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  1. US supreme Court petition for certiorari embody v ward # 12-516
  2. Home invader meets high speed projectile
  3. The Guys with the Guns Make the Rules
  4. Hours After Reelection, Obama Green Lights United Nations Gun Grab
  5. The Real History of the AWB and it's legacy going forward
  6. Police arrest Mo. man planning mass shooting at "Breaking Dawn"
  7. Biometric Gunshot Surveillance Net Will I.D. Shooters in Real-Time
  8. KANSAS: No Approved "Reason" Needed for Concealed Carry!
  9. Feinstein: To Push Ban On Assault Rifles, High Capacity Magazines, & Pistol Grips
  10. Firearm sales skyrocket in election's aftermath
  11. Chuck Woolery on Assault Weapons
  12. The Highway Patrol Cop Of The Future...
  13. San Bernando City Attorney Tells Residents "To Lock and Load" in Light of Police Cuts
  14. AutoZone Employee Uses Gun To Scare Off Robber, Gets Fired
  15. Billionaire Bloomberg knocks out Joe Baca, adds dynamic to gun politics
  16. Burglar calls 911 to save himself from gun-wielding homeowner
  17. Anti-Gun Legislator Arrested...For Having Gun at Airport!
  18. Will Obama Bypass Congress on Gun Control?
  19. Anti-gun Legislator Faces Weapons Charge -- Donne Trotter (D-Ill)
  20. Boy, 7, shot to death at [outside] Pa. gun store
  21. Bob Costas on w/Piers Morgan Mon. nite
  22. Piers Morgan: ultra-douche
  23. Guns don't kill people! Football does!
  24. Boys, 7 and 11, Attempt Robbery With Gun
  25. Hypocrites shriek 'Hypocrites!' over national concealed carry legislation
  26. Bob Costas wants to infringe and even ban gun rights.
  27. Gun-Buy-Back program: Rare NAZI Gun
  28. U.S. gun website sued for alleged ties to slayings
  29. anti-gun legislator arrested on weapons charges
  30. Friends' anti-gun FB comments...
  31. Connecticut gun code of 1650
  32. Ban Guns? Ban FPS Russia! [VIDEO]
  33. Congressman Eyes Regulations On Using 3D Printers To Make Guns
  34. So what "common sense" Gun Control measure will Libs go for?
  35. China school knife attack leaves 23 injured
  36. Free Flu Shot for YOUR GUN: Disarming and Disabling America
  37. FBI complicit in the anti-gun agenda.
  38. Flashback 2011 - HR 2613, Citizens Protection Act of 2011 - Abolishes Gun-Free Zones Act
  39. Flashback 2011 - Texas Moves Closer to Allowing Guns on College Campuses
  40. [Video] Will More Gun-Free Zones Stop Crime, Robbery, and Murder?
  41. [Video] Penn and Teller - Gun-Free Zones ( Stupid Idea! )
  42. 62 Mass Shootings Since 1982, How Many in soft GUN FREE ZONES?
