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  1. Low Fat Dairy Actually Isn't Better For You, A Study Shows
  2. More Marital Battles, More Health Problems for Men
  3. Non-dairy beverages like soy and almond milk may not be 'milk,' FDA suggests
  4. IBM Watson Reportedly Recommended Cancer Treatments That Were 'Unsafe and Incorrect'
  5. Relationship Is Affecting My Mental Health
  6. Google-Linked '23andMe' Sold 5 Million Users Gene Data To Big Pharma
  7. New Study: Hep B Vaccine “May Have Adverse Implications For Brain Development and Cognition”
  8. CDC urges Americans to stop washing, reusing condoms
  9. Alzheimer’s Breakthrough May Stop Memory Loss Before it Starts
  10. Queen bees and the microbial fountain of youth
  11. Man has 4 limbs amputated after dog lick leads to severe infection
  12. CDC urges Americans to stop washing, reusing condoms
  13. Periodic fasting starves cisplatin‐resistant cancers to death
  14. Vaccines against obesity
  15. Dehydrated? Your Cognitive Function Could Be Impacted
  16. He Was Dying. Antibiotics Weren’t Working. Then Doctors Tried forgotten treatment.
  17. Study suggests cancer to be a metabolic disorder rather than genetic disease
  18. Natural Measles Immunity Better Than Vaccines – Report
  19. IARC Edited Out Non-Carcinogenic Findings On Glyphosate
  20. Will the Food Industry Botch the Introduction Of Gene-Edited Foods?
  21. Blue light from phone screens precipitate blindness, study finds
  22. ANTI-AGEING BREAKTHROUGH: Ageing process REVERSED in human cells for first time
  23. E-Cig Vapor Changes Lung Cells – Study
  24. Live Foods For Winning Energy Without Drugs (Charlotte Gerson)
  25. California Wants To Force Restaurants To Only Offer Kids Milk Or Water With Meals
  26. 37 Dead As Measles Return To Europe
  27. The List Of Products And Foods That Have Tested Positive For Monsanto's Carcinogenic Glyphosat
  28. Monsanto Verdict Is Garbage: Cancer Diagnosed 10 Years Earlier
  29. Big Pharma controls health departments
  30. Harvard Medical Professor Calls Coconut Oil “Pure Poison”
  31. Vietnam demands Monsanto pays compensation for Agent Orange victims
  32. Video For Practicing Eye Contact
  33. Merck’s Zostavax Sales Plummet, Injury Lawsuits Mount
  34. Body Fat Impacted by When You Eat Breakfast, Dinner – Study
  35. CRISPR Gene Editing Fixes Muscular Dystrophy In Dogs, Humans Could Be Next
  36. Monsanto-Bayer: Eliminating The Name Will Not Erase The Criminal History
  37. Everything you need to know about candida overgrowth
  38. If Anyone Is Interested...
  39. Turning the frogs gay...
  40. Do Not Let Them Act act. Low quality propaganda violates your rights.
  41. Dr. Mary Ruwart: How Government Keeps Us Sick - Mises, Deist
  42. Moral Licensing: How Being Good Can Make You Bad
  43. The Products that Make Men Grow Breasts, Linked to Cancers of the Prostate and Liver
  44. Probiotics may not be that helpful – and could actually do some harm
  45. At what age should you stop pretending who you are and embrace your true self?
  46. OxyContin Billionaire Patents Drug To Treat Opioid Addiction
  47. Millions of elderly Americans are hooked on Xanax
  48. Anti-Vaccine Japan Has World’s Lowest Child Death Rate & Highest Life Expectancy
  49. Japan’s Backward Vaccination Policy
  50. New Andy Irons Surf Documentary Scathing Attack on Big Pharma
  51. Baby-aspirin risks overwhelm benefits in healthy elderly
  52. Scientists document at the anti-obesity effects of tomato and broccoli
  53. Fish-Rich Diet During Pregnancy Boosts Babies’ Brain Development
  54. When Pharmaceutical, Vaccine and Medical Device Corporations Rule the World’s Healthcare Indus
  55. ‘No evidence’ high cholesterol causes heart disease, say doctors
  56. Scientists hope to develop ‘world first’ treatment that battles Alzheimer’s
  57. Warning: This Antibiotic Will RUIN You!
  58. Can you believe the CDC? They say 80,000 died from flu 2017
  59. UK's Guardian: Fitness Makes You Rightwing
  60. More bad news for artificial sweetener users
  61. Popular Heartburn Drug Triples Infection Risk
  62. 205 million Americans drink contaminated water
  63. New sepsis treatment reduces death by 87 percent
  64. Is it safe? Creepy questions in your doctor's office.
  65. Artificial Sweeteners Are Toxic To Digestive Gut Bacteria, Study Finds
  66. Public health fraud: Why water fluoridation is one of the greatest crimes against humanity
