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  1. Daniel Hannan: "An EU-US free trade deal is a good idea"
  2. Libertarian MEPs in the USA
  3. Richard Sulik, libertarian and former Speaker of the Slovakian Parliament, on the EU
  4. Daniel Hannan: "The European Parliament: unusual, uncomfortable and distant"
  5. Daniel Hannan: "State funding for parties leads to corruption and authoritarianism"
  6. Daniel Hannan: "How not to soak the rich"
  7. Derk Jan Eppink: "UKIP are hooligans aside from Nigel Farage"
  8. Daniel Hannan: "Multinational states don't work - in Iraq or Europe"
  9. Daniel Hannan: "The German Foreign Minister unwittingly boosts the 'No' campaign"
  10. Former Czech President Vaclav Klaus interested in European Parliament run in 2014
  11. Nigel Farage: "Similarities between the European Union and Soviet Union"
  12. EU to set up "troll patrol" to battle internet Euro-sceptics
  13. Derk Jan Eppink: "An in/out referendum on EU membership asks all the right questions"
  14. Daniel Hannan: "There is no such thing as 'modern' state aid"
  15. Daniel Hannan: "There are no good outcomes for Nigel Farage in Eastleigh"
  16. Nigel Farage: "The debate in Britain is now about immigration"
  17. Nigel Farage: "The EU is increasingly about war"
  18. Daniel Hannan: "Aid isn't helping Africa"
  19. Daniel Hannan: "Western conservatives need to engage positively with democratic Islam"
  20. Daniel Hannan: "MEPs propose to hold the EU budget vote by secret ballot"
  21. Nigel Farage: "EU budget is a rotten deal for Britain"
  22. Daniel Hannan: "If you can't solve the debt crisis, regulate the credit rating agencies"
  23. Daniel Hannan: "If South America won't federate, neither will Europe"
  24. The 2nd Annual European Students for Liberty (8/2/2013)
  25. Daniel Hannan: "So much for budget cuts"
  26. Daniel Hannan: "MEPs loathe the proposed budget cuts"
  27. Daniel Hannan: "The socialist roots of fascism"
  28. Daniel Hannan: "Want to help the poor? Scrap the CAP"
  29. Daniel Hannan: "'Beef and Liberty!' Why the British don't like eating horses"
  30. Daniel Hannan: "Plenty of workers' rights, fewer and fewer workers"
  31. Daniel Hannan: "Should we leave the EU?"
  32. Daniel Hannan: "The unemployment figures pulverise argument for stimulus spending"
  33. Daniel Hannan:"Raising taxes 2 deal w/ deficit = letting out ur trousers 2 deal w/ weight"
  34. Meet The Biggest Winner From Today's Italian Elections [and the biggest losers]
  35. Daniel Hannan: "Why Europe is putting itself out of business"
  36. British By-Election Shows New Support for Right-Wing Party
  37. Daniel Hannan: The Eurosceptic Right wins >1/2 the vote,the Europhile Left gets in w/ <1/3
  38. The European Crisis Continues: No Solution on the Horizon w/ Vaclav Klaus @ Cato
  39. Nigel Farage: "Perhaps you've invented nuclear money, Mr. Barroso!"
  40. Daniel Hannan: "Hugo Chavez-Latin America has chosen rage over progress"
  41. Daniel Hannan, Cyprus savers accounts raided by Brussels (19Mar13)
  42. Daniel Hannan: "MEPs vote to subsidize smoking"
  43. Daniel Hannan: "Cyprus's choice: Iceland or Greece?"
  44. Daniel Hannan: "There hasn't been a bank run across the Mediterranean"
  45. Dan Hannan: "Media regulation will give us a supine, conformist + uniformly pro-EU press"
  46. Hannan on tour in southern England
  47. Daniel Hannan: "Israel is right to apologise to Turkey"
  48. Daniel Hannan: "Privatize endangered species"
  49. Heritage: Former Czech President Vaclav Klaus: Europe Needs “Paradigm Change” (VIDEO)
  50. Constitutional Court throws out treason charges against ex-president Klaus
  51. Václav Klaus to run for seat in European Parliament
  52. Even Farage says some of his flock are 'right nutters'
  53. Daniel Hannan interview about CAP on Euronews
  54. [VIDEO] Heritage Foundation: The Future of the European Union: Without the UK?