  43. Common Sense
  44. George Will: Tougher Gun Laws, Assault Weapons Ban Won't Help
  45. [Video] Innocents Betrayed -- The True Story of Gun Control
  46. Ind. man with 47 guns arrested after school threat
  47. Gunman Opens Fire in Alabama Hospital
  48. Okla. teen arrested in school shooting plot
  49. Can someone please tell me how people use Switzerland as an argument?
  50. "Why the 2nd Amendment must NOT be incorporated" - Mike Church
  51. Another Yahoo poll on the front page of the politics section.
  52. They Don't Talk Much About Joel Myrick: Pearl High School Shooting
  53. Guns America Petition
  54. Cheaper Than Dirt Bowing to Pressure???
  55. Silver for Guns likely to be banned
  56. Gun(s) being removed from Walmart. Gun Company Assets Sold
  57. NRA's first comment since Sandy Hook released
  58. 6th-grader brings gun to school to protect against ‘Connecticut-style’ attack
  59. NEED your opinion on Juggernaut of Gun Grabbers, how to fight back for radio show
  60. cheaperthandirt.com, Dicks Sporting Goods: SUSPEND GUN SALES
  61. Texas school's 'Guardian Plan' allows teachers to have guns
  62. John Stossel Links Gun Control to Higher Crime Rates
  63. Actress Marg Helgenberger wants NRA members dead
  64. [VIDEO] CNN attacks Gun Owners of America's Larry Pratt
  65. [Video] Tx State Rep: Teachers With Gun Could Protect Students, Will Introduce Legislation
  66. Armored backpacks and a rush on guns after Conn.
  67. Obama Announces Gun Violence Task Force, Presses For Policy Changes
  68. NRA shifts to crisis mode
  69. Hahahaha Scott Brown - pro gun control
  70. Counter argument to "Only the military should have those guns"
  71. NAGR: Obama announces comprehensive gun control package
  72. second amendment and explosives
  73. Andrew Cuomo wants to confiscate your guns
  74. "The Second Amendment is a Relic, its Purpose is Long Past"
  75. The conservative philosophy of tragedy: guns don't kill people, people kill people by Jill
  76. Don't Shoot Holes in Your Credibility
  77. THE PATRIOT - Mel Gibson - Full Movie
  78. How Obama "responded" (twisted) my signing the petition to respect gun rights
  79. NRA wants armed guards in schools
  80. School Staff Member Brings Loaded Handgun To School For Her Protection
  81. Citizen Drone Warfare - Dangerous Information
  82. FBI Raids Nancy Lanza's Local Gun Shop
  83. Why Does Anyone NEED an Assault Weapon?? [Video]
  84. Larken Rose absolutely DESTROYS arguments for gun control using pure logic...
  85. Counter Gun Buy Back Programs in Your City - This is How you Do It!
  86. Sign This Pro-Second Amendment Petition
  87. Cuomo: “Confiscation could be an option. Mandatory sale to the state could be an option."
  88. San Fran: No Hollow Points, Must Report Ammo Buys over 500 Rounds to Cops
  89. Great new pro-gun anthem from libertarian rapper Neema V
  90. 5 guns to buy before a potential ban - Judge Nap, Austin Petersen, Derek Barry
  91. Hey! price gouging?
  92. Video: Obama Response On Gun Control: WE HEAR YOU!
  93. Thank goodness for unintended free market consequences
  94. FBI gun control database resembles Swiss cheese
  95. Federalization of State Militias: Another Attack on Second Amendment
  96. Some states weigh easing gun laws
  97. HR 227: 3 YEARS PRISON if you keep a loaded gun in your home for self-defense
  98. Celebrities Call to Ban Guns From Government [VIDEO]
  99. Crazy Gun Show Prices (w/pics)
  100. Archie Bunker on Gun Control
  101. AVTM #39 Gun control isn't the issue!
  102. How conventient of the White House Petition being answered by the president
  103. Then they took our guns...
  104. "You're a goddamn terrorist for wearing a shirt like that......"
