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  1. I Saw Hillary Clinton as Recent Donor
  2. Ron Paul vs Huckabee Donations
  3. They have to fix the widget thermometer
  4. Hillary Clinton Loves Ron Paul
  5. Remember that people sleep in on Sundays
  6. Imagine the press we'd get if we outraised Rudy's Q3 in one DAY
  7. The thermometer is busted! Get a new graphic up!
  8. How much did Kucinich raise December 15? http://www.december152007.com
  9. Alert The Media, Alert The People To See This!!!
  10. Can't get through to donate.
  11. Widget tall red bar maxed out
  12. Ron Paul vs Other
  13. CRAZY! Approaching $700K
  14. Live coverage on Ron Paul Revolution Radio
  15. Time to change the thermometer graphic...
  16. Project: Call 10 friends
  17. Are there any tea-parties being held near Houston tomorrow?
  18. WE did $700,000.00 in 2 hours & 30 minutes!!
  19. To Everyone Holding Back on their Donation
  20. WE did $700,000.00 in 2 hours & 30 minutes!!
  21. We need a bigger boat
  22. get friends to donate at your football gatherings
  23. Keep this Video on Top on YouTube, for more $$$
  24. RonPaulTea.com - Get boxes of Ron Paul Revolution branded tea!
  25. Well, one last dance for the evening...
  26. Non Flash Total For iphone Users Updated Regularly?
  27. problem with ronpaulgraphs?
  28. We need $1 million ASAP
  29. On pace to double November 5th
  30. How much did you donate?
  31. Using the Nov. 5th donation curve to guess 16th outcome (image)
  32. New WIDGET!!!
  33. Tea Party '07: Donate Today! - Please Digg Now!
  34. Those who can't afford $100, EVERY dollar counts!
  35. To those saying they are sorry..
  36. new ticker on website
  37. Tea Partay!!!! ;)
  38. Guys, do NOT use fake names.
  39. Rudy Donated
  40. Breaking: 50 states plus one district turn red in genral election.
  41. Here comes Pacific Time!!!
  42. Lets steal McCain's spotlight!!
  43. You're up, East Coast!
  44. Donate Now, To Get Media Coverage At Morning!
  45. It's not yet Dec. 16 on the westcoast and 719k has already been raised
  46. i palyed the rp drinking game
  47. 9:44 12/15 Pm
  48. West Coast Bump
  49. You're Up, West Coast!
  50. How many contributors so far today?
  51. For a little Tea Party Humor
  52. Holy s@^#. I'm hyperventilating...
  53. WE did $800,000 in 3 hours & 10 minutes!!
  54. WE did $800,000 in 3 hours & 10 minutes!!
  55. Are we going to break the internet?
  56. Donate Now, To Get Maximum Media Coverage At Morning!
  57. We Have Found The Ron Paul Spammer!!!
  58. Looks like the Fed chairman has come around! ...
  59. $12 Million.....come and gone
  60. Please, This Is A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity, Spread The Word About Tea Party!!!!
  61. Wow, they process the donations fast!
  62. Will we have a million dollar hour today?
  63. Let a few others catch the tail end of the surge.
  64. teaparty07.com sending out an email to tell people to donate?
  65. Widget just updated again: now shows # of donors and first time donors
  66. Hawaii, your up next!!!
  68. An easy counter for our daily total that's INSTANTLY updated
  69. Vote Ron Paul on Larry King Poll!
  70. Way to go California!
  71. We are already at 93,000 donors for Q4
  72. "Hillary Clinton donating to Ron Paul?" please use your real names
  73. Just less than 80k away from the first million!!
  74. Poor lil Nov fithy
  75. Help me find that stats sight for the donations
  76. Last week of Presidential poll at WHO radio, Des Moines
  77. How long does it take to show up?
  78. Nervous because it's not a weekday.
  79. A new tea party thread!!!
  80. REAL starting point is $11,514,920.05
  81. LA Times writes about TeaParty
  82. How can I put the new widget on its own page?
  83. Blasphamy?
  84. You Tube NZ TeaParty
  85. Want more donors, this is how you can help out...
  86. Pass 6M early to bring in more donations!
  87. The first million is always the hardest...
  88. Fine, I Moved Here (begrudgingly).....Ok, it's not so bad
  89. 12.5 million!!!!!