  55. Nigel Farage: "Watch this boring and dangerous speech by Commissar Rehn"
  56. Nigel Farage: "Eurozone completely incompatible with nation-state democracy"
  57. Nigel Farage: MNC 2013
  58. Cameron accused of betraying Christians
  59. Klaus associate and 9/11 truther to launch online magazine
  60. Daniel Hannan: "My plan to cut the number of MEPs"
  61. Hannan: Under any welfare system some deserving people lose + some undeserving people win
  62. Nigel Farage: "Eurozone completely incompatible with nation state democracy"
  63. U.K. Conservatives Fret as UKIP Gains Ground
  64. English Defence League backs Ukip in local elections
  65. Debate: Should Britain QUIT The European Union?
  66. MEP Derk Jan Eppink: Herr Schulz, the Mouse
  67. Portugese government collapse set to endanger Eurozone
  68. Germany's first eurosceptic party leader: 'Why we have had enough of the euro'
  69. Croatian Pirates at the Gates of European Parliament
  70. UKIP statement on Ron Paul
  71. [VIDEO] The European Crisis Continues: No Solution on the Horizon - President Vaclav Klaus
  72. 'These yobs are disgusting' Farage slams Thatcher death song but admits BBC should play it
  73. Margaret Thatcher listened to voters – now it’s Nigel Farage who hears their despair
  74. Daniel Hannan: "Mining coal is good, but burning coal is bad? Can't understand the left"
  75. Hannan: "Thatcher took ruined, dishonoured and bankrupt UK + left it prosperous n free"
  76. Daniel Hannan: "The welfare state was a product of wartime rationing"
  77. [VIDEO] Daniel Hannan: "The madness of the precautionary principle"
  78. [VIDEO] "My Britain" UKIP Council elections TV ad
  79. Klaus considering a candidacy for the European Parliament
  80. Klaus wants European group striving for EU change
  81. [VIDEO] MEP Godfrey Bloom: "Money-printing scam at taxpayer expense"
  82. [VIDEO] MEP Godfrey Bloom: "Central bankers should be tried for financial crimes"
  83. [VIDEO] Daniel Hannan: "Margaret Thatcher saved Britain"
  84. Dan Hannan: "The case for a longer school day"
  85. Ukip and Nigel Farage's views on immigration are 'very feeble' slams Bulgarian ambassador
  86. Daniel Hannan: "Czechs don't belong in a federal Europe, and Václav Klaus knows it"
  87. UKIP TV Ad: Common Sense on Immigration
  88. Godfrey Bloom presents "the voice of the European Parliament"
  89. Ron Paul inspired party achieves 2% in Iceland
  90. The British vote for independence [UKIP making gains]
  91. We already have tax harmonisation
  92. Nigel Farage: "Europe has been hijacked by the EU project"
  93. Nigel Farage will run for MP in 2015
  94. Jan Zahradil: "EU needs paradigm change"
  95. Federal Europe will be 'a reality in a few years', says Jose Manuel Barroso
  96. Daniel Hannan: "Iceland chooses independence"
  97. [VIDEO] Daniel Hannan: "Euro-quangos"
  98. [VIDEO] Farage on Australian TV
  99. [VIDEO] Farage on Russian TV
  100. [VIDEO] British Channel 5 interviews Nigel Farage
  101. [VIDEO] Daniel Hannan tribute to Margaret Thatcher
  102. [VIDEO] Daniel Hannan: "Colonies become dependencies"
  103. Tories expect UKIP to win first place in EU elections
  104. [VIDEO] Nigel Farage: "A fraud on European taxpayers"
