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  1. Cool! We're up!
  2. Rock for Liberty Concert for Ron Paul in Louisiana
  3. Where are all the people from Louisiana?
  4. Rock for Liberty photos from Louisiana
  5. 20,000 Ron Paul signs up across louisiana tonight.
  6. A friend is doing this in Louisiana
  7. Welcome!
  8. Slogans for signs and events, Take 1
  9. Meetup Attendance Thread
  10. Yard Signs
  11. Yard Signs
  12. July 30 Meeting Minutes
  13. Is it legal to put flyers under people's windshields?
  14. Covington MeetUp Wiki and Forum
  15. National Video Conference With Campaign Staff
  16. Thomas E. Woods View of US History
  17. Poll for Covington Meetup Folks
  18. ABC GOP Debate Video
  19. Ron Paul Market
  20. We have only begun to fight!
  21. We're Confused
  22. So, how long can Josh and Mike talk to ourselves?
  23. Brits4RonPaul
  24. Disappointing Debate
  25. Dr. Paul wins FreedomWorks Strawpoll with over 50% of the vote!
  26. Saints Game Friday 8-10
  27. Northshore Weekly Meetups Proposition
  28. IMPORTANT This Should Motivate Most of What We Do
  29. Hammond Hot August Night
  30. 2008 Presidential Primaries, Caucuses, and Conventions
  31. Ron Paul DVD
  32. Black Box Voting Spearhead
  33. Ron Paul Friends USA Network Important!
  34. Ron PaulBaloons
  35. Inspiring Video
  36. Funny video, short and to the point on why we should vot for Dr. Paul!
  37. Events to attend and spread the word.
  38. Vote Paul in Hammond Daily Star Poll
  39. Ron Paul water bottles at the next event
  40. Information from 2004, please update
  41. Louisiana Delegate Selection Process
  42. Ron Paul's Catching on in Shreveport, Louisiana
  43. Louisiana Ballot?
  44. Louisiana Talking points for turnout
  45. Louisiana GOP info gone
  46. Brand New Central Louisiana RON PAUL Meet-up Group!
  47. Help me email my local paper - Louisiana
  48. Semi rural Louisiana needs $3,364.20 to run the USA today ad!
  49. Threads falsly show new posts.
  50. How many Louisiana delegates so far?
  51. Student voter registration
  52. Louisiana Party Changed Deadline?
  53. DELEGATES needed!
  54. Date for Louisiana congressional district caucuses...
  55. Change parties by December 7th. (This Friday)
  56. Louisiana Media Talks Ron Paul Again!
  57. Louisiana Caucus: Jan. 10, 2-8 PM
  58. Join the Meetup Alliance
  59. Ron Paul Lesson in New Orleans
  60. Thanks, Neoconned! Here's your billboard in real life!
  61. State Central Committes
  62. A conservative Poll in louisiana needs some help! Please vote!
  63. Ron Paul is officially on the Louisiana Ballot! Yay! nt
  64. Historical caucus information-- hope this is wrong...!!!
  65. My Ron Paul signs are gone!
  66. Louisiana Caucus changed to Jan. 22!!!
  67. Delegate and Caucus information
  68. NOLA Delegates need help w/ fees. Chipin, please!
  69. DISTRICT 2: (Orleans and St. Bernard Parishes) *needs* DELEGATES!!! CRITICAL!
  70. Dist. 5 needs ALTERNATES: Rapides, Avoyelles,La Salle,Morehead,Ouchita, etc parishes
  71. Sign Wave - Baton Rouge - Anyone?
  72. *** Louisiana delegates in desperate need of donations!! ***
