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  1. Over 100 Measles Vaccine Deaths, Zero Measles Deaths, Since ’04
  2. Research shows Kimchi may cure bird flu and SARS
  3. This year flu vaccine only 23% effective according to CDC!
  4. Scientists show cannabis triples psychosis risk
  5. New, highly aggressive form of HIV/AIDs spreading in Cuba
  6. New Contact Lens Comes With Tiny Telescope, Letting You To Zoom In & Out With A Wink
  7. New tattoo removal cream promises to fade ink, doesn't hurt
  8. Officials Declare ‘Eating Healthy’ A Mental Disorder
  9. California measles identical to type found in Philippines
  10. Shock Video! Gov. Caught Lying About Vaccine Dangers
  11. There is currently an epidemic happening in America, and it's not measles....
  12. NYU Professor Uncovers How The FDA Systematically Covers Up Fraud & Misconduct In Drug Trials
  13. Nestle to drop artificial flavor and color from chocolate bars
  14. Report finds we are eating '2,500 tons of fake food'
  15. Deadly superbug outbreak at UCLA, some 200 exposed
  16. Pro Vaccine Campaign Exposed!
  17. Jennifer Hibben-White's Measles Post Has Convinced Parents To Vaccinate Kids
  18. U.S. FDA knew devices spread fatal 'superbug' but does not order fix
  19. Immunization Propaganda Push in Canada. Claiming that Immunization is a foundation
  20. Full Scale Medical Tyranny On Its Way Kids! (Video)
  21. Big Pharma Is America’s New Mafia
  22. Australian's freedom to hear: DENIED!
  23. Bought - The documentary - watch free until March 6
  24. Global Shower Chart: Americans are showering less than Mexicans
  25. Why Are So Many Toddlers Taking Psychiatric Drugs?
  26. How Genetically-Modified Crops Can Save Hundreds Of Thousands From Malnutrition
  27. Start Cooking Again
  28. Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D. – Scientifically No Polio Vaccine was Needed
