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  1. Information from 2004, please update
  2. Give a Ron Paul REvolution welcome to Rudy.
  3. Join the Meetup Alliance
  4. Eastern SD folks needed in NW Iowa Jan 1st.
  5. Get This Message Out To Your Meetup!!
  6. National Delegates needed for brokered convention
  7. Guns guns guns
  8. Tell the Natives!!
  9. Special Announcement from campaign HQ *Be A Ron Paul Delegate in South Dakota*
  10. Want to recycle some materials
  11. We'll have our full slate of Delegates coming out of the Regional Caucuses.
  12. Important! Make sure you read this and pass it on.
  13. Libertarians Fail to Complete South Dakota Party Petition by Deadline
  14. Only $890 to go on our Rapid City BillBoard!
  15. Claim a South Dakota Paper for Ron Paul Program!
  16. SD GOP Convention - RED HOT! - Deadline is May 5th!
  17. Write Letters and/or Call South Dakota Voters!Keep this bumped.
  18. Aberdeen SD NEeds Signs too.
  19. Ron Paul Yard signs available
  20. South Dakota Primary
  21. Well, we just got done putting signs in all the polling places in Minnehaha county.
  22. looks like 14
  23. SD: Medical Marijuana Campaigners Set to Hand in Signatures for November Initiative
  24. Calling All South Dakota Ron Paul Supporters!
  25. Howie for SD Governor 2010
  26. No on 12. Yes on 13.
  27. South Dakota: Health Care Freedom Act Introduced (Nullification)
  28. South Dakota, Email Your State Reps! - Support HB1165 - ObamaCare Nullification!
  29. Anyone in Western South Dakota?
  30. South Dakota Grassroots Status
  31. Delegate selection Caucuses This Thursday March 1st, 8pm local time
  32. Help Ron Paul Win South Dakota (Urgent Request)
  33. Sept. 4: Whitewood, SD City Council to vote on Agenda 21 Defunding. Please Attend!
  34. Question Regarding Our Elector's Meeting on Monday.
  35. Two Victorious South Dakota Democrats Lived Out of State Weeks Before Filing for Office
  36. Tell Gov. Kristi Noem to Protect Private Property Rights in South Dakota