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  1. Texas about to remove the word "concealed" from "concealed carry"
  2. Former UN Ambassador: Obama Will Target Gun Ownership in Second Term
  3. Texas Senate votes to let lawmakers carry guns...
  4. Florida Bill Would Ban Doctors From Asking Patients About Their Guns
  5. Federal gun law would greatly expand who qualifies as mentally ineligible to own guns
  6. Federal judge rules against Calif. gun advocates
  7. NRA-ILA GRASSROOTS ALERT Vol. 18, No. 20 05/20/11
  8. Opening Brief Filed in Lawsuit Challenging San Diego County’s CCW Policies!
  9. Again: Gun Owners of America > NRA
  10. NRA Sells Out Second Amendment on Patriot Act
  11. 2000 Article: I Am Alive, No Thanks to Gun Control
  12. 2000 - The NRA's Gun Control Schizophrenia
  13. White House Taking 'Seriously' Al Qaeda's Eying Of America's Gun Show Loophole
  14. Forbes: United Nations Agreement Should Have All Gun Owners Up In Arms
  15. Herman Cain on Gun Rights
  16. Will Project Gunrunner Lead to an Assault Weapons Ban?
  17. Gunrunner Update: ATF Director Expected to Resign; Anti-Gun Nominee Picked For Replacement
  18. 82 mm mortar fail
  19. Wisconsin's Concealed Carry Bill (SB 93) on Gov. Scott Walker's Desk
  20. KCMO Teen Mob meet a Mosin M44
  21. UK - Defend Your Home and Get Arrested
  22. Check out this .308 that fits in a briefcase
  23. Obama Administration Caught Running False Flag Against 2nd Amendment
  24. Supreme Court Disent against Heller vs. DC
  25. If this were you or I we'd be in some trouble....
  26. M240 rampage! :)
  27. The ATF director testified on July 4th, RE: fast/furious
  28. NH: Armed slam dancing & other PorcFest scenes
  29. Larry Pratt of GOA on Alex Jones
  30. Obama To Unveil Gun Control Reforms In Near Future
  31. Do any RPFers own the Springfield MIA Socom II?
  32. modded survival shotgun
  33. Justice Department now makes the gun laws!
  34. question about buying used guns
  35. CNN: Texans Garb Their Guns as Economy Stalls
  36. flamethrower massacre!
