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  1. Bad Science: Relying on Unsupported Theories
  2. The G.M.O. Boycott List
  3. How do you clean your teeth?
  4. Juicy Juice
  5. Sales of herbal and homeopathic remedies top $6.4 billion
  6. Testing water for healthiness
  7. Living without health insurance hasn't been hard
  8. The health benefits of kelp
  9. Skin Deep Database
  10. Chipotle becomes first US restaurant chain to voluntarily label GMOs
  11. Too Much Prozac Turns Fish Into Killers (How about Humans?)
  12. 20 Terrifying Facts Food Companies Don't Want You to Know
  13. GMO Feed Alters Pigs' Stomachs
  14. Change your life with these top superfoods
  15. Food companies work to make it look natural
  16. STUDY: Home Births Safer Than Hospital Births
  17. GMOs linked to blood cell disorders, leukemia: New study
  18. The Real Story on Vitamin D
  19. New vaccine developed against 'Delhi belly' - What will Frankenscientists jab you for next
  20. Cancer - The Forbidden Cures
  21. Eating liver
  22. Silver bullets that kill bacteria, not werewolves
  23. The Health Benefits of Juicing Raw Cannabis
  24. Statins Totally Worthless in Study of 4 Million People
  25. Angelina Jolie Wasn’t ‘Brave’, She Was Manipulated By Myriad Genetics
  26. Mamils? Just can't win...
  27. The aloe vera miracle: A natural medicine for cancer, cholesterol, diabetes...
  28. Emily Whitehead: girl whose cancer was 'cured' by HIV
  29. +1 for the semi-local farmers/crafters market
  30. Do any of these cause fatigue/
  31. Two Large Meals a Day Tops Six Mini-Meals for Weight Loss
  32. When weight loss surgery works, it's only because of bacteria changes in the gut
  33. New Links Found Between Bacteria and Cancer
  34. Dangerous Vaccines Found to Cause Symptoms of Shaken Baby Syndrome
  35. E-Cigarettes Could Be More Effective Than Nicotine Patch for Quitting Smoking
  36. TED Talk: What if we’re wrong about diabetes?
  37. Parsemus Foundation
  38. Farmer feeds pot to pigs
  39. Welcome to Atlantis: The Best Online Anonymous Marketplace
  40. Fast Food Burgers Oozing With Parasites and Ammonia
  41. "Spice" Or Synthetic Marijuana Linked To Psychosis, Brain, and Kidney Damage
  42. Stay Cool and Healthy This Summer: Avoid Ice Creams With Toxic Ingredients
  43. Tabasco GMO?
  44. Monkeys eating that corn sugar
  45. Don't be smoking that fake cannabis (Possible kidney damage)
  46. Where do I find Non-GMO Products?
  47. New study links wheat to weight gain and diabetes
  48. McDonald’s Transparency Campaign Revealed 17 Ingredients in Their French Fries
  49. Evidence That Flaxseed Is A Heart Disease Reversing Food
  50. Boy Recovers From Autism By Removing Dairy & Gluten. Strong Evidence Links Vaccines to Aut
  51. wakeup lights work really well :)
  52. A Disease Without a Cure
  53. How to Perform a Head Transplant
  54. Five must-have herbs for healing your body and mind
  55. New Studies Confirm: Raw Milk A Low-Risk Food
  56. Scientist Treats Cancer With HIV.
  57. An Epic Walk
  58. DEADLY: "Green Rolex" Ecstacy Pills Contain PMA; 7 Dead, Scotland
  59. The bitter truth about MSG
  60. Food Additives and ADHD
  61. Cherries a superfood? Research confirms this well-known fruit tackles cancer, insomnia...
  62. diet, cleanse, detox, etc.
