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  1. Gun Ban lifted
  2. Sen. David Vitter considers supporting ban on gun purchases by those on no fly list
  3. Should cities make tasers illegal for police officers to carry?
  4. [VIDEO] ~ "Guns In Airports?"
  5. Gun Control Leads to Militarized Law Enforcement
  6. Bloomberg: Kagan Was ‘Not Sympathetic’ as Law Clerk to Gun-Rights Argument
  7. [VIDEO] CNN: "Is The N.R.A. Bullet proof?"
  8. Stoopid attempted-robber tricks?
  9. US rifles not suited to warfare in Afghan hills
  10. Have Gun, Will Travel - Into The Texas State Capital...
  11. Police: Ohio man, son killed Ark. officers
  12. The search for mediocrity
  13. Alaska Gov Signs the Firearms Freedom Act!
  14. Steyr Scout
  15. "Guns don't kill people, AK47s do" - show "Vanguard" says guns are bad (Somalia)
  16. Action: Reject Newest Attack on Second Amendment
  17. Ban on 'open carry' of guns passes Assembly in California
  18. Carthaginians demonstrate why gun control won't work
  19. Cumbria (UK) ~ No one defends themself once again...
  20. Elena Kagan Was 'Not Sympathetic' to Second Amendment Rights
  21. NC Appleseed coming up on June 26 and 27.
  22. Georgia Carry:No more Racist Public Gathering clause
  23. Austin, Texas Police Department - Guns 4 Groceries drive
  24. Think Nationally, Act Locally - YAL takes on local Ohio Gun Laws
  25. Poll USA today
  26. Mexican Drug Lord house gets raided
  27. NRA Trades First Amendment Rights for Second Amendment Rights
  28. U.S. reverses stance on treaty to regulate arms trade
  29. [VIDEO] ~ US Sheriff: "We are at war!" Tells citizens "Arm yourselves!"
  30. Kansas Constitution regarding gun rights may change in Novembor
  31. Chicago Shootings and McDonald v. City of Chicago
  32. Guns Save Lives by John Stossel
  33. Armor... if he says so...
  34. Need Stossel Gun Segment Video!!!
  35. Gun grabbers treat criminals as victims
  36. SCOTUS To Rule On Chicago Gun Ban Tomorrow
  37. SCOTUS decision is in!
  38. Supreme Court Limits Local Gun Bans
  39. Does an 8 year old child have 2nd amendment rights?
  40. Gun laws in canada
  41. Thomas Sowell's Great Piece on 2nd Amend. Opinion
  42. SAF Sues Over NC "Emergency Powers" Gun Ban
  43. 10th Amendment Center: McDonald v Chicago does NOT have me Rejoicing
  44. McDonald v Chicago: 2nd Amendment Victory? An Opposing View
  45. Has any US congressman/senator in history introduced...
  46. Guns Don't Kill People, Gun Control Kills People
  47. Alaska Firearms Freedom Act Takes Effect Today
  48. RE: Chicago Gun Ban Ruling...
  49. Harry Reid and the NRA
  50. Wisconsin D/A says gun control laws invalid
  51. Ron Paul: US gun laws aid Somali pirates
  52. Chicago mayor plans strict handgun law
  53. La. Gov. Bobby Jindal Signs 'Guns-In-Church' Bill Into Law
  54. [VIDEO] ~ "New York National Guard Units Scan Vehicles For Gun Confiscations"
  55. Georgia Carry sues to allow church carry :)
  56. Daily Kos: Why liberals should love the Second Amendment
  57. What happened to me this past weekend...
  58. Shocking Emails Show National Rifle Association Worked to Prohibit Rifles from parks
  59. [VIDEO] ~ Gun Owners of America: "Senate should vote down Kagan"