  37. Democrats Introducing Gun Control Legislation
  38. Judge finds man accused of murder acted lawfully
  39. United Nations Push for Gun Control Treaty Continues
  40. Feds Closer to Losing Over Lifetime Ban for Misdemeanor: Litigated By Donald Kilmer
  41. The Shootout at The OK Corral,and "gun control"
  42. Iowa Congressman defends home with shotgun
  43. BALTIMORE mayoral candidate bullet tax
  44. Chicago man kills another over dripping air conditioner
  45. Pretty Good Deal on Tact./Personal Defense Ammo 7.62 X 51
  46. Police officer threatens concealed-carry driver with execution, beating
  47. FPS Russia deals with suspects
  48. Ron Paul the first and only candidate to respond to NAGR's Presidential Gun Rights Survey
  49. Should intelligent psychopaths who lack empathy, own guns ?
  50. Wow, just wow (propaganda)
  51. Gun Facts - Gun Control | Facts | Debunk | Myths
  52. Help Us! Alexandria TN to Ban guns on city property
  53. Blogtalk radio show on Fast & Furious gun-running scandal
  54. Mexico - Gun control FAIL
  55. The Hoplophobes are At It Again
  56. POLL: Should Alexandria Ban Handgun Possesion at County Fair?
  57. N.R.A. Sues Over Bulk Gun Sales Rule
  58. Russians Form Militias to Protect Themselves
  59. Vermont pushing bill to "register non-gun owners" and fine them $500
  60. Shootings in Copley, Ohio, leave 8 dead
  61. Today-Should-Students-Be-Allowed-to-Carry-Guns-on-College-Campuses
  62. The National Guard...
  63. Gun control in Russia
  64. Iowa man tries to lure teen and gets mom's fist instead
  65. In Refutation of the Four Heller Exceptions
  66. Florida State Law Eliminates Firearms Restrictions
  67. California Police Sticking to Guns in Defense of Letting Kids Hold Automatic Weapons
  68. Supreme Court faces new gun control case
  69. Nuclear weapons: protected by second amendment?
  70. What does the Second Amendment really say?
  71. FPS Russia: APC/M2 at McDonalds
  72. New Fla. law has local govts scrambling to get their gun laws off the books
  73. Site tracking defensive uses of firearms
  74. "We want to put the fear back into our children" - Buffalo NY anti-gun group
  75. FPS RUSSIA: RC/XD in Real Life
  76. Arizona Gun Store Owner has Misgivings about working with Feds in 'Fast and Furious' Op
  77. Judge blocks Fla. law restricting doctor gun talk
  78. H.R. 822 A Trojan Horse?
  79. Missouri Concealed Carry Law Updates
  80. Feds Ban Gun Sales to Medical Marijuana Users (PDF)
  81. Man ordered to surrender guns – just for blogging!
  82. Wisconsin's Legislature Takes Up Castle Doctrine Bills
  83. "National Reciprocity Act” = 'CCW Registration Act'
  84. Supreme Court Refuses to Decide Extent of Gun Rights Outside of Home
  85. Thomas Woods & Kevin Gutzman question
  86. 3 sheriffs deputies charged with 70 NFA violations
  87. Federal raid of NM gun shop netted 1,200 firearms
  88. California Bans Open Carry
  89. Six killed in salon shooting...
  90. Homer Simpson with a shotgun
  91. "Arrow boys" in Uganda fend off machine gun toting LRA rebel thugs.