  63. WTF!!! Fish Oil Tied to Prostate Risk but Some Experts Are Skeptical ...
  64. Diagnosing and Treating Vitamin B12 Deficiency
  65. Fluoride: The Hard to Swallow Truth
  66. Sweets, fast food and fizzy drinks linked to bowel cancer for the first time
  67. Natural Alternative to - PerioMed™ 0.63% Stannous Fluoride Oral Rinse????
  68. Erotic WD-40 Massage?
  69. Natural Pain and Inflammation Relief?
  70. 366 Marathons in 365 Days with Multiple Sclerosis
  71. Salon.com - People in US may be getting too much of a good thing - Fluoride!
  72. Five ways drinking helps your health
  73. Methylisothiazolinone in Soap Causing Dermatitis Epidemic
  74. Common Modern Foods Which Cause DNA Damage
  75. 14 Things You Really Don’t Want To Know About Your Groceries
  76. Non-fat Greek yogurt, twice the protein and very creamy
  77. World's Thinnest Woman Fights for Her Life While Fans Idolize Her
  78. Weedkillers tied to depression in farmers..
  79. How adding iodine to salt made America smarter
  80. cheap tea bags contain dangerously high levels of fluoride
  81. Study finds that big hospitals aren’t always the best for surgery
  82. kickstart the cricket bar
  83. What you do for Relaxation?
  84. Brain-to-Brain Interface allows human to control rat's tail
  85. Shocking: Fast Food Hamburgers Could be as Little as 2% ACTUAL Meat
  86. 34 Sourced, Peer-Reviewed Medical Studies Proving Marijuana Cures Cancer
  87. 45 Uses For Lemons That Will Blow Your Socks Off
  88. Tired of GMO food? Try a stem cell burger!
  89. Salt Cave Breathing Therapy
  90. Grass-Fed vs Grain-Fed Beef – What’s The Difference?
  91. Health Benefits of Cloves: The Super Spice for Healing
  92. Can wireless routers be harmful?
  93. 5 GMO Myths Debunked
  94. Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) treats back pain naturally: Research
  95. Coconut Oil 101: What You Need to Know About the Types of Coconut Oil
  96. 5 Artificial Sweeteners that Are (Probably) Making You Fat
  97. An Argument for Consuming Apricot Seeds: MisInformation is Endangering an Inexpensive Canc
  98. GMO Skeletal Deformities
  99. Now I understand...
  100. What’s in Your Condiments?
  101. Penn & Teller on HFCS and Soda
  102. Secrets To A Happy Life
  103. Ancel Keys
  104. Beat sleep apnea naturally
  105. I want to cut out HFCS, can you suggest drink alternatives?
  106. The signs of vitamin D deficiency
  107. New Treatment From Australia For All Cancers
  108. Diet Soda Habit as Bad for Teeth as Meth Addiction, Study Claims
  109. Naturally Grown: An alternative label to organic
  110. 100% Proof Fluoride is Toxic: Video of Fluoride Killing Brain Cells
  111. Minimizing and Reversing the Negative Effects of Chronic Marijuana Consumption - PositiveM
  112. Just some observations I have made since changing my diet
  113. Improved Outcomes For Moms Who See Midwives, Review Finds
  114. "if he died here, he could still be alive"
  115. Don’t EVER Give This Vaccine To a Child
  116. Best Futons to Sleep on?
  117. Not By Bread Alone Shall One Live…
  118. Pesticide, fluoride and bleach: The top 3 nutrition killers in food
  119. Eating too much red meat could increase the risk of Alzheimer's
  120. 10 Hidden Benefits of Coconut Oil
  121. Why 80 Percent of People Worldwide Will Soon Stop Eating Wheat…or Die
  122. Porn Moratorium After HIV-Positive Test
  123. Hospital circumcisions down 10% over three decades
  124. How humans went from 4lbs to 300lbs of sugar consumption per year
  125. Did you know ASPARTAME is GMO E. coli poop?
  126. Measles Outbreak Traces To Vaccine-Refusing Megachurch
  127. Delusion of Grandeur
  128. Stressed, Fearful or Have Limiting Beliefs? Try The Tapping Solution Method.
  129. 8 GMO Foods to Avoid
  130. Protein/carb/ fat ratios
  131. Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids – 6 Natural Treatments
  132. Midwives improve pregnancy care and birth outcomes: Study
  133. 5 Good Reasons to Stop Drinking Soda… Immediately
  134. Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccine Finally Linked to Autism in Multiple Court Cases
