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  1. Hello... Anyone from the Eastside?
  2. June 10: Post-CNN New Hampshire GOP Debate Meetup
  3. Bellevue-Eastside Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Group formed
  4. All Things HEMPFEST
  5. Bus Advertisements
  6. Ron Paul Car Wash
  7. Taking input for final sign stencil
  8. Capitol Hill Block Party Strategery!
  9. Seattle for Ron Paul - Meetup Group
  10. Time to hit the road?
  11. Newspaper ad
  12. RON PAUL - SEATTLE - 9/14 Discussion
  13. Washington RP Supporters!
  14. Information from 2004, please update
  15. Washington Prez Caucus / Primary Portal
  16. Maureen Moore appointed Washington coordinator
  17. Paint the 100th Apple Cup "Ron"
  18. 100th Apple Cup
  19. Join the Meetup Alliance
  20. Do you need to register republican to...?
  21. New Group: Gig Harbor Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Group
  22. Spokane RP TV ads
  23. i have 4x8 official campaign signs
  24. Voting at a local level
  25. Help from Washington
  26. Unique ad for WA State - who wants to help?
  27. King County hiring poll workers
  28. Quick question for all in washington (sign sightings)
  29. Any tv, radio, or newspaper plans?
  30. Get This Message Out To Your Meetup!!
  31. Really Angry
  32. KCPQ Interview of Dr. Paul
  33. Grandma got called/polled...wierd response
  34. Asotin County GOP Caucus Location (WA)
  35. ***This Weeks Mission, Precinct Leader Bomb - Ron Asked It!***Check This Out Now!***
  36. Need to watch this asap
  37. Ron Paul in Spokane on the 31st
  38. Ron Paul in Seattle TOMORROW!!!
  39. Does everyone here know what to do on February 9th?
  40. ***Awesome Message From The Campaign, How to Win the Ground War**********************
  41. We May win WA
  42. Ron Paul at Campaign HQ in Seattle video
  43. Caucus Question
  44. How are delegates from the Primary allocated?-- And Call to MAJOR ORGANIZATION
  45. Few questions about Washington Caucus
  46. Givers here like Paul, Obama
  47. Hope For America Tour: Ron Paul Visits Spokane (Video)
  48. Idaho Ron Paul supporters want to help win Washington
  49. Seattle PI Predicts Obama, Paul victory
  50. Caucus Training Tonight in Issaquah
  52. Good UW news
  53. Welcome All Issaquah Caucus Training Attendees
  54. Contact your local Meetup Organizer to help with GOTV
  55. Take 100 3x5" index cards with you to caucus! (bump!!)
  56. Blitz! The Domino Effect flyer
  57. What can out-of-staters do to help?
  58. i'm going to ask a prominent Romney supporter to endorse Ron
  59. Mailer Misprint! Notice!
  60. I'm so stupid
  61. Important - Be A Delegate !!!!!
  62. Washington Caucus Information
  63. Make sure you target Romney and Thompson supporters.
  64. White shoe polish on car window
  65. What works in WA?
  66. Help Needed
  68. 570 KVI Show Tells Romney Voters to Show Up at the Caucus
  69. I Just Got a Call From Ron Paul!
  70. Absentee ballot - I connected the lines with a thicker line then required
  71. 2 new caucus goers..
  72. *red Alert* Washington State - Action Items
  73. Good luck tomorrow WA!
  74. Skookum!
  75. Bring cookies, sandwiches, pop & water for Mitt supporters
  76. Let's Use Caucus Tactics That WORKED for CO
  77. It's Game Time!!
  78. The the games begin!
  79. Questions about my voter registration
  80. Washington GOP Caucus Results
  81. Off to caucus
  82. Are any results reporting?
  83. Media continues to ignore Ron
  84. I'm a delegate to the District Convention!
  85. Just got back from WA caucus (Precinct RNT 41-0989)
  86. Just got back from WA Caucus
  87. Ron Paul won Asotin County
  88. Awesome Caucus
  89. This is just wrong!
  90. Caucus Results- I don't have an anger problem, I have an idiot problem.
  91. Snohomish County Cederhome Precinct
  92. Just got back..... Didn't look good
  93. Bellevue Youth Theater - post here
  94. Caucus
  95. Just got home... We completely pwned our precinct.
  96. Sing it with me!
  97. KING-TV Seattle: Caucus Results Delayed At Least Until 8pm ET
  98. With Washington, it really is the delegates
  99. Redmond Update... DARN GOOD NEWS
  100. Wa - Can You Feel It ?
  101. Ron Paul is KING in my precinct !!!!
  102. Stop getting me excited!!
  103. We Are Going To Win Washington Tonight
  104. Will the results be for the delegates or straw poll?
  105. we won washington, 10 delegates to mcf*cks 8
  106. Update from mah sister - Everett
  107. OK, Here's the deal... GOOD NEWS
  108. Can Some Of You Give Suggestions.....for later....
  109. Randle East Pecinct #036, Lewis County
  110. Yay washington! Thanks!
  111. post your precinct results here
  112. If we don't get above 15%...
  113. Northern Exposure Country!
  114. KOMO 4 Update - First Numbers in 30 minutes..
  115. Cnn Is Not Touching Upon The Gop
  116. 5:30 Update - GOP does not yet have numbers "That it Can Release"
  117. Caucus results so far
  118. We Won!?!?!?!
  120. Vote Now for your guess on the MSM spin of a WA victory!
  121. what's up with CNN page
  122. Thousands of primary votes invalid due to lack of oath...
  123. where are the results?