  105. Our Second Amendment rights are hanging by a thread!
  106. VIDEO - Penn Jillette tries to talk sense into some hysterically irrational ladies...
  107. NRA is idiotic, should NOT have held a press conference
  108. John Lott: More Guns, Less Crime
  109. Cass R. Sunstein: Debate must avoid crazy gun-rights claims
  110. Missouri Lawmaker Proposes Expanding Gun Rights in Schools
  111. Ga. lawmaker-elect wants more gun rights
  112. Arkansas Reps Seek More Gun Rights
  113. Does the second amendment apply to machine guns, grenades, and other heavy equipment?
  114. NRA's Response to Sandy Hook: Federally Funded Police in Every School
  115. Piers Morgan vs. Larry Pratt, Gun Owners of America
  116. Have you seen this 6/27/12 video from Wiki Weapon Project?
  117. New 2013 CT Gun Control <eek!>
  118. Newtown Shooting Rumor
  119. Unofficial 2nd Amendment Debate and Discussion Analysis Thread
  120. Sandy Hook: "Dark Knight Rises" Has 20 School Children? (Sandy Hook Coincidences)
  121. Karl Rove approves Obama gun control measures
  122. Ohio firearms group offers to train teachers
  123. Gun ban / confiscation / war in America video..
  124. Two Cautionary Tales about Gun Control
  125. Gun Ban = Drug Ban [VIDEO]
  126. NRO's Kevin Williamson Doesn't Shirk in Defense of the 2nd Amendment
  127. New York Newspaper to Release More Names of Gun Permit Owners After Uproar
  128. Should businesses be allowed to ban weapons from their parking lot?
  129. Should HOA(s) be allowed to ban weapons from members' homes? (LOL copy thread)
  131. Illinois Gun Control Alert
  132. LaRue Releases Statement About Obamacare Limiting Their LE/Military Discounts
  133. pdf booklet request “How to Persuade Your Friends & Family Guns Save Lives & Reduce Crime"