  60. Chicago's list of unsafe guns
  61. NY sued over good reason clause
  62. Daily Kos article supporting 2nd?
  63. Sheriff's deputies' disdain for Constitution captured by their own recorded comments
  64. Post-McDonald Challenges to Gun Laws—From the... ACLU???
  65. Quality Matters - It Really Does
  66. Armed Citizens Prevail
  67. Texas Gun Lobbyists Plan to "Pack Heat" at the Capitol in Austin
  68. Man charged with 'unlawful carry of weapon' has all charges dropped by Houston D.A.
  69. Oklahoma: Woman 2, Thugs 0 after Home Invasion
  70. Cass Sunstein against the Second Amendment (and why he's wrong)
  71. Levi Johnson to make Music Video debut
  72. Arizona: Permits NOT Required for Gun Concealed Carry after Thursday
  73. NRA-Backed "Protecting Gun Owners in Bankruptcy Act of 2010" Passes U.S. House
  74. Business owner pwns would be robber, who's got the gun now?!!
  75. NewYork Times AppleSeed project
  76. Standing Armies, the Bane of Liberty!
  77. the Militia is Our Only Protection against Standing Armies
  78. Is referencing the 2nd Amendment an effective argument for gun rights?
  79. Chicago’s New Gun-control Regime Challenged in Court
  80. Open Carry Rally Saturday Guildford NC
  81. New edition of the bible mentions gun rights
  82. Larry Pratt on the GOA, the Constitution and Gun Control
  83. The World's Largest "Illegal" Gun Market
  84. Obama administration blocks sales of US made M1 rifles from Korea
  85. EPA investigating banning all lead ammunition
  86. Malicious Prosecution
  87. Appleseed in the "News"
  88. Appleseed Instructs for US Army
  89. Hr 5552
  90. Henry Big Boy
  91. California Senate Bans Open Carry for Guns; Misdemeanor
  92. North Carolina governor suspends gun rights
  93. The American Rifleman in the Revolutionary War
  94. Long Island Man Arrested For Defending Home With AK-47
  95. Why did ATF suddenly redefine firearm transfers?
  96. Real life minority report outrage
  97. Upcoming Hearing: Firearms in Commerce: Assessing the Need for Reform..."
  98. Study: 75% of Guns in Mexico Crimes Bought in US
  99. Another ATF sting operation
  100. Newsflash: Guns haven’t changed TN state parks
  101. My experiment in political speech continues...
  102. Reason Magazine Article on Recent 2A Court Cases
  103. "NY man arrested for using rifle to defend family from gang"
  104. Canada's long-gun registry: a feel-good failure
  105. [VIDEO] ~ "Right To Bear Arms In Kansas?"
  106. Sheriff Joe Arpaio Has A Posse?
  107. Media Clip of 'Waterman 300' Appleseed
  108. FBI: Violent Crime Declined As Gun Sales Climbed in 2009
  109. [VIDEO] ~ Fed crackdown on state sovereignty folk would be tipping point
  110. Gun-Carrying Neighbors Save Women From Dog Attack
  111. Open carry harrassment in Wisconsin
  112. Another Pizza Hut employee kills 2 armed robbers
  113. JPFO Video
  114. Tennessee man sues for right to bear arms
  115. Tennessee republican sheriff refuses to obey the law
  116. Texas bank welcomes legally armed customers in bid to deter robbers
  117. Florida: 7-year-old expelled for toy gun
  118. Affordable home defense firearms!
  119. NRA refuses to endorse in TN Governor's race
  120. [Video] No Guns for Jews - Made by: Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
