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  1. Remember remember the fifth of November
  2. 5th Novermber $100 each- 10 million in one day
  3. 5th of November follow up thread
  4. Calling all Paulies ...Remember the Fifth of November!
  5. Calling all Paulites…Remember the Fifth of November
  6. November 5th Fundraising Drive
  7. Please donate $100 November 5th
  8. My 5th of November Video Please watch!!
  9. 5th of November subscription thread
  10. November 5th BLOWBACK. THINK.
  11. November 5th BLOWBACK 2nd Take. THINK.
  12. November 5th: The Only Bad Press
  13. If fundraising is discussed on Jay Leno, Ron Paul should mention November 5th
  14. 2 Suggestions for November 5th Site...
  15. Ron Paul November 5th banners...
  16. Fifth of November facebook blitz! Here's how you can help:
  17. Seven Reasons to Donate $100 Dollars on November 5th
  18. November the 5th
  19. Are you donating $100 on November 5th?
  20. November 5th website
  21. The brilliance of the November 5th fundraiser
  22. Who made the 5th of November website?
  23. 5th of November campaign website crash?
  24. Itīs Time To Take Action On November 5th!
  25. Count down on November 5th!
  26. November 5th suggestion: inform donors
  27. Remember, remember the 5th of November
  28. Veterans Days (Nov 11) Rather than November 5th
  29. Only Way To End The November 5th Debate
  30. Veteran's Day Money Bomb (This November 11th)
  31. The 5th of November should be framed historically
  32. 94 918 donators needed on November 5th. HELP!
  33. VETERAN'S DAY **MONEY BOMB** -- November 11th! Sign up here!
  34. NEWBIES sign up for 5th of NOVEMBER donation day!!
  35. YouTube Videographer Needed for ** NOVEMBER 11th MONEY BOMB **
  36. Need YouTube videos for Veteran's Day Money Bomb November 11th!
  37. I will be donating 150$ this November 5th...
  38. What are you donating November 5th?
  39. screw November 11
  40. November 5th will be in the fundraising record books because...
  41. [VIDEO] November 5th is your chance to make Shock Waves
  42. UPDATE: All "V" movies removed from ThisNovember5th.com
  43. Ron Paul voices his opinion on November 5th
  44. Ron Paul Speaks About Nov 5th Fundraising
  45. Project Harpo
  46. Will the campaign send out a fundraising email on Nov. 5th?
  47. Make our $12 mil goal: Let's do $1.2 again in 1 week!
  48. November 5th, What are we all pledging
  49. How Much will be raise on November 5th????
  50. positive thread: Lets unite and bury the Nov 5th hatchet!
  51. Nov.5th Fundraiser Causing October goal not to be met
  52. Veteran's Day Money Bomb [www.ThisNovember11th.com]
  53. Was there a moneybomb yesterday?
  54. November 5th Patriot Club: $1000 Contribution
  55. Remember, Remember, Paul's 5th of November
  56. Support the ebayers!
  57. Add a Ron Paul quote to the top of November 5th page?
  58. Has anyone made a facebook banner to promote November 5th?
  59. Are We On The Watchdog List Because Of Signing Up For Thisnovember5th???
  60. TEN THOUSAND November 5th subscribers!
  61. Woah! November 5th made it to Wikipedia!
  62. Extended 30th/31st Fundraiser
  63. Please Help Mercer Co., NJ take Rudy off the table
  64. I've never asked for a Digg, but if there's an article that needs it...
  65. I never ask for a Digg... But PLEASE!
  66. Important Note for November 5th
  67. So Often?
  68. Help me promote the Nov. 5th Donations on MYSPACE - Techies look here
  69. November 11th Site Bandwidth Exceeded
  70. Why Nov 5th will make 3+ million:
  71. A note about November 11th
  72. November 5th 1/4 page flyers
  73. November 5th 1/4 page flyers
  74. Perfect video to promote November 5th!
  75. MSNBC Paul has great rating!
  76. FYI: November 5th
  77. Save all $ for November 5th, we need a massive splash
  78. Let's try to get 15,000 November 5th subscribers by midnight! (end of the month)
  79. The goal should be 25,000 November 5th subscribers -- read this explanation
  80. Ron Paul animation for Nov 5th won 3 honors it's first day on youtube!
  81. My November 5th video
  82. Expand the Nov 5th from 1 hour to 5 hours to keep the site up
  83. What happened to the Nov 5th Counter?
  84. 5th of Nov. banner?