  29. New Alex Jones Snake Oil!
  30. Lack of breastfeeding and "over sanitization" may compromise immune system development
  31. The 8 Most Common Genetically Modified Foods
  32. Medical Tyranny in Action in OR: Doctor/Senator wants Medical Freedom for self, but not others
  33. Japan has eggs that smell and taste like fruit
  34. ADHD Doesn't Exist, but if it Did, I would have it
  35. Feeding Babies Foods With Peanuts Appears To Prevent Allergies
  36. Nearly 1 Billion US Children Dead from Anti-Vaxxer Paranoia
  37. The Truth About Vaccines & Blue Foot Syndrome
  38. Fluoride in water is 'linked to thyroid problem which causes weight gain, depression and tired
  39. Dr. Paul Thomas, M.D. – Preserve Medical Freedom – Vaccines Linked to Autism
  40. Hershey's pulls GMO ingredients from best-selling chocolate bars amid backlash against 'Franke
  41. Record US Farmers Switching to Non-GMO Crops in 2015
  42. Answering Critics Of GMO Foods
  43. Autism Rates To Increase By 2025? Glyphosate Herbicide May Be Responsible For Future Half Of C
  44. A new threat appears along the U.S.-Mexico border: Americans with measles
  45. The most epic way to cut carrot
  46. A Common Vitamin Deficiency May Raise Your Diabetes Risk More Than Obesity
  47. Want to know the best new way to lose weight? Just put some butter in your coffee
  48. CFR: Unvaccinated are Healthier than Vaccinated Populations
  49. California Infant Dies after 8 Vaccines, Family Gets Him Back from Hospital Cremated
  50. Are chocolate and pizza REALLY addictive? Researchers say heavily processed foods could affect
  51. Looking For Info On Natural Blood Thinners For My Father
  52. New MacDonald
  53. First lady: US experiencing food 'culture change'
  54. The Jonas Salk Polio Vaccine: A Medical Breakthrough or a Propaganda Campaign for Big Pharma?
  55. Hemp oil.
  56. Johnson & Johnson Loses Trial Over Risperdal And Male Breasts
  57. Victims of forced sterilization receive $25,000 each from the state of Virginia
  58. Public Service Announcement
  59. BPS, A Common BPA Substitute, May Cause Heart Arrhythmia
  60. Hospital warns cancer patients about vaccinated people
  61. 70 Year Old M.D. Harvard Grad Warns Against Routine Vaccinations
  62. Fox News doctor: ‘Crack babies’ come from women ‘smoking this whole marijuana business’
  63. Homemade Samoas Cookies
  64. Is common food additive to blame for rising rates of bowel disease?
  65. “I went bonkers”