  105. Daniel Hannan: "The EU: bloated, sclerotic, obese"
  106. Daniel Hannan: "A small reminder of why we need to quit the Euro-racket"
  107. Daniel Hannan: "If you're worried about swivel-eyed loons, try open primaries"
  108. Daniel Hannan: "The Pro EU campaign is reduced to dressing up Eurocrats as businessmen"
  109. Daniel Hannan: "The EU's true agenda is tax harmonisation"
  110. Daniel Hannan: "How much more must Spain suffer for the sake of the Brussels elites?"
  111. Ukip's founder says the party has gone 'completely fruitcake'
  112. Make European elections more European, says Constitutional Affairs Committee
  113. Britain wants its guns back
  114. 81% of Turkish protesters define themselves as libertarian
  115. Daniel Hannan: "There's no such thing as consumer policy"
  116. MEP Syed Kamall on taxpayer bank bailouts
  117. The UK's entire massive budget deficit can be cut
  118. [VIDEO] Daniel Hannan: "No to the EU, yes to free trade"
  119. [VIDEO] Daniel Hannan: "Why voting doesn't matter"
  120. Dan Hannan: "Regulating lobbyists won't solve anything"
  121. Dan Hannan: The way to make politicians behave better is to regulate them LESS
  122. Venice Independence - a Libertarian Secessionist Movement
  123. China Riots: Mobs Attack Police In Xinjiang
  124. Reporter digging for dirt on Nigel Farage
  125. List of Liberty-minded Candidates for European Parliament (2014)
  126. [VIDEO] Dan Hannan: Illegal vs. Unregulated
  127. [VIDEO] Dan Hannan: How the EU buys journalists
  128. [VIDEO] Nigel Farage: There is a gathering electoral storm
  129. Invasion of the pickpockets: Disturbing pictures show gypsy gangs on Paris streets
  130. [VIDEO] Dan Hannan: Spend, Spend, Spend
  131. [VIDEO] Hannan: Euro-embassies replace national missions
  132. Daniel Hannan: The tobacco lobby, the EU and how we are governed by corporatism
  133. [VIDEO] Daniel Hannan: It won't be the banks that pay the bank tax
  134. Tens of thousands of Bulgarians will head to Britain says European survey
  135. European dictator Herman Van Rompuy to step down in 2014
  136. Daniel Hannan: By shouting down all criticism, we condemn the NHS to mediocrity
  137. Farage banned from Tory conference
  138. Nigel Farage attacks 'Big Brother' Government immigration campaign
  139. [VIDEO] Italian Tea Party on Glenn Beck's The Blaze
  140. Farage wades into row over Muslim pupil served pork
  141. Farage courts Jewish vote
  142. France bans far-right groups
  143. Let's spread Ron Paul's message in IRELAND
  144. EU suspends arms sales to Egypt over crackdown
  145. ‘We’re tired of wars’ - Nigel Farage explains why we MUST resist striking Syria
  146. They are Calling it a Collapse in Capitalism
  147. There goes Chile. "Poised to Move Sharply Left"
  148. Man refused NHS operation builds guillotine to amputate his own hand
  149. Venezuelan Ex-General, Whistleblower, Resists Arrest and Becomes Folk Hero
  150. Kongres Nowej Prawicy (closest thing to the LP in Poland) gets 4 seats (7.2%)
  151. Meet the Ron Paul of Australia
  152. Club Anarcocapitalista de Cuba: Anarcho-Capitalist Club ... in Cuba
  153. Occupy movement in Hong Kong
  154. A mass sterilization exercise: Kenyan doctors find anti-fertility agent in UN tetanus vaccine
  155. Not The Onion: British Police Call On Nation To ‘Save a Life, Surrender Your Knife’
  156. Hilarious Lying Politician Story
  157. Victim told to write to vicious attacker or face jail herself
  158. Woman considers 8-month abortion to save husband's job
  159. Maxime Bernier Preparing Bid For Conservative Party Leadership
  160. In the Principality of Liechtenstein