  121. Will The NRA Save Nancy Pelosi's Job?
  122. Clark County, WI: Judge rules Wisconsin's conceal carry ban unconstitutional‏
  123. Video - More Than A Right: The Right to Keep and Bear Arms
  124. Hoplophobia is Curable: I Was Anti-gun, Until I Got Stalked
  125. GOA: Behind the Scenes, Obama Continues Pushing United Nations Gun Control Treaty
  126. Liberal woman was rabidly anti-gun....
  127. Tech student injured by Cho appears on Oprah
  128. Should Floridians be allowed to carry weapons openly?
  129. People Who File Bankruptcy or Owe Child Support May Not Own a Gun--Proposed NYC Law
  130. NRA: The Untold Story of Gun Confiscation After Katrina
  131. Brady Campaign gives Obama an "F" for his 1st year in office
  132. MA High School newspaper and their take on the 2nd Ammendment
  133. KS passes Yes on 1 (Individual RTKBA)
  134. The Founders' Second Amendment: Origins of the Right to Bear Arms | A Book Review
  135. Swedish government wants mandatory psych exam for gun ownership
  136. Archie Bunker on gun control
  137. NJ man gets seven years for being a responsible gun owner
  138. Anti-Gun Zealot Nominated to Head ATF
  139. Local TV station wants people prosecuted for felony when TSA finds a weapon
  140. Obama’s Pick for ATF Chief Is ‘Anti-Gun,’ Say Pro-Second Amendment Groups
  141. Remington - Under Fire
  142. Jesse Ventura on 2nd amendment
  143. Private police and the anarchy in Russia in the nineties
  144. Deadliest Warrior pits Navy Seal vs Israeli Commando
  145. New Jersey man serving 7 years for guns he owned legally
  146. Obama Nominates Rabid Anti-gunner to Head the ATF
  147. GOA vs NRA PDF?
  148. Global Gun Grab: The United Nations Campaign to Disarm Americans (Book Review)
  149. Cal University newspaper calls for end of 2nd
  150. Gun Owners of America needs design work
  151. Montana honor student vs. Zero Tolerence
  152. Navy Sets World Record With Incredible, Sci-Fi Weapon Read more: http://www.foxnews.
  153. The Virginia Tech Massacre and the Right of Self-defense | Clery Act
  154. Get Your Bushmaster While You Can
  155. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer Suggests Second Amendment Out of Date
  156. Florida Gunman Provokes Gun-control Debate
  157. 11 year old girl defends home with pink rifle!
  158. Here we go, more 2nd amendment restriction proposed
  159. Brian Aitken's sentence COMMUTED!!!!! VICTORY OF THE 2ND AMENDMENT!!!
  160. Have NRA sticker on your vehicle? It was searched as part of routine stop
  161. Arkansas HB1051 - open carry bill
  162. Aaron Zelman ---- DEAD! Yes, the Founder of the JPFO is DEAD!
  163. Was Border Patrol Agent shot by our own ATF smuggled rifle?
  164. Anti-gun Advocates In Senate Seek Rules Changes...
  165. [VIDEOS] ~ Open Carry in California!
  166. Gun Owners of America Not Supporting Gun Rights for Legal Resident Aliens
  167. High Cap Mag Ban already in the works!
  168. Kentucky-made guns would be exempt from federal law in state bill
  169. Kokesh uninvited from talk show over firearm
  170. Americans Arm Themselves in Wake of Tucson Shootings
  171. G.O.A. VIDEO 01/14/11 ~ "Tucson Tragedy Makes Way for New Anti-Gun Legislation"
  172. The Passing of Aaron Zelman, Founder of JPFO
  173. Just FYI: Anti-gun Oprah episode running now
  174. Firearms Freedom Act introduced in Virginia
  175. Ron Paul Statement On Gun Control and Violence Released Today ~ 01/17/2011
  176. Mass. shooting festival organizer acquitted in child's death
  177. Breaking: AB962 Dead!!! Official NOW!
  178. Anyone know much about the CRPA?
  179. Firearms Freedom Act introduced in New Hampshire
  180. Open Carry Police Encounter In Livermore, CA (near San Francisco) ~ VIDEO
  181. John Lott Jr. OP-ED: Gun Control Emotions vs. Gun Control Facts
  182. RT Interviewing random citizens "Guns in America"
  183. Utah man charged after Open carrying....
  184. Bill to ban open carry introduced in CA... (AB 144)
  185. SA@TAC - Is Opposing Gun Control 'Idiotic?'
  186. Plastic Guns, does the 2nd Amendment apply?
  187. Judge Overturns California Ammunition Law - AB 962 - Ruled Unconstitutional
  188. David Stockman: Guns are are barbarous relic that have no place in our civilization
  190. 1986 Machine Gun ban --- NEVER PASSED in the HOUSE!