  92. Weapons Stolen From Los Angeles SWAT Training Site
  93. Almost There - Rights for US Citizens in Foreign Lands
  94. Canada's Conservative government to ease gun laws
  95. Trojan Horse GUN BILL In Congress Is Moving
  96. Protest next month at Virginia Tech for right to conceal carry
  97. Cafferty: Support For Gun Control At Record Lows
  98. Poll: Should Concealed Carry be Allowed in state Buildings? (Wisconsin)
  99. Armed USBorderGuard.com Members Protecting "Occupy Phoenix" Protesters from Police
  100. H.R. 822 -- National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act -- Heading to House Floor
  101. Anti-matter protected by 2nd Amendment?
  102. Gun Safety/Information Course for Beginners?
  103. Obama Adminstration to Implement More Gun Control Without Congress
  104. Krauthammer: US Citizens must be disarmed.
  105. Is Heller Hollow?
  106. Father of 3, found guilty of shooting and killing a burglar
  107. The dirty little secret about Wisconsin's new concealed carry
  108. Cameras Capture Nevada Ihop Shooting, 5 dead (including the gunman)
  109. Bystanders shot by civilians/cops
  110. John Stossel on Gun Control
  111. Gun Control's Best Friend - Time Magazine, does photoessay review "Chicks with Guns"
  112. The most basic fundamental arguments, case law, & defense of the right to bear arms?
  113. Y'all ready for a national biometric database for all concealed carry permittees?
  114. NY Gun Shop Owner Shut Down by ATF and SCPD
  115. Burglar Dead After Woman With A Shotgun Shoots Him In The Head
  116. NH: Open carry at Obama visit sparks little fuss on the part of authorities this time
  117. Obama bans one million rifles
  118. Do Nations have 2nd Amendment Rights?
  119. Second Amendment Limit?
  120. Murder by Gun Control
  121. FBI and GBI have another bulletin out on me for inquiring into bearing arms
  122. Second Amendment Foundation and Alan Gura are anti-2A
  123. Confirmed: ATF's "Fast And Furious" a False Flag Operation to Promote Gun Control
  124. Russia Ends AK Procurement for the Military Forces
  125. Guess the Guns Part 6 (M16 ID Thread)
  126. Okla. Woman Shoots, Kills Intruder
  127. Police: Navy SEAL accidentally shoots self (in the head)
  128. NH House Votes To Eliminate Unconstitutional License Requirement For Concealed Guns
  129. California Open Carry now illegal - Thank you Gov. Brown
  130. Pro-Paul 2A Tweet - Please RT
  131. NYPD Testing Gun Scanning Technology
  132. State Department releases decision on Korean surplus
  133. New Jersey bill aims to ban all handgun, some rifle ammo
  134. New Jersey Assembly Considers New Gun Control Bills
  135. Manual on Gun Confiscation on US Army web site
  136. First, the NDAA - and now our right to bear arms
  137. Cuban immigrant finally exonerated in FL self defense case
  138. Virginia - One Handgun a Month repeals passes Senate!
  139. "911 is a joke" - article about crime in Detroit
  140. The Greatest Gun Salesman In America: President Barack Obama [INFOGRAPHIC]
  141. New Hampshire man arrested for firing gun into ground while catching suspected burglar
  142. Consent to BATFE searches by purchasing NFA AOW?
  143. Charge dropped against NH man arrested for firing into ground at burglar.
  144. Event: IGOLD Concealed carry rally, Springfield IL
  145. Federal Judge rules Maryland gun permit law unconstitutional
  146. Right to bear arms may have saved our butts in WWII
  147. Man arrested after 4 y/o draws picture of gun
  148. 12 states on path to guns with no permits
  149. Ban Guns
  150. MD declared "shall issue" state?
  151. 1995 - AG Eric Holder: We Must 'Brainwash' People on Guns
  152. Gun law mutes San Juan's Hoos'gow Day
  153. Progressives, it’s time to go buy your guns.
  154. The Revolting Syrian .com - warning graphic
  156. U.N. to come for your guns?
  157. Alaska gun stores say ATF engaging in new illegal activity
  158. Does the right to bear arms mean the right to have ammo as well?
  159. Sixth Circuit to hear both the Brady and SAF amicus briefs against the Second Amendment
  160. Reno Neighborhood Watch
  161. ATF to accept public comments prior to outlawing shotguns
  162. Florida governor names "Stand Your Ground" task force
  163. North Georgia Militia Boys Plot to Kill IRS, ATF, DOJ Agents
  164. George Zimmermann loses his 2nd amendment rights
  165. Bank of America to gun company - find another bank !
  166. Full-Auto Freedom: Use the 2nd Amendment or Lose it
  167. Homeland Security Vehicles On The Move
  168. RNC Tampa bans waterguns. Allows guns.
  169. Surprise! Bloomberg using Trayvon Martin's mom
  170. Krauthammer: First to Take Down a Domestic Drone will be a FOLK HERO
  171. Explosive Gun Battle: Brothers In Arms
  172. Explosive Gun Battle: Brothers In Arms
  173. Another reason Google can go suck an egg
  174. Mossberg 500 Remmington 870 to be BANNED
  175. Acquitted Militia Members Get 60 Guns Returned
  176. Portland, Maine citizen hassled by Police Officer for Open Carry
  177. Taxpayer-funded gun control gets huge foundation boost
  178. Jessie Jackson to march on gun shops
  179. Adam Kokesh takes firearm on adventure at the Detroit Airport.
  180. KCMO gun checkpoints
  181. non auto fans will sell us out.
  182. 86-year-old widower shoots home intruder DEAD
  183. need a Sen or Cong to repeal the Hughes Amendment so machine guns can be sold
  184. Feds Jail New Mexico Family, Seize Everything They Own for Being Honest
  185. US Army testing 'lightning gun'
  186. YouTube: Sen Burr on Veterans Second Amendment Protection Act
  187. “Turn In Your Guns At Your Local Church”
  188. Exploitation of Fear Following AK-47 Killings in Queens, New York
  189. UN arms treaty could put U.S. gun owners in foreign sights
  190. Will you be able to bear something that is no longer being made? Consitutionally, Yes!
  191. Customer shoots robbers in internet cafe
  192. "Only the Police are trained enough to have guns" PICS
  193. Cases in which guns saved lives
  194. Alex Jones On Colorado Shooting. Comments 7-21-12.
  195. should guns be further restricted because of the colorado shooting?