  134. The shame of Waco
  135. Gun Gripes Episode 34: Media misinformation
  136. Guns: Say What You Mean
  137. Three dead in Swiss Shooting
  138. Gun-Grabbing Leninists
  139. Is the Feinstein bill being introduced today?
  140. IL Gun Ban Bill Dropped
  141. The magazine ban was introduced today.
  142. Sandy Hook: inconsistencies with official narrative
  143. Full Disclosure: The NRA Once Supported Gun-Free School Zones in 1999
  144. AR-15 Totin' 15 Year Old Defends 12 Year Old Sister From Multiple Invaders
  146. Join the GOA
  147. Going Big on Gun Control
  148. Annihilation of the Second Amendment
  149. 400 Texas Teachers Turn Out for Free Concealed Handgun License Course
  150. Thomas Massie - H.R. 133: Repeal the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990
  151. Woman hiding with kids shoots intruder
  152. Gun owners and liberty lovers, we need your help
  153. Police Kicked Out Of Belleville Denny’s For Being Armed
  154. Marlboro, NJ: Cops on Duty Ensuring "Officer Safety" for K-8
  155. Larchmont, N.Y., Armed Man Attempts to Enter Middle School
  156. Alex Jones interviews Larry Pratt of GOA
  157. H.R.35-Repealing Gun Free School Zones
  158. 2009: The Death of Officer Burt Lopez and Skip York
  159. NJ: Rat on your neighbor's "illegal gun" get $1000 from the state!
  160. W.H. considers broad gun control
  161. Buchanan: "There Would Be A Revolution" If Government Confiscated Weapons
  162. Orlando gun show sales reach record amidst control debate
  163. Georgia sheriff boycotts supplier that stops semi-auto sales to citizens
  164. Take a Stand or Lose your Weapons!
  165. NY Senator Vows to Pass "Toughest Gun Laws in the Nation"
  166. Democrat Says Obama's Gun Control Proposals Are Extreme
  167. Georgia Mother's Shooting of Home Invader Puts New Spin on Gun Control Debate
  168. Prohibited Person
  169. Choosing Your own Crime Statistics Video
  170. List of Gun Rights Organizations
  171. NRA Releases List of Celebrities, Organizations that Support Gun Control
  172. No more gun-control "debates"! Molon labe!
  173. NY: Governor Cuomo To Announce Sweeping New Gun Control Laws 1/9/13 1PM
  174. Ted Nugent and Peter Schiff Talk Gun Control
  175. AB 1527 Bans “Open Carry” of Long Guns in CA
  176. Inmates Use Newspaper's Gun Map to Threaten Guards
  177. Professional Educators of Tennessee support balance proposal for arming teachers
  178. Anti Gun Forums - any out there?
  179. Choose your own crime stats
  180. The KKK started gun control
  181. L.A. Riots - oh the memories
  182. Declaration to Uphold the Second Amendment
  183. Secret Gun Provision Hidden in Obamacare
  184. Chuck Woolery on Assault Weapons
  185. Sheriff Scott Berry Stands Up to Gun Control
  186. Alex Jones Challenges Morgan to "Moderated" Gun Debate Round 2
  187. Obama Threatens "Executive Order" on GUNS
  188. Thief Attempts to Rob Convenience Store with CATTLE PROD
  189. Ted Nugent unloads: Gun owners the next Rosa Parks
  190. PRAVDA, Russia: Americans never give up your guns!
  191. Judge Napolitano: Guns and Freedom
  192. Mag Ban: This is your future 1231231231
  193. Responses received from congressmen in regards to Feinstein Assault Weapon Ban.
  194. Open carry: Education or Hysteria-Generating?
  195. FL: State Sanctioned No Licence Python Hunt with PRIZE MONEY
  196. Gun Carrying Employee Thwarts Attempted Hotel Robbery
  197. ARM THE TEACHERS NOW! Chicago: Gun, Bullets Found in 13 y/o Boy's Locker
  198. New Arizona Law Preventing Gun Destruction
  199. LOL, guess what John Stossel and Bill O Reilly agree on!
  200. Gun Gripes Episode 41: STAND YOUR GROUND!
  201. Military vet uses firearm to save himself, mom against two armed assailants
  202. My gun control rant
  203. Madera pharmacist fatally shot robber that could've kill him.
  204. Gun Owners/Righters - I have a question...
  205. Pharmacy Owner Shoots And Kills Armed Burglar Who Opened Fire
  206. Are AR-15's really that dangerous as politicians say?
  207. Town Council of Spring City, Utah Drafting Resolution Encouraging All Residents to Own a G
  208. James Yeager's gun carry permit suspended by TN
  209. Harry Reid and his provision in Obamacare (CNN video)
  210. EMT: SWAT medic discusses supplies for trauma kit
  211. COPS: 1st Two Weeks of 2013: 10 Stories to Make Your Blood Boil
  212. Two armed strangers rescue man robbed at gunpoint
  213. You have to love Chuck Woolery
  214. John A. Sutter: How Will They Confiscate Your Guns?
  215. My 2nd Amendment/Liberty Stickers on eBay
  216. Assess and correct as needed the following statements, please....
  217. Something I'm noticing...
  218. CA: Buying ammo, buying guns, they’re getting ready for the next revolution
  219. Excellent Video: Gun Control
  220. Larken Rose: From My Cold, Dead Hands!
  221. Walter Williams: Americans misunderstand point of the Second Amendment [VIDEO]
  222. Larry Pratt: Wasting Time On Gun Control, Should Be Talking About Scrapping Gun-Free Zones
  223. journalism today, Gun owner Keith Morgan rocks (video)
  224. Walter Williams: Americans misunderstand point of the Second Amendment [VIDEO]
  225. 54,000 mexican sign petition for US gun control
  226. List of business and corporations that support gun control
  227. Gun control and jobs
  228. Walmart employee accidentally shoots himself, injures coworker, Carlisle police say
  229. Developmental disorders and gun control.
  230. Kentucky Sheriff to Feds: ‘You Are Never Going to Pull Guns Out of Jackson County’ (+video
  231. Gun Control in Taiwan
  232. Tom Davis files firearms nullification bill in SC State Senate
  233. "2nd Amendment ALERT!!! I just called Bank of America... you have to hear this!"
  234. Default Gun Control = No Ammo
  235. NY passes 1st US gun control law since massacre
  236. List of Sheriffs Standing Up Against Obama's Gun Control
  237. Obama Responds To Alex Jones
  238. Gun control non-event
  239. MA governor wants to pass new NY gun laws in MA.
  240. Burlington, VT police looking for new gun range
  241. NY: Every Cop in the State Carrying ILLEGAL ARMS
  242. Obama p.o.'d over this NRA commerical!
  243. Poll: 65% See Gun Rights As Protection Against Tyranny
  244. this is rich, the New York State gun law, has no exceptions for police
  245. Are these "constitutional" sheriffs who are taking a stand
  246. Man brings rifle and pistol into JC Penney
  247. States Aim to Nullify Obama Gun Control
  248. Your Guns Must be Stored at a Government Authorized Storage Depot
  249. Security guard left gun in school bathroom, nobody hurt
  250. Gun Control Bills Flood Statehouses In Wake Of Sandy Hook Shooting