  85. November 5th is the most important day of your life!
  86. November 5th is all about the total amount of money raised that day!
  87. November 5th "blowback" already
  88. November 5th "Media Exposure" Already
  89. Nov. 5th will be great -- it'd be Ridiculously stupid to derail it
  90. Liv, the Ron Paul Girl & November 5th video! Make it HUGE!
  91. Just broke 1.5 million in pledges.. Nov 5th
  92. This November 11th just broke 200 subscriptions!
  93. After November 5th
  94. HQ will NOT send out an e-mail on Nov 5th
  95. November 5th banner
  96. HELP inform Ron Paul Facebook group members about November 5th!!!
  97. Advertise November 5th on Craigslist.com
  98. Are you making a donation this November 5th?
  99. At least 20,000 people for November 5th
  100. 11/5 Blowback vs Official Campaign Goal
  101. Letīs shake the whole America on November 5th!
  102. November 5th mentioned on MSNBC!
  103. Guy Fawkes reference completely debunked.
  104. Is ronpaul2008 ready for Nov 5th?
  105. Ron Paul on the 5th of November + Star Spangled Banner (MUST WATCH)
  106. For those who don't have $100 for the 5th
  107. Can you feel it yet? November 5th is almost here!
  108. Dear Naysayers: Please Refute This (Or: $1 Million Guaranteed)
  109. ABC News Blog: "Ron Paul's Gun Powder Plot" (November 5th)
  110. just got the nov 5th myspace message
  111. This November 5th Projection - $4+ mil
  112. Why next week will be a success
  113. Countdown to November the 5th is wrong..
  114. $5,000,000 total 4th QTR by midnight November 5th!
  115. What time is the earliest we can donate for the 5th?
  116. Can someone let the Nov. 5 guy know that the clock is 3 hours behind.
  117. To Coincide with the 5th I propose we go All In.
  118. Any contigency plan in place in case of hacking attempt?
  119. Final Boost For November 5th Now!
  120. Ron Paul: Remember the 5th of November! Clemson, SC 11/2/07
  121. Ron Paul Remember the 5th of November! Clemson, SC 11/2/07
  122. NEW VIDEO: Remember Remember Ron Paul's November
  123. HELP: Add $100+K to tomorrow's Nov 5th income - takes only a few minutes!
  124. Get ready to stage a FACT ATTACK on the media.
  125. that countdown clock is messed up
  126. November 5th is about the excellent movie 'V for Vendetta'...
  127. Donate plasma on November 5th
  128. Will the ticker be zeroed at midnight?
  129. November 5th donations!
  130. 18,000 November 5th subscribers!
  131. just in case the server goes down tomorrow use this number to make you donation:
  132. When you donate, use Project Code: CURRY
  133. Official prediction 11-5 thread
  134. Sorry yall, I ALREADY DONATED MY $100!!!!
  135. A reason to give $500 on November Fifth
  136. Put your favorite 5th of November links in this thread!
  137. HQ donation counter not working?
  138. How to make money off November 5th and donate even more
  139. !!! last and final November 5th ingenious Masterplan !!!
  140. November 5th Donation Counter
  141. Let's give something for Dr. Paul to wake up to
  142. This November 5th on front page of digg
  143. Question: I'm on the West Coast, if I donate at 9 p.m. TODAY, will it count?
  144. On your marks... get set...
  145. Post your confirmation #s here!
  146. Ok people, it's time to CRAP or GET OFF THE POT!
  147. NOVEMBER 5th; The MOvement No One can stop! (original article)
  148. November 5th Chain E-mail
  149. Listen to 1812 Overture on ThisNovember5th.org
  150. Official November 5th Money Count
  151. Donation orgy
  152. Which time zone will have the largest first hour money bomb
  153. 20 minutes 'til CST - Predictions?