  196. Rapper Ice-T Drops a TRUTH BOMB on Gun-Grabbers!
  197. City of Aurora, CO would have arrested anyone who stopped the Batman massacre with a gun
  198. COPYCAT? Timothy Courtois armed at Batman in Maine
  199. Bloomberg: Police Officers Should Not Protect Americans Until Strict Gun Control Is Enacte
  200. In Tennessee the right to bear arms only applies in the home
  201. Two socialist race bait the 2nd Amendment. Michael Moore & Piers Morgan.
  202. Forbes - pro 2A?
  203. Should Individuals Be Allowed to Own ANY Weapon?
  204. BAN THIS!!!! Man makes guns with a 3D printer
  205. PolicyMic - Strict Gun Laws Only Lead to More Violent Crimes
  206. Oral arguments in embody v ward 11-5963 6th circuit COA
  207. Should the US Keep WMD Stockpiles?
  208. GOA: Which Senators opposed the anti-gun UN treaty?
  209. Colorado man makes statement by legally open carrying in theater, cops arrest him anyway
  210. When They Come For Your Guns . . . You Will Turn Them Over
  211. TX: A ram amongst the flock - pulls deputy's fat out of the fire
  212. Stupid Video
  213. Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland: A “Vision” of the Future
  214. Cuomo Vows For Stricter Gun Control Laws in the 'Imperial' State
  215. RE: Calls for Anti-II Amendment Legislation, Guns & Ammo, and Internet Bans
  216. Once Again...Robbing A Gun Store Isn't Ever A Great Plan
  217. Blog: "No More Gun Control"
  218. Person got gun instead of TV
  219. Listing of recurring Gun Giveaway Contests
  220. So in Chicago, a BB / Pellet Rifle is classified as a "firearm"? WTF?
  221. [Nice Police] Guy open carry stopped by ex Marine Policeman
  222. Mom Asks 911 For Permission To Shoot Intruder - Actual Call
  223. Just saw a sign on the door of our Sheriff's Office
  224. United Nations Sponsors Another Gun-grabber Conference in New York
  225. GIMMIE MY GUN: Dr. Alimantado Had it right in 1978 [Video]
  226. The Bigger the Deadlier!
  227. possible-lawsuit-over-aurora-movie-shootings
  228. Ghillie Suit: The Jackal
  229. Ace-m4: Will I be flagged as a terrorist?
  230. Here come the ammo purchase investigations
  231. Man Points .45 Semi-auto at Pregnant Smoker.
  232. United Nations Promotes Another Gun-Grabbing Program
  233. UK fugitive kills 2 unarmed officers with gunfire and grenade
  234. NJ: Newark Police shoot down proposal to arm Bodega owners.
  235. Aftermath of Gun Ban in Australia
  236. Happy dance! Overland Park, KS open carry ban rescinded!
  237. Army soldier tries to cure hiccups, shoots friend
  238. Don't F*** with this Grandma..
  239. NRA-PVF Endorses Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan for President & Vice President
  240. Give All Guns to Government - True Safety! [VIDEO]
  241. Illinois County Official Proposes "Violence Tax" on Guns and Ammo
  242. Louisiana amendment to strengthen right to arms, on November ballot!
  243. Switzerland's mandatory military service and gun ownership...how do you feel about it?
  244. Bullet tax proposal in hunt for solution to Chicago gun crime
  245. Home Alone 12-year-old Shoots Intruder
  246. Man Shoots Kid in B&W Halloween Costume: "I thought it was a SKUNK"
  247. Cop Concludes that CCW is Necessary
  248. When they come for our guns...
  249. US military spends another $90 million on body armor research
  250. Kenn Blanchard - Black Gun Owners: Rock and a Hard Place