  67. Results of World’s Largest Antidepressant Study Look Dismal
  68. Children Wrongly Diagnosed With ADHD for Being “Youngest in Their Class” – Study
  69. NBC shill news laments towns banning flouride
  70. Sloan Kettering Cancer Researchers Correct the Record by Revealing Company Ties
  71. Confirmed AGAIN: Sodium nitrite preservative in processed meat causes breast cancer
  72. Did you get your flu shot yet?
  73. Microplastics Found In 90 Percent of Table Salt
  74. Blood pressure pills taken by millions worldwide could raise the risk of lung cancer
  75. 'The food supplement that ruined my liver'
  76. A Common Blood Pressure Drug Has Been Linked To Lung Cancer - Here's What You Should Know
  77. Rubella eliminated in Australia
  78. Scientists Find Link Between Parkinson's Disease and the Appendix
  79. Another Heart Medicine Was Just Recalled For Containing A Likely Carcinogen
  80. As Overdose Deaths Soar, FDA Approves New Painkiller That's 1,000X Stronger Than Morphine
  81. Top 7 Benefits of Magnesium
  82. Fatty Acids In Coconut Oil Found To Repel Biting Bugs Better Than DEET
  83. GMO Potato Creator Now Fears Its Impact on Human Health
  84. CDC Publishes Fact Sheet Insisting “thimerosal in vaccines is not harmful” Despite Evidence Th
  85. Find happiness by contemplating your mortality.
  86. How Dad's Stresses Get Passed Along To Offspring
  87. When Old Age Finally Hits...
  88. FDA Seeks Ban On Menthol Cigarettes To Fight Teen Smoking
  89. Was Daniel Best About To Reveal Big Pharma price fixing? (Suicide - Multiple blunt force)
  90. Atlantic: "Sex recession"
  91. Alzheimer's Vaccine Draws Closer To Human Trials
  92. Drinking Tea or Coffee During Pregnancy Reduces Baby Size
  93. Big Pharma’s top 12 money-making CAUSES of disease in America
  94. Senator promotes flu shot, receives it, gets sick and dies age 47, mainstream media play dumb
  95. Study Links Statins To 300 + Adverse Health Effects
  96. Attacking Ourselves: Top Doctors Reveal Vaccines Turn Our Immune System Against Us
  97. US Life Expectancy Falls Further
  98. HPV Vaccine Linked to Soaring Infertility
  99. HPV vaccines are effective and safe and work best in young women, review finds
  100. HPV and Vaccines: A Primer
  101. More Blood Pressure Drugs Recalled Over Cancer Concerns
  102. Tanzania Orders Destruction of Monsanto / Gates’ GM Trials
  103. Splenda Should Be Sued for False Advertising
  104. Study: Anti stick coating chemicals shrink men's penises
  105. Man Unable to Speak, Walk, See or Breathe Days After Getting Flu Shot
  106. The Troubling Link Between Milk And Racism
  107. How Effective Is The 2018 Flu Shot?
  108. PSA: Spontaneous outbreaks of sanity can be harmful to your well being.
  109. How to Improve Blood Circulation
  110. Carbon C-60
  111. Seniors Who Have Sex Regularly Are More Content In Their Lives
  112. Bizarre Clouds of Aluminum-Coated Material Appear on Radar Across the US
  113. Johnson & Johnson stock tanks amid report company knew since '70s its baby powder contained as
  114. New Cervical Test Has 100% Cancer Detection Rate
  115. When Technology Can Read Minds, How Will We Protect Our Privacy? - Video
  116. Pinterest Bans Greenmedinfo For Posting Peer-Reviewed Research Questioning Vaccine Safety
  117. Swearing has more benefits than you may think — from improving your workouts to bonding
  118. Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever – CRISPR (Video)
  119. Dr Tenpenny: Infanrix Hexa Vaccine
  120. New GMO label rules don't use the term GMO
  121. It’s Back: How to Prep for Ebola 2.0
  122. The USDA’s Final Rule for GMO Labeling Stinks
  123. The Dark Side of LED Lighting
  124. 75% of Med Students Are on Antidepressants or Stimulants (or Both)
  125. The Vaccination Debate
  126. Big Pharma Hikes US Drug Prices, Insisting America Enough Of Its GDP To Drug Giants
  127. Masculinity Now Defined As A Mental Illness By American Psychological Association
  128. Kidney donor commit suicide. Patient dies 1 month from transplant
  129. Pioneering cancer doctor, Martin Gore, dead from yellow fever vaccine
  130. When Medicine Makes Patients Sicker
  131. Man wrongly diagnosed with Diabetes type 2 for 6 years
  132. Neanderthal dental plaque shows there was no 'typical' paleo diet, some were fully vegetarian
  133. Surgeon fined $3,000 for removing woman’s healthy kidney as a tumor
  134. Anti-vaxxers are among the top 'threats to global health', WHO