  90. Has anyone gotten an email from Trevor yet?
  91. Your Name Must Match Your Credit Card Info
  92. Less than 8k to 1 Million!!!
  93. Sorry everyone
  94. Its ok Bryan!
  95. I love this Bost Tea Party song
  96. $1,000,000
  97. 1 Million!
  98. One Million Dollars!!!
  99. So it took us nearly 5 hours to raise $1M.
  100. We just cleared $1,000,000 and it's 4:57AM ET!!!!!!!!
  101. Having Your Tea Tonight?
  102. New Widget!!
  103. 35k till we hit a mil
  104. So wait, what's the delay on the graphs?
  105. Only 7500 donors so far
  106. Anyone else worried that the IRS will come for us?
  107. Anyone else worried that the IRS will come for us?
  108. I'm starting off my Tea Party with ...
  109. Gordon Ramsay on here? forums?
  110. Alright folks, a wee bit more incentive
  111. which graph is which
  112. Got a Hillary supporter hooked on the widget
  113. Free Flight - LAX to Boston, Sunday morning
  114. All this donating is getting me quite aroused...
  115. 30 minutes until donations begin peaking...
  116. $1,000,000 raised
  117. Digg - Tea Party '07 Fund Raiser has Brought in Over $1 Million in Donations
  118. Another way to add money
  119. So, What's Your Donation Schedule??
  120. Will the campaign add in offlines at some point?
  121. Can we double in one day?
  122. Every donation has a processing fee. Do not donate in bits
  123. REAL ending point 23,029,840.1
  124. Congratulations Ron Paul!
  125. The Tea Party of 07 GOOD MORNING mighty MONEY PUSH!!!
  126. Donation rate compared to Nov. 5?
  127. Patriots Brace Yourselves!
  128. I love being a part of this
  129. Just Imagine
  130. Do you think Digg will censor today's news like they did Nov. V?
  131. WOOHOO! Already making the news!
  132. My First Ever Political Donation
  133. I hope someone from headquarters posts here today
  134. LiberTea Meter Widget
  135. People attendint rallies and sign waving...
  136. TEAPARTY@PALTALK - Join us!
  137. Im still thinkin' $7 - $8 million
  138. THIS afternoon, give the graph-watching a short break...
  139. CALL CSPAN this morning and get TEA PARTY info out there NOW !!
  140. We Need To Pick It Up People!
  141. Extra $2 for 2 minors?
  142. Guys vs Girls - who supports Ron Paul more?
  143. Little taskbar donation widget to keep an eye on things
  144. Donating an extra *$17.76* Who will match me?
  145. If anyone knows how to reach expats, do it now!
  146. The Time has come, To drop the Money Bomb!
  147. is there a mirc chat channel for tea party yet..?
  148. SUNDAY MORNING = sleep TEA PARTY NIGHT = crazy!!!!
  149. HELP! need linky to foiregner donation method!
  150. Church, early in California and we are way ahead!
  151. When is Trevor going to send out the email for the teaparty?
  152. HERE WE GO !! Donations Picking up BIGTIME NOW !!
  153. The Storm Has Arrived!
  154. Did Ron Paul gain 1 million dollars overnight?
  155. Donation Rate Too Slow at 8.30am
  156. Is today the start of the widget "week"?
  157. Graph?
  158. 2nd frontier is open in CNN, our troops need you to VOTE!
  159. Surprise!!!
  160. Please sticky the thread
  161. Server down?
  162. Cnn Teaparty
  163. Straight Donations vs Purchasing Supplies
  164. Time to Relax, RonPaulGraphUpdate :)
  165. 13 Million by 8:30 Central Time?
