston event being streamed yet?
  244. Please save a scren shot for me!!
  245. Challenge
  246. Everything what MSNBC has to say?
  247. THIS IS THE LAST MONEY BOMB! Why hold!??
  248. BEST VIDEO ON YOUTUBE!!! "Ron Paul breaks 12 million mark @ NYC Headquarters"
  249. Jonathan Bydlak need to send some email now like he did on Nov.5th
  250. Anyone know the last time they...