  191. Why do we need guns?...
  192. [VIDEO] ~ Reporting yourself for open carrying
  193. Wyoming Senate Passes Constitutional Carry
  194. Sheriff's deputies' disdain for Constitution captured by their own recorded comments...
  195. Will Utah be First to Designate a State Gun?
  196. Suzanna Hupp - From Luby's to the Legislature: One Woman's Fight Against Gun Control
  197. Cop tells citizen @ Tea Party Protest "Your rights don't matter"
  198. Police Ride along: Open Carry, Corruption, Solutions, Drug war, Drunk guys.
  199. Magazine Ban hidden in the FAA bill? TOADY
  200. Govt. Charges 7-Year-Old for Bringing Toy Nerf Gun to Class...
  201. Has the GOA accomplished anything?
  202. The many ways to protect your head in a fight with stones
  203. Atlantic City ranges
  204. Attention, NRA members.
  205. Un-Lawful Search and (temporary) Seizure - Bee Canyon - Video
  206. Action: Oppose Proposed Restrictions on the 2nd Amendment
  207. Al Jazeera Article Attacking NRA
  208. ATF Declaring War on Gun Owners
  209. Montana Bill Would Create Armed State Militia Force
  210. OH - Reverend, not charged with any crime, has 230 firearms seized.
  211. predict the year the 2nd amendment gets changed to make guns illegal
  212. US Gun Culture 'Insane'
  213. Local Police Get In on Selling Weapons Action - Not Just BATFE Anymore
  214. Gun Control Success - NYC Knifeman Kills 4 in Stabbing Spree
  215. The Swiss Shoot Down Machine Gun Ban
  216. Shocking Video Released by CRPA Foundation About Legal Effort on Behalf of student...
  217. Revitalizing the militia can promote monetary reform
  218. Favorite pro-gun organization?
  219. Australians want their guns back
  220. Texas poised to pass bill allowing guns on campus
  221. ATF selling guns to known cartel members.
  222. National Reciprocity - It Begins...
  223. Concealed carry w/o permit gaining ground in South Carolina legislature
  224. Concealed carry w/o permit passes in Wyoming
  225. Police Outbid in Gun Counter Buyback Program!
  226. Texas Moves Closer to Allowing Guns on College Campuses
  227. Alert! Illinois to Release Identity of Registered Gun Owners
  228. Colorado: Bill to repeal conceal and carry permit requirement passes House
  229. ATF's Latest Scandal: Running guns into Mexico to show need for more funding.
  230. Wyoming Adopts 'Constitutional Carry' of Firearms
  231. Grandma shoots at intruder, who responds by soiling his skivvies while fleeing
  232. Awesome Gun Control Commercial
  233. Daily Caller: Series to Update on the Gun Control Debate
  234. Ted Nugent endorses GOA!
  235. SHOCKING AUDIO: Philadelphia Police violate rights of open carrier at gunpoint
  236. Oklahoma Rifle Association Opposes Oklahoma Open Carry Bill
  237. Iowa Drill Demonizing Gun-rights Supporters Canceled
  238. False Fears About Concealed Guns
  239. Medical marijuana users fight for gun rights
  240. John Stossel: Gun Owners Have a Right to Privacy
  241. Does gun control cause genocide?
  242. Illinois Supreme Court shocker!
  243. Key ATF agent in "gunrunner" scheme agrees to testify with cg investigators
  244. New Brady Campaign ad to ban "assault clips" - watch over the top video here
  245. Arizona Guns On Campus Bill Vetoed By Jan Brewer
  246. ATF Wants to Re-define a "Shotgun" to Make Them Illegal | Gun Control
  247. VIDEO - Gold AK and Tannerite Explosion
  248. Railroading of Walter Reddy: Patriot's Legally Owned Guns Seized
  249. The ATF Wants Your Shotgun
  250. More Guns = Less Crime Example