  135. Eliminate headaches fast with these five herbs
  136. Marijuana Most Popular Worldwide, Pain Killers Deadliest
  137. Studies: Marijuana May Help Hepatitis C Sufferers
  138. Any Corrective Lenses Destroy Eyesight - How To Correct Vision Naturally Without Any Surgery,
  139. Fluoridating Water Supplies Keeps Us Dumb, Docile, and Sick – Let’s End It
  140. Watch Yo Dawgz: Hot Dog Consumption and Cancer Risk
  141. The Fat Acceptance Movement
  142. Flu Vaccines Can Make Influenza Worse: Study
  143. New science proves turmeric does what chemotherapy can't: Kill multiple myeloma cells
  144. Mad Cow killing people in the US
  145. Inquiring about Hawaiian produce
  146. Abdominal Bacteria May Hold Key to Weight Control
  147. Anyone See this commercial for a new pet?
  148. FDA study says amount of arsenic in rice is low
  149. List Of 150 Herbs, Together With Their Uses & Benefits
  150. Do vaccines cause autism? Highly informative video
  151. Why Most Calcium Supplement Recommendations are DEAD WRONG
  152. A common vegetable cures skin cancer
  153. Happy Hour
  154. on injecting fecal matter into your brain
  155. Bitter Gourd Destroys Pancreatic Cancer
  156. The Case for Medical Preparedness
  157. Nurse, Pass the Blowtorch
  158. Top five fats for a healthy body and mind
  159. Bypass Big Pharma: The Benefits Of Homemade Rosehip Syrup
  160. Research Proves That Cinnamon Is A Potent Antibiotic
  161. Beaver Secretions
  162. 2013 CDC Threat Report: Superbugs
  163. Miley Cyrus' mossy tongue
  164. Brain-Eating Amoeba Possibly Linked To Hurricane Katrina; Is Louisiana's Water Safe?
  165. Can Antidepressants Cause Violence?
  166. vitamix
  167. anyone take silica supplements? fiji water also contains them
  168. Statins Are the Greatest Medical Fraud of All Time: Study Reports
  169. Scientists Discover How To Save More People From Suicide
  170. Ginger may protect the brain from MSG toxicity, says fascinating research
  171. US Measles Outbreak: On Track For Most Cases In 17 Years
  172. In Pennsylvania, Amish dairy farmers keep camel herd, sell milk
  173. 10 easy, natural remedies for conquering the common cold
  174. How to heal cavities naturally
  175. 4 Healthy Secrets of Avocados
  176. Diet Soda Turns into Formaldehyde?
  177. Bottled Water Contains Neurotoxins
  178. Why drugs are for winners.
  179. A site for alternative health tips
  180. How To Maky Your Own Sea Salt
  181. the 1%
  182. UK NHS Disaster: Death Rates 45 Percent Higher than in the US
  183. Cholesterol Drugs Linked To Eye Damage, JAMA Study Confirms Anew
  184. Look great without mercury, formaldehyde, and lead...
  185. Nearly two dozen medical studies prove that vaccines can cause autism
  186. How to avoid antibiotics
  187. Fruit Juice Flavored Contraceptive Drink
  188. Debunking the paleo diet: Christina Warinner at TEDxOU
  189. That’s Not Autism - Is autism being, quite subtly, misdiagnosed?
  190. To Encourage Biking, Lose the Helmets
  191. Vaccination Opt-Outs Contribute To Whooping Cough Outbreaks In Kids
  192. Strong link found between rheumatoid arthritis and vitamin D deficiency: Study
  193. Monosodium glutamate induces kidney, liver damage in study on rats
  194. Ketogenic diet
  195. The tick that can turn its victims virtually vegetarian
  196. Confirmed: Aspartame is made from the waste products of genetically modified E. coli bacteria.
  197. What's your opinion on antibiotics?
  198. What Happens To Our Body After Drinking Coca Cola?
  199. Homeopathic Remedies Can Stop a Heart Attack in it’s Tracks
  200. Chain Restaurant Workers Reveal The Items They Refuse To Eat
  201. The Truth About Circumcision (Circumcision is child abuse)
  202. Cancer-causing chemical found in nearly 100 common soaps and shampoos: Study
  203. Mayo : Diabetes drug may help with ovarian cancer
  204. Time Release Pills Can KILL When Pills Are Cut or Broken
  205. Anyone used "Invisalign" (clear braces for teeth) ?
  206. Iodine Why You Need It
  207. Herbs for effective blood pressure management
  208. Vaccination Causes Diabetes
  209. 3 Companies Using GMOs in Baby Formula
  210. Cheap Alzheimer's test made from peanut butter and ruler, researchers report
  211. Stop Washing Your Hair
  212. Daily Mail: Could that low-fat diet make you EVEN FATTER?
  213. What should I use to wash my face?
  214. It safe to drink tap water or rain water ?
  215. Could your gluten intolerance be the result of a mineral deficiency?
  216. Sleep 'cleans' the brain of toxins
  217. The POWER of Carrots!
  218. 23 Studies on Low-Carb and Low-Fat Diets – Time to Retire The Fad
  219. 5 Amazing Things You Didn't Know About Marijuana
  220. Mental Anchoring for better athletic technique
  221. The Power of Lemons
  222. How to Buy Vitamins
  223. How to Read (Health/Food) Labels
  224. How a Traumatic Childhood Can Lead to Obesity, Health Problems and Early Death
  225. Chemotherapy actually increases cancer growth, cancer cells becoming resistant to treatment
  226. "If it feels good, eat it" is a good rule of thumb?
  227. 10 Reasons You Should Be Eating Olives
  228. No serious side effects from HPV vaccine
  229. Bacteria found in breast milk sold on Internet
  230. Finnish Team Makes Diabetes Vaccine Breakthrough
  231. The Hidden Truth about Aspirin
  232. The Truth About Raw and Pasteurized Milk
  233. BMJ Case Reports journal: Gardasil vaccine suspected in early menopause of 16-year-old girl
  234. 8 Foods High in Magnesium: A Mineral for Diabetes, Insomnia and More
  235. 10 Tips to Destress and Feel Better Right NOW
  236. Natural ways to detoxify the liver with beets
  237. “Blame It On Your Genes”: the Money-Making Myth of Modern Medicine
  238. The inside story on vaccine dangers
  239. Did You / Will You Get a Flu Shot?
  240. Freebasing Nicotine with 10 Million lbs of Ammonia Annually
  241. 10 reasons to take spirulina every day
  242. Do probiotics really work?
  243. 4 Herbs Everyone Should Have in their ‘Medicine’ Cabinet
  244. Himalayan Salt Cave Therapy: Question?
  245. Srirracha Sauce Stinks
  246. Docs to parents: Limit kids' texts, tweets, online
  247. Gardasil Vaccine Causing Ovarian Failure
  248. Is Sex Better Exercise Than Walking?
  249. The good news: 16 yo creates cheap cancer test
  250. Fermented foods heal the gut and boost immunity