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  1. Climate gate round II - The source code!
  2. "Even if they were lying to us, what are they gaining?" (Global warming)
  3. UK Met Office to publish climate records
  4. Is Putin behind the leaked Climategate e-mails???
  5. World's newspapers unite to urge climate change action
  6. 1958 Documentary talked about Global Warming!
  7. 1,200 limos, 140 private planes Copenhagen climate summit
  8. Lord Monckton: Global Warming big scientific fad
  9. Webb Warns Obama on Taking Action in Copenhagen
  10. ClimateGate and Inquisition of Galileo (VIDEO)
  11. CNN Does Hour Long Hit Piece On Climategate
  12. Copenhagen climate summit: Barack Obama given power to cut greenhouse gases
  13. Copenhagen climate summit in disarray after 'Danish text' leak
  14. Lord Monckton interviewed by Alex Jones 12/8/09
  15. [VIDEO] ~ Al Gore talks about Climate Gate
  16. Media coverage: Tiger Woods vs. Climategate
  17. 'Stossel' premieres tonight on Fox Business 8pm ET 12/10/09 - Climate 'Crisis'
  18. John Stossel Rips Apart Global Warming!
  19. Obama Threatens Congress: Regulate Greenhouse Gas or Hurt Business
  20. Journalist asks inconvenient question on Climategate....Police intervene!
  21. *VIDEO* Global One Child Policy as Solution for Climate Change on O'Reilly 12/11/09
  22. GOP: Copenhagen could 'destroy millions of American jobs'
  23. Lord Gangsta' Monckton Lays the Smackdown on AGW Ecofascists
  24. 700+ people have been arrested at Copenhagen climate change protest
  25. AP: Climate e-mails do not show fraud"
  26. [VIDEO] Lord Monckton Vs Greenpeace On The Streets
  27. climate change: a chance for a Libertarian/Progressive/Conservative alliance
  28. Lord Monckton Totally Destroys Global Warming & Greenpeace!
  29. Climate Treaty Would Create New Global Agencies to Transfer $ & Technology from U.S.
  30. China, India Bring Climate Talks To Halt
  31. Lord Monckton giving the greenies a dressing down
  32. Ron Paul about Copenhagen (AJ Show)
  33. Gore at climate talks: Polar ice may go in 5 years [does he really believe it?]
  34. Hitler is not too happy about Climategate!
  35. 21st-Century Hitler Youth Pranks Lord Monckton
  36. My worthless senator responds to my letter about clomate chang w/ a form letter....
  37. Chinese undermine hopes of Copenhagen climate deal
  38. Russian "think tank" linked to Putin claims UK Global Warming numbers were rigged
  39. IRONY! Mild weathered Copenhagen just got hit with an early blizzard!
  40. Climategate goes SERIAL: now the Russians confirm that UK climate scientists manipula
  41. More Climategate: British Meteorology Office manipulated data from Russia
  42. History repeats itself - climate change...
  43. Live Stream From Climate Conference
  44. Swarzennager to host UN global warming summit for state and city governments
  45. Lord Monckton Assaulted By Danish Police
  46. An anti-tax to address global emissions
  47. BREAKING NEWS Climate deal reached in Copenhagen
  48. Obama announces climate change deal with China, other nations
  49. Lindsey Graham is STILL pimping the Global Warming agenda!
  50. Monckton: Globalists actually got what they wanted at Copenhagen
  51. Tony Blair: Global Warming science may NOT be correct; still urges Govt controls
  52. Is ClimateGate a "Tempest in a Teacup" ? Leftists think so
  53. Council on Foreign Relations is disappointed that Copenhagen is largely a Failure
  54. Mockton says Copenhagen has failed
  55. Barack Obama’s climate deal unravels at last moment
  56. Climategate Exposes Wikipedia Manipulation
  57. Shakedown in Copenhagen by Patrick J. Buchanan
  58. Ventura Conspiracy Theory Ep 3 - Global Warming
  59. Copenhagen Summits goal is not to save the environment
  60. How to silence most Global Warming Do-Gooders
  61. "Climate-change action needs a Pearl Harbor moment "