  73. Lake Charles checking in
  74. If your initials are SS and I called tonight and got your father...
  75. FINAL PUSH: delegate applcations due 1/10 back at LAGOP!
  76. Should we give up on Louisiana?
  77. Louisianna Caucuses NEXT WEEK (Jan 10th)
  78. Louisiana to get Ron Paul radio ads!
  79. Monroe,LA meetup group--TV8
  80. Blowing the dust off
  81. ***IMPORTANT*** Louisiana Caucus January 22nd
  82. Ron Paul Appearances?
  83. Delegates in the Lafayette Area
  84. Hello!!!
  85. Newspaper Ads?
  86. Email This Link To Your Local Gop Chair
  87. No RP supporters AT EARLY VOTING -- This MUST CHANGE!!!
  88. Making Mardi Gras a Pauldi Gras on February 5th
  89. I got sign pimped!
  90. Have RP Info Booth at EVERY POLLING LOCATION!!!
  91. Do you have any extra signs?
  92. Michigan: Precinct Leaders for Ron Paul DOUBLE the Vote
  93. Huckabee Comments on Ark v. LSU game
  94. Caucus Details?
  95. Louisiana 2008 Caucus Locations:
  96. Rolfe McCollister Support McCain...
  97. ***ATTENTION***Read This Now, We Know The Way To Win Super Tuesday!!!!
  98. Anyone Precinct Captains?
  99. Ron Paul Here (Baton Rouge) Jan 21!!
  100. LSU Paper Slanders Paul
  101. Ron Paul in person in Shreveport, Baton Rouge and New Orleans on Monday!
  102. Dr. Paul's No Tax On Tips secret weapon: LETS USE IT!
  103. Run ads in local newspapers.
  104. Louisiana Ron Paul Campaign Field Coordinator Speaks Out
  105. I'm confused...
  106. Attn: Louisiana Supporters
  107. MASSIVE VOTER TURNOUT - Learn a lesson from Nevada's mistake
  108. How are we doing in Louisiana?
  109. Is Tuesday Vote Getting Media Attention in LA?
  110. Urgent For All Pauldigras Participants
  111. A new poll
  112. IGNORE THE "Should we give up on Louisiana?" POST!!!!!!
  113. Driving through LA, MS, and AL
  114. Media Attention For The Rally Today
  115. Rules and Caucus sites
  116. McCain Alert: Email from Buddy Roemer.
  117. I thought LA Primary is 2/9/08
  118. Picking the Prez: Ron Paul surprise in Louisiana
  119. RP delegates
  120. Good Luck Today!
  121. what are the expectations for the LA caucus
  122. ***Official Hell Yeah! Thread***
  123. Here we go...
  124. Good Luck Louisiana
  125. Today's LSU Newspaper: Ron Paul Revolution invades Louisiana
  126. Please stay to verify vote
  127. Louisiana results?
  128. Stay Alert Today!! Bring Your Camcorders!! Record Self-documentaries!
  129. Question about LA Caucuses
  130. Ron Paul's speech in Shreveport: (youtube)
  131. Geraghty - NRO's Campaign Spot
  132. Louisiana - Napoleonic Law?
  133. Fred drops out LA
  134. Someone please enlighten me...
  135. LA native and popular conservative radio host
  136. i just saw james carville and asked about LA caucus
  137. So how made will the louisiana gop be today?
  138. Traffic Alert
  139. What's the deal with this LA caucus?
  140. Louisiana Caucus is Today!!!!!!
  141. OMG..Ron Paul Ownz District 7
  142. Delegate Question
  143. National Review - RP supporters most vocal and visible
  144. is politico running a webpage for results???
  145. What I can tell you from my caucus experience in LA.
  146. is LA today? why no publicity?