  124. results
  125. Damn Them All To Hell
  126. Pu at Fork in Us - WE WON!
  127. WA Victory Celebration Thread!
  128. Get Serious Now!
  129. We have NOT won yet...
  130. Ron Paul 1st in clark county
  131. Guiliani Wins Washington.
  132. 60% reporting -- RP 45%
  133. Called KHQ: "Results for GOP are LOCAL"
  134. We Won Washington! [Premature celebration]
  135. >>>>> Hold!!! <<<<<
  136. WA State Republican Party website results
  137. Results on CNN now
  138. According to CNN, Ron is in third place in WA.
  139. CNN now...
  140. Called Washington GOP: "Tight 3-way race"
  141. Statewide results finally coming in
  142. Rigging Starts in Washington
  143. "Other" is in 2nd place, LOL
  144. Absentee ballots are from the Military!!!!!!!!!!
  145. McWar 27%, Huck 26%, Paul 21% (16% reporting)
  146. Watch them pick the lowest Paul precincts at first, then delay forever with the rest.
  147. Are the WA results votes or delegates?
  148. I want an update just a lil update
  149. Local Newsrooms In Flux
  150. Called WA GOP Phone number -
  151. Next results as 7:00 PM PST
  152. 27, 26, 21=Pretty convenient, huh?
  153. This is a Snowjob!!!
  154. Results for Spokane only.. they changed their website
  155. Which 16%???
  156. Spreadsheet coming with next result update.
  157. How Big Of A Role Does Spokane Play?
  158. CNN:Washington State does not matter for McCain and Huckabee!!!
  159. CNN already downplays results
  160. Page Edited - We're third now
  161. Is there a different way of recieving information
  162. Stevens COunty Roll Call!!!
  163. Something that annoys me...
  164. omg!
  165. 60% reporting and Ron has!!!!!!!! [For one county only]
  166. This is excruciating.
  167. News Black out by local Seattle Stations!
  168. i just turned the tube on
  169. Does Wolf have telephotic lenses?
  170. Multiple ways being tried...
  171. Stuck at 16%
  172. WA GOP - only two people counting....
  173. Delaying results so they don't make the Sunday papers
  174. still 3 rd 400 back
  175. There is really nothing to report from WA
  176. This just in! 6th cable cut. [satire]
  177. CNN TV: 37% in, still in 3rd.
  178. McBrain's dropping
  179. MSNBC Main WA Graphic only showing McCain/Huckabee
  180. WA Updated-Paul at 20.3%
  181. Please Post Your County Results Here!
  182. WA state GOP hangs up on me (mp3)
  183. how much have the results changed in the last hour
  184. WSRP.org only reporting est. delegates not actual
  185. WTF is going on with the WA results
  186. Obama Speech
  187. More FRAUD!! Taking PAUL votes to give to ROMNEY in my opinion !! WTF
  188. Just got home - Numbers aren't changing in WA? If so how long has it been?
  189. Wait...lets slow down...
  190. In the scenario
  191. ...37% reporting, yet all I see is a SMALL RED SLIVER
  192. Exit Polls WA
  193. When WA is finally done is there a site to see what counties voted what?
  194. Are there any witnesses watching the GOP count in WA right now?!?!?
  195. How many..
  196. Next Update - Very Soon
  197. Poll: What place do you believe Ron Paul will get tonight?
  198. Serious Question
  199. Called Wa Gop And Here Is Why They Aren't Finished
  200. Wtf
  201. 78% Reporting Huckabee McCain 25.4 %Paul 21.1 % 23.8 %
  202. Please Answer this!!!
  203. Why do people vote "uncommitted" at a caucus?
  204. "Uncommitted" May win
  205. WA GOP stops counting for the night
  206. District 43 - Ron Paul wins
  207. Precinct 48-3391 Results
  208. Tonight's Results Show the Incompetence of the Campaign
  209. Washington Republican Party numbers
  210. Paul Takes Spokane...
  211. Congrats!!!!!!!!
  212. Called WA GOP - Counting is continuing..
  213. No news about the caucuses in Seattle or Tacoma?
  214. King county GOP results
  215. I got 8 Delagates today in Washington State
  216. Request for WA State RP HQ
  217. CNN Lady is giving victory to McCain
  218. Interview with Spokane, WA AP worker
  219. "To Bellevue Republicans, any GOP candidate better than Democrat" (if it's McCain)
  220. Tonight's Delegates
  221. Washington State Geography Lesson for Non-Washingtonians
  222. Livid
  223. Delegate win in WA
  224. So can someone give us an update on any county results?
  225. 445453--WINDSONG and some results that I heard
  226. WA Primary chance?
  227. Is John McCain going to win 50% of the vote in any state?
  228. update
  229. Important Posts
  230. CNN - 83% reporting..
  231. We DID WIN Washington!!
  232. Please read this to understand things about caucus
  233. why no exit polls?
  234. Delegates and Alternates- Read this
  235. Update again
  236. IF this didn't change your view on America I don't know what will
  237. State GOP chairman declares McCain winner in Washington, AP says [disputed]
  238. and the counting has STOPPED
  239. Spokane AP delcares Mccain winner of state after 1 precinct reports (interview mp3)
  240. Washington delegate discussion
  241. RP gets 46% in Spokane!
  242. CNN: Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama
  243. Hillary beats all 3 GOP contenders combined
  244. Interview with Spokane AP reporter (mp3)
  245. Encouragement!
  246. Great job Washington!
  247. Ignore the MSM numbers - it's all about the Delegates! Explanation:
  248. THIS IS MY HOUSE (x-post)
  249. Looking Good Washington!!
  250. WA caucus?