  62. Czech Pres. Vaclav Klaus Says Global Warming "New Religion" not Science
  63. Global Warming being blamed for cold temps! LOL
  64. Lord Christopher Monckton: The United Nations Push for a Marxist One World Government
  65. The Chilling Effect of Global Warming
  66. Good video on global warming by Weather Channel founder
  67. Climategate v. Boxer: stop cap-&-tax
  68. Forget Global Warming; COLD Kills
  69. Global Warming: The Other Side (Special By John Coleman, Founder of The Weather Chan)
  70. The CIA and the New "Cold" War
  71. Pay no attention to George C Marshall
  72. UN Bases Climate-change Forecast on Decade-old Speculation
  73. UN climate report riddled with errors on glaciers
  74. HR 1835: incentive or subsidy
  75. UN Releases More Evidence Against Global Warming Fraud
  76. Lawns Contribute to Global Warming..?
  77. Oceans Douse the Flames of Global Warming
  78. The Science (Fiction) of the Greenhouse Effect
  79. Osama bin Laden, a Global Warming Activist?
  80. The Phenomenon Formerly Known as Global Warming (Yes... He did.)
  81. Glaciergate, Climategate and Osama bin Laden
  82. Are the Polar Ice Caps Melting?
  83. Stossel Show - Global Warming!
  84. LOL...global warming....DC area under record 3 feet of snow
  85. Prince Charles: "Global Warming skeptics are all Liars"
  86. Blizzards Caused by Global "Warming"?
  87. Sustainable design(Debate Question)
  88. Global Warming Conference canceled because of Blizzard
  89. BEST post about AGW(global warming) and the Left I have read thus far, by R.S. McCain
  90. A Question for Glenn Beck on Global Warming and Conspiracy
  91. Snowmageddon and a New Global Warming Office
  92. Leading Global Warming Believer Now Admits There Hasn't Been Any for 15 Years
  93. A few questions about this sub-forum
  94. EPA Under the Greenhouse Gas Gun
  95. Will Scientists Come Clean on Global Warming?
  96. Top U.N. Climate Official Resigns
  97. Climate Scientist Admits No Warming in 15 Years
  98. VIDEO: Al Gore "A Warming Story"
  99. Beck changes his tune on global warming
  100. Alex Jones: Neo-Cons Reject Ron Paul Again & Beck Now Believes in Global Warming
  101. Heavyweights Call for Global-warming Probes
  102. Rising Sea Theory Retracted
  103. Climate Change Study Shenanigans
  104. Some thoughts from Mark Twain on the subject
  105. Head of 'Climategate' research unit admits he hid data
  106. Baby girl survives after being shot in parents' 'global warming suicide pact'
  107. Global Warming: Hoax of the Century By Patrick J. Buchanan
  108. Forget Global Warming, the Earth's Axis has changed!
  109. Gore's Climatological Pelagianism and the IPCC
  110. Senator Graham calls cap-and-trade plan dead
  111. Global Warming Causes Blizzards. Really?!
  112. Fraud?
  113. National Geographic's "Wolf Wars" Flacks for Radical Greens
  114. Gallup Poll: Less Fear of Global Warming
  115. U.S. House Candidate Dr. Dan Eichenbaum -Signs No Tax Pledge
  116. CowGate: Expert report says Claims of Livestock Causing Global Warming are False
  117. Global Warming Alarmism Dying a Slow Death
  118. Enviro-mental
  119. Suspend Democracy to Save the World from Global Warming
  120. The Koch brothers deserve Medals for exposing the Global Warming Hoax
  121. Ecocide
  122. the lil ole volcano in iceland is not quieting down...
  123. What did you do to celebrate Earth Day?
  124. The Compact Fuorescent Light (CFL) Bulb Is Not Environmentally Friendly
  125. EPA Offers Cash for Propaganda
  126. NWO refuses to fund their own propaganda!
  127. Maurice Strong, global warming, world government, & Report from Iron Mountain
  128. Earth Is Cooling, Sea Levels Not Rising, Scientists Say
  129. European Public Turns Against Climate-change Theory
  130. CEI Sues NASA to Disclose Global Warming Info
  131. Climate-change Science
  132. Earthquake Thread
  133. Maurice Strong interviewed by UK Guardian
  134. Senate Democrats Plot 'Impenetrable' Path to Victory for Unwritten Climate Bill
  135. Murray Rothbard reveals the enviromental movement
  136. Dutch Admit More Bad Global-Warming Science
  137. Russell Report Whitewashes Climategate Scandal
  138. 750 Peer-Reviewed Papers Supporting Skepticism of "Man-Made" Global Warming Alarm
  139. Alarmist 'State of the Climate' Report Draws Fire
  140. Vote Vet commercials about H.R.2454
  141. SuperFreakonomics and Global Cooling
  142. 1st seven months of the year hottest ever
  143. EU Parliament Roger Helmer Denounces Global Warming; Says: Follow the Money
  144. Environmental authoritarianism
  145. Book Review - Climategate: A Veteran Meteorologist Exposes the Global Warming Scam
  146. Two more developments with evidence of fraud
  147. Physicist Harold Lewis: Climate Change a "Pseudoscientific Swindle"
  148. What In the World Are They Spraying
  149. Book Review: "Green Hell" | Exposing the Green World Order
  150. Ethanol Harming Small Engines
  151. 700 Scientists are going to take on the deniers...
  152. EPA and U.S. Production Controls
  153. Chicago Climate Exchange Closes in Silence
  154. Weather Modification Pilot/Technician Distinguished Service Award or Chem trail pilot
  155. Siberian Methane: The Latest Eco-boogeyman
  156. Climate Scaremongering in Cancun Reaches New Heights
  157. COP16: United Nations & Big Business Call for Global Light Bulb Ban to Save Climate
  158. Eco-rationing and the War against the West
  159. Not Exacly fighting global warming but fighting BS anyway
  160. UN Climate Kooks:Petition to cripple US economy & ban H2O!
  161. WikiLeaks Climate Revelations Spark Fury, Gloating
  162. Climatism! by Steve Goreham
  163. No!
  164. Prominent Climatologists Skeptical of AGW Alarm
  165. 850 Peer-Reviewed Papers Supporting Skepticism of "Man-Made" Global Warming (AGW) Alarm
  166. Do CFCs do anything? And if so, does the Ozone Layer actually protect us from radiation?
  167. Obama's Climate Czar Announces Resignation
  168. Decrees by Obama's Czars Threaten America's Energy — And Our Freedom
  169. People Are a Big Problem to Environmentalists
  170. "Green" Wind Power Devastates Environment in China
  171. Surprise: GE Receives First EPA Regulation Exemption
  172. Is Global Warming Causing Winter Storms?
  173. Newt Gingrich's Contract with the Earth: Pseudo-Science, Big Government
  174. Republicans Seek Repeal of Incandescent Bulb Ban
  175. United Nations' Green Economy May Cost $2.5 Trillion a Year
  176. Obama's Favorite Solar Manufacturer Flounders
  177. Lord Monckton on AJ
  178. Environmentalists Against Windpower?
  179. Power Shift 2011: White House, Dem Leaders Enable, Encourage & Empower Enviro-Radicals
  180. The World Will Run Out of Breathable Air Unless Carbon