  166. Almost 13,000,000!!!!!
  167. Million Dollar Milestones - 11/5 vs 12/16
  168. $13 million !!
  169. Awesome news to wake up to...
  170. Nov. 5th vs. Tea Party
  171. Mission Accomplished!
  172. I Wonder if Dr Paul and His Beautiful Wife Are Watching
  173. You think WE'RE glued to our computers today?
  174. In 1 Hours Time
  175. I just joined the $2300 club - taking new members NOW!
  176. $6 million at this point should be a fairly accurate estimate - with evidence
  177. ron paul tea party - in top 100 Google Hot Trends
  178. Donate big at 10:00am ET
  179. Big Jump in Donations Since 8:30
  180. LOL! the "don't taze me bro" guy just donated.
  181. Don't worry people . . .
  182. Americans living abroad CAN donate to the Tea Party
  183. 125K in last 1/2 hour !! Picking up baby!
  184. Did you double your donation?
  185. Donate $5 right now and I'll match you!!!!
  186. Lot more stats on the widget now..Cool!
  187. Holy crap! New graphic has number of donors!
  188. I'm All In!!!!
  189. Total # of people is about 13,000 so far 9am C
  190. Statistical Probability
  191. I'm so damned pissed at the national campaign right now...
  192. Way to go first time Donors!!
  193. Sign up for big donation bump at 11:00AM ET here!
  194. I brushed my teeth...
  195. Beat Hillary's Record Donations
  196. What time are you donating?
  197. Sign up for big donation bump at 11:00AMET here!
  198. Teaparty is much better while listening to RonPaulRadio.com
  199. About to break through the roof...
  200. Good idea I've used in the past.
  201. Now at 147K in last 1/2 half RAMPING UP !!
  202. ronpaul2008.com down since 10:16 am??
  203. We need to beat Clinton's $6.1 million
  204. It won't let me donate :[
  205. We Have Gone 1337!
  206. TeaParty07.com Site Updated - Expect E-Mail Soon!
  207. Current Projection - $5.78mil
  208. Hey GOP, Hey John Boehner take a look pal!
  209. GO OUTSIDE with a TEAPARTY poster at a major itersection
  210. Good night all
  211. $2million By 11am Est?
  212. When is the Tea Party email going out?
  213. Are we projecting at 15mil today alone?
  214. Matching Competition for Maxed Out Donors!
  215. Use the official widget at Ronpaul2008.com to count $ raised today
  216. 35,539 pledges at 12:00 am EST 12/16/07 (!)
  217. I Think Paulcash Crashed
  218. $2,000,000
  219. $2,000,000 SMACKERS today!
  220. We are doing 10.000 PER MINUTE now!
  221. will the campaign ad snail mail donations in soon?..
  222. Donations ramping up rapidly now
  223. Donation rate $320K/hr...and climbing?!
  224. 2 Million!
  225. $2.5 Million in 3 hours
  226. How many Donors today and how many NEW DONORS?/ Anyone know
  227. A Tea Party Post to share with others
  228. Has anyone actually gotten a donation reminder email from TeaParty 07?
  229. When should we blitz the media?
  230. Is the rally still going on in Boston today?
  231. Peak Hourly Rate?
  232. What else can I do now?
  233. 2 mill
  234. NYC Headquarters party last night. Video of $12mil cheers
  235. these single forums
  236. The graphs need a ED drug cocktail...
  237. Ok, so where is that one
  238. Who Is Skyline Media ?
  239. It's gonna be a $6 million dollar day
  240. Today compared to November 5h?
  241. I've turned the HousingPANIC blog over to the Ron Paul money bomb today
  242. When Church gets Out...
  243. Myspace Activate!
  244. Spread the word at left-wing care2.com
  245. Alert: Donate In The Right Place!!
  246. Time 4 a TextBomb???
  247. Two New TeaParty Motivational Videos - Enjoy!
  248. caradeporra donated!
  249. How much for today?
  250. CNN Late Edition