  147. District 7 - Ron Paul Republican for Congress?
  148. Any monkey-business / shadiness going on in Louisiana?
  149. LA Results LINK Here
  150. Just got back from voting...
  151. Why There's No Returns from Louisiana
  152. Hey Louisiana...
  153. I'm back, I'm tired!
  154. Louisiana Secretary of State Jay Dardenne - Is he fair?
  155. A funny/amazing/encouraging thing from the Shreveport Caucus
  156. hmm the down low
  157. Attention Louisiana 7th District
  158. How many districts are there? exactly 7?
  159. 11 of 15 delegates
  160. Where in thew hell are the results?
  161. District 1, Pontchartrain Center in Kenner, experience
  162. In Grassroots Central, they claim LA radio says we won
  163. District 1 Covington Experience
  164. Would I support MCcain?
  165. Report about Kenner Pontchartrain Center
  166. Shreveport Times wants to hear from independent/undecided voters
  167. RP in Kenner, LA
  168. Will these delegates also draft the state GOP platform at the convention?
  169. Organized Preliminary District Results Thread
  170. District 6 (Baton Rouge)
  171. District 6 (Baton Rouge)
  172. District 6 - my impressions
  173. Pro Life / Pro Family Handouts
  174. First Blog on LA Caucus (No New Info)
  175. First Blog on LA Caucus (No New Info)
  176. Unofficial Results
  177. How did ron paul do in Louisanna?
  178. Pro-life/Pro-Family Handout - who gets the delegates?
  179. READ MEET UP 210 and try winning LA heres the email
  180. District 5... picked up a few, looks like... not a majority though
  181. Relevant connection? LAGOP.com and Pro Life/Pro Family site
  182. Spin it? :D
  183. Ron Paul touches down in New Orleans and we take off!
  184. from todays Shreveport Times newspaper:
  185. So somebody tell us the REAL results now...
  186. When we find out who the delegates will be..........
  187. 650 provisional ballots to be verified today, not counted yet
  188. from Lew Rockwell
  189. Not Understanding Something (read: lots)
  190. Guys You Have to Understand Something...
  191. What I'm wondering...How will these results be reported in the MSM?
  192. Oh, the irony: ProLife Coalition wins on ProLife Day..
  193. Provisional ballots question
  194. Why was this tactic not anticipated?
  195. What are the results?
  196. Will LA supporters let this fraud stand?
  197. Thank You Louisiana
  198. Results UNOFFICIAL... Let's just wait and see!
  199. It's official: I'm becoming an Independent.
  200. Why didn't we have a professionally printed handout?
  201. LAGOP LETTER,for those that missed this
  202. This is a mutilation of democracy...
  204. Wait a minute...By Feb 9, Ron Paul will be the only Pro-Life candidate!
  205. An assessment of the LA caucuses
  206. Found this:
  207. On the bright side!
  208. Why does the PLPF slate have to be a coalition of the *other* candidates?
  209. If Pro-life groups in LA
  210. One more thing about the PL/PF people
  211. Good news!
  212. Louisiana Caucuses Today!!!
  213. its almost noon...
  214. Thank you to all the hard working grassroots people
  215. So the "everyone but ron paul" club seemed to win...
  216. Pro-Good & Pro-Stuff Slate Wins Louisiana [satire]
  217. We Have To Expose Them!
  218. From an outisder's perspective, I don't think it's over in Louisiana
  219. Possible crisis in Louisiana - MUST READ!
  220. Paul says possible 1st in LA on NJ talk show today??
  221. One RP guy on the PL/PF slate
  222. Formal complaint to Louisiana GOP
  223. I'm confused
  224. Pro Life Handout for State convention
  225. Unofficial Results (found on Google)
  226. A nice article in the paper
  227. ENDORSEMENTS for MITT ROMNEY (i thought you may want to know)
  228. Is this what happened?
  229. Not sure how accurate news LA
  230. Do not call the LA GOP please
  231. Ron Paul Victorious in Louisiana Caucus
  232. Question about Louisiana "Coalition".
  233. Everything is fine
  234. What happened in District 3 and 7?
  235. According to LA GOP we won 5 of 7, right?
  236. Someone PLEASE explain what has happened, because I'm really angry!
  237. Let me get this right...
  238. Provisional
  239. Objective: Winning over some people (105 pro-Life/pro-Family delgates)
  240. Lessons to be learned from LA
  241. Positive Louisiana Thread and a good idea!
  242. I just want to say congrats
  243. Ron Paul Supporters get pwned. What? Who pwned them?
  244. I try to be patient...
  245. GOP press release
  246. Paul wins 2nd to McCain
  247. Results are on The LA GOP Homepage
  248. Wait for the Provisional Ballots!
  249. A few quick clarifications...
  250. Our most important goal was accomplished regardless