  66. Garlic Soup - Natural Antibiotics - Weight Loss
  67. Vaccine PROPAGANDA Exposed.
  68. Former Mooresville child compensated by federal ‘vaccine court’
  69. Try a Little Half & Half in Your Cereal
  70. Safety fears after potentially deadly bacteria is accidentally released from high-security LA
  71. I'm coining a new term: Mandatory Vakksers
  72. DEA warns of stoned rabbits if Utah passes medical marijuana
  73. Pharmaceutical Companies’ Role in State Vaccination Policymaking: The Case of Human Papillomav
  74. Living with Triskaidekaphobia
  75. The CDC’s Mission To Create Hysteria and Boost Drug Sales
  76. Simple question for pro vaxxers
  77. Paracetamol linked to heart attack risk: Fears over high doses taken for a long time
  78. An ‘expensive’ placebo is more effective than a ‘cheap’ one, study shows
  79. Children Around the World Vaccinated at Gunpoint – Is the U.S. Heading in the Same Direction?
  80. Day 4 of Paleo Diet: HELP I'm bored!
  81. NIH paper: A strategic call for garlic and echinacea use to prevent flu and colds
  82. McDonald’s USA to phase out human antibiotics from chicken supply
  83. How to make an all natural antibiotic ointment aka natural Neosporin
  84. Senior academic condemns ‘deluded’ supporters of GM food as being ‘anti-science’
  85. Jane Goodall's Troubling Error Filled Book, "Seeds Of Hope"
  86. Monsanto Says GM Corn Trial In Final Stage In India
  87. (Video) Texas to Create Anti-Vaxxer BlackList
  88. Flu vaccine paradox spreading globally as more vaccinated people catch the flu
  89. Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue
  90. Chocolate Syrup
  91. Peeps-Flavored Milk Coming to a Grocery Store Near You
  92. This Trick Will Keep Your Avocados Fresh
  93. Texas to Create Anti-Vaxxer Black List - Vid
  94. March 2015 Settlements in Vaccine Court: 117 Vaccine Injuries and Deaths
  95. Vaccine, Not Ebola, Made Doc Sick, Study Finds
  96. Same mercury used in vaccines conclusively linked to causing autoimmune disorders
  97. Health Insurance Help
  98. EPA Seeks Limits on GMO Corn as Pest Resistance Grows
  99. Feast-and-famine diet shows promise for longevity: study
  100. A Mother's love and determination
  101. vitamins and psychiatry and MTHFR gene
  102. Who in Their Right Mind Freezes a Lemon?
  103. This All-Natural Ice Cream Changes Color as You Lick It, Thanks to Science
  104. something I found interesting
  105. Major Chemical Company ‘Poisoned Water Supply’ for 50 Years
  106. Nearly 4 in 10 clinical trials based on false information; FDA routinely ignores blatant scien
  107. McKale? McDonald's to roll out kale in US: Sources
  108. Healing from Vaccine Injuries through Homeopathy
  109. Aluminum is Toxic to All Life Forms: So Why is it Used in Vaccines?
  110. Staten Island dad gets $22.5M in polio case vs. Lederle Laboratories
  111. Latest Coffee news: Good for brain and waistline but bad for bones and kidneys
  112. Monsanto Is About To Escape All Regulation From The USDA
  113. New FDA warning for anti-smoking drug Chantix
  114. Why we SHOULDN'T eat three meals a day
  115. New Film Exposes Shaken Baby Syndrome Myth – Opponents Want to Silence it at Film Festivals
  116. Newsweek: Water fluoridation linked to ADHD
  117. The Vaccine Culture War in America: Are You Ready?
  118. Have You Fallen for These Big Pharma Tricks?
  119. Imagine No More Safe Chocolate To Eat — 70% Of World’s Chocolate To Be Genetically Modified
  120. Is This Cooking Mistake Causing Premature Aging?
  121. 3 Teas To Cure Sinus Infections Posted
  122. Favorite Kitchen Gadgets
  123. Smart Meter Scandal in California? Emails Reveal CPUC May Have Known and Concealed Health Risk
  124. Dr Nancy Snyderman resigns as NBC's chief medical editor after she sparked public outcry...
  125. How Soy Affects Hormones
  126. Food Rankings: Alkaline to Acidic
  127. The Man Who Gave Vaccine Companies A Free Pass Revealed
  128. Vaccine pushers insist organics are useless, chemicals are safe, and fluoride is awesome
  129. Are Proposed Forced Vaccination Laws Comparable to Eugenics Forced Sterilization U.S. Laws?
  130. GMO Food
  131. TRACE AMOUNTS, a Documentary on Autism and Mercury
  132. Coke Pays Nutrition Experts To Say Soda Can Be A Healthy Snack
  133. 75,000 Dieticians Now Recommend Kids Eat American Cheese
  134. Bad day at the gym.
  135. British Farmers Giving Up On Expensive, Unsustainable Organic Methods
  136. Crickers: Paleo Crackers Made with Cricket Flour
  137. San Diego Suing MonSatano!
  138. E-Motion—How Your Emotional Baggage May Be Sabotaging Your Health
  139. When Doctors Become Lawmakers: Medical Tyranny in California
  140. San Diego sues Monsanto for bay pollution & persistent contamination
  141. Why Women Prefer Beards
  142. U.S. to roll back 'lost pleasure' approach on health rules
  143. Woman gets brain damage and $7.4 million for vaccine injury
  144. I need help fast!
  145. A common over-the-counter cough suppressant can boost insulin
  146. Treadmill Dancing
  147. Want To Keep Your Kid From Wearing Glasses? Send Him Outside.
  148. Public Schools Now Pushing Bans on E-Cigarettes
  149. 28 Students Test Positive for TB
  150. Government Attacks Small Family Farm in Schenectady County New York
  151. "Very high levels of arsenic" in top-selling wines
  152. FDA approves genetically engineered potatoes, apples as safe
  153. Wall Street Journal and MSM: Glyphosate Herbicide Carcinogenic
  154. Federal Government Prepares to Track Unvaccinated Adults
  155. Roundup weedkiller can 'probably' cause cancer, WHO warns
  156. Antibiotic Use In Meat Is Soaring
  157. Monsanto chief admits ‘hubris’ is to blame for public fears over GM
  158. N.C. Senator Compares Vaccine Refusers to Taliban
  159. Any Sites For Folks Against Vaccines?
  160. 7 Important Functions Of Vitamin B12
  161. Very Important Reasons for the Insane to Vaccinate their Children
  162. ‘Why NOT vaccinating my kids was the best decision I ever made’