  154. Circulate This November 5th Chain Letter
  155. Official Nov 5th Money Watch
  156. Dueling Time Zones
  157. November 5th on frontpage of digg.
  158. Spike preditctions today?
  159. Someone needs to put the new widget up on the fornt page of the forum
  160. just over 240k in two hours
  161. This November 5th Reminder?
  162. Where did the extra $300,000 come from?
  163. Spurgeon's Morning Devotions: November 5
  164. Bullish
  165. single day fundraising records
  166. Remember, Remember the FIFTH OF NOVEMBER! The patriot MONEY-BOMB plot!
  167. I didn't get a confirmation e-mail back?!
  168. If you want to see Raw Data for donations....
  169. You should be ashamed of yourselves!
  170. 1.3 mil in 11 hours
  171. Remember remember the Fifth of November (updated)
  172. California doners waking up now
  173. Help me help Ron Paul
  174. Previous Record?
  175. November 5th 1965
  176. We need $3.1 Million
  177. November 5th, 2007 take the money bomb to the next level
  178. Emailed Politico
  179. Please POST Articles to SLASHDOT!!!
  180. November 5th post removed from DIGG front page with 2800+ Diggs!
  181. Any November 5th Media Coverage So Far?
  182. How the media will marginalize Nov 5th
  183. $5 Million Amazing Patriotic American Dollars!!!!
  184. I made my NAME for TODAY and November 4th 2008 **ALL MINE**
  185. California Step Up, Its Our Turn, Nov 5th Lets Go! Post up!
  186. The donations are dropping! Release the penultimate 'nades!
  187. What happens to the thermometer when we slam $6M?
  188. Fundraising letter from the Campaign!
  189. Meet ups need to get this story to their local TV news
  190. Some One Publish An Article So We Can Digg It !!!
  191. Digg submission for November 5th
  192. Confirmation of Donation?
  193. Guy with black cape roaming city
  194. Help Me Get Ron Paul on Front Page of Care2/News
  195. we just matched ALL of october as of 4pm
  196. Main-stream news finally picked up!
  197. Where the hell is Trevor Lyman's November 5th e-mail!?
  198. Guy Fawkes quote and Bloody V featured on CNN's Wolf Blitzer: lesson learned?
  199. Remember, Remember, Dr. November...
  200. Make November 11th another big one
  201. Video: CNN Reports on Ron Paul 5th of November Donations
  202. I want the name of the man who came up with this idea!
  203. New Hampsire Local TV News!!!
  204. November 5th YouTube videos getting lots of hits?
  205. 100,000 more until 6,000,000
  206. Nov. 11th
  207. November 11th gains 50 people since yesterday!
  208. Dr. Ron Paul reached $6,000,000 at 6:58 pm November 5, 2007
  209. Yesssssssssssss
  210. RP video on November 5th
  211. 7 million by midnight
  212. ABC News: A landmark moment entered the annals of political fundraising Nov. 5, 2007
  213. 3 Million!!!
  214. Romney's record broken!
  215. Intersting call
  216. Hannitize November 5th
  217. Forget the old meaning, Nov. 5th is ours now!
  218. At $7M, we make the target for Oct/Nov 25 days early
  219. How long left (officially)?
  220. Great Ron Paul logo re: November 5 at Wired
  221. Hate to be the softie...but you people make me proud to be American all over again!!!
  222. does thisnovember5th.com send out reminders?
  223. November 5th... The best idea EVER!
  224. Recommending the Ron Paul Gear
  225. ABC Story on Ron Paul Donations
  226. Props from a Thompson supporter
  227. Christmas/Before Christmas Money Bomb?
  228. Who's eating crow over november 5th negativity?
  229. Nov 11th e-mails are going into spam folder
  230. my bank account...
  231. The 5th of November Ron Paul Money Bomb is Symbolically Opening the Media mind.
  232. Hannity Forum Response to Nov 5th
  233. Media Coverage of Nov5th
  234. Who'd a thunk it?
  235. $4 Million?
  236. We Broke 7 Million !!!!
  237. Nov. 11th gets Nov 5th. boost
  238. WHY We should donate November 11
  239. Nov 11th now fits on one page
  240. Imagining what the other Republican Candidates are thinking...
  241. Have you donated on November 5th?
  242. The Ron Paul Moment: November 5th 2007
  243. $11.11 for 11/11 - whaddya think?
  244. November 6 news on November 5 fund raising record!
  245. November 5th is on Reuters!
  246. Our Record
  247. November 11th on CBS site!
  248. I have to admit, I like the Nov. 11th website and goal
  249. Got a Yahoo or AOL email? Need November 11th site help, takes one minute.
  250. Now THIS is a Positive Ron Paul Article