  163. A desolate world without GMO crops: Inside Monsanto’s demented spin campaign
  164. LOL: Monsanto Lackey Refuses Glyphosate Beverage (video)
  165. Students Contract Whooping Cough at School with 99.5 Percent Vaccination Rate
  166. Ode to the Brain!
  167. Naturally and Holistically Curing Allergies By Eliminating Candida
  168. The art and grace of frugal living with Clara's depression cooking
  169. The American History Of Compulsory Vaccination and its Ties to Eugenics
  170. Sickle cell anemia is NOT a black disease
  171. Latest Research: Coffee is good for health again
  172. DNA Testing
  173. Try Jackfruit: Human’s Health Friend
  174. New study reveals main culprit for Alzheimer’s disease
  175. 16 Common Product Combinations You Should Never Mix
  176. Medical Tyranny in Tennessee: Forced Antibiotics on Newborns
  177. Cooked eggs increase carotenoid absorption in salads
  178. The Quest for the cures...continues
  179. FDA Pushing To Regulate Homeopathy Out of Existence
  180. 1,000-year-old onion and garlic eye remedy kills MRSA
  181. How Turmeric Keeps You Looking Young
  182. Astaxanthin
  183. U.S. cancer incidence, mortality largely stable or decreasing
  184. Garda$ell: Snake Oil With A Bite
  185. Saffron supplements can prevent muscle weakness and pain after a strenuous workout
  186. How to Protect Yourself Against Diseases You Thought Were Extinct — Leprosy, Plague, Scurvy An
  187. Drop Those Soybeans: Roundup Causes Cancer
  188. From Breast Cancer To Better Skin: Is Rose Hip The New Natural Wonder ‘Drug’?
  189. PBS Cancer Doc Review: The Cure You’re Never Going To Get
  190. Why you need to eat more butter
  191. Is BRCA ("Breast Cancer Gene") A Death Sentence?
  192. Never Buy Dishwasher Soap Again! This Borax-Free Soap Recipe Has You Covered
  193. The Simple Vegetable Gardening Cheat Sheet: All You Need to Know
  194. EPA issues moratorium on new pesticides that kill birds and bees
  195. Medical Kidnapping: A Threat to Every Child in America Today
  196. Susan McCreadie, MD: I Rest Easier NOT Vaccinating my Children
  197. Study: 70% of People on Antidepressants Don’t Have Depression
  198. Question for those knowledgeable of medicinal weed/holistic medicine
  199. Colloidal Silver Cures MRSA Infections, Purifies Water, Destroys Candida and Fights the Flu –
  200. Former active US Marine demands GMO ban after curing debilitating health problems by switching
  201. Why being 'overweight' means you live longer: The way scientists twist the facts
  202. Research shows black beans are one of the healthiest foods on the planet
  203. Roundup harms human endocrine system at levels allowed in drinking water, study shows
  204. The Great Olive Oil Fraud – Why Your Extra Virgin Olive Oil May Not Be Virgin At All
  205. Vermont Teen Drugged Against Her Will, Held in Custody in Massachusetts Mental Health Facility
  206. New Study: How Using Bleach Could be Making Us Sick
  207. The Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps
  208. Robert Kennedy Jr: Mandated Vaccinations is Mandating a National Holocaust
  209. Organic Producers Sue USDA for Changing Organic Rules without Public Input
  210. Tom Woods: Ep. 376 My Productivity Secret
  211. Burn Fat Fast With These Spices
  212. Birth Control May Alter The Structure Of A Woman's Brain
  213. Student Who Refused to Lie About Vaccines and was Kicked out of Nursing School Fights Back
  214. Anti-vaxx mom abandons movement — after all seven her of her kids get whooping cough
  215. CPS Defies Doctors and Police to Take Young Children Away from Mother
  216. 13.1 Miles - 2 Hours 38 Minutes
  217. Nickson Would be Celebrating Life if it Weren’t for Vaccines
  218. Is the FDA Getting Ready to Ban Homeopathy?
  219. Scientists find link between muscle-building supplements and testicular cancer
  220. Watch: This Is What Happens Inside Your Body When You Eat Fast Food
  221. El Salvador Farmers Beat Monsanto’s Monopoly: Refusing GMO and Outperforming with Record Crop
  222. This Key Mineral Naturally Protects Against Heavy Metal Toxicity
  223. Americans Spent $374 Billion on Big Pharma Drugs Last Year
  224. massages are pretty awesome. :D
  225. Pineapple Enzyme More Effective than Chemotherapy Agent, Kills Cancer Without Killing You: Stu
  226. List Of Self Empowerment Courses - Looks Great!
  227. Your Cheese Habit Probably Won't Make You Obese
  228. Cannabis extract can have dramatic effect on brain cancer, says new research
  229. Cannabis oil cured my bowel cancer, claims father, 33, 'given just 18 months to live'
  230. Home Remedies Relieve Symptoms And Allergic Reactions From MSG Poisoning
  231. Disneyland measles outbreak over, health officials say
  232. Federal Government to Weigh and Collect Data on Children in Daycare
  233. GSK has paid out $9.1 billion since 2003: Brain-Damaged Victims of Swine Flu Vaccine Win $63M
  234. Anti-Vaxxers Need to Listen to Elmo!
  235. Colorado's legal marijuana contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, fungus and bacteria
  236. The California Coalition for Health Choice Rally, Sacramento, CA, April 8, 2015 (Video)
  237. Wine Snobs Are Right: Glass Shape Does Affect Flavor
  238. Video games linked to return of rickets among children
  239. Booming Organics: U.S. Farmers Forced to Import Organic Crops to Meet Non-GMO Demand
  240. Kraft Mac & Cheese Shedding the Dyes
  241. Common athlete's foot cream 'could reverse multiple sclerosis'
  242. This Is What Sitting for Too Long Can Do to Your Body
  243. Study of 92,727 Children Confirms No MMR-Autism Link
  244. How Can Homeopathy Be Both a Useless Placebo and Dangerous at the Same Time?
  245. Delaying Measles Vaccines Increases Risks Of Seizures
  246. Paleo Proponent Blogger/Author Admits She Lied About Curing Cancer
  247. Developing Children are Four-Times more Senative to Pain than Adults per Study
  248. How Modern Life Depletes Our Gut Microbes
  249. Dr. Oz’s New Episode Ends Controversy, Doubles Down on GMO Labeling
  250. First They Came for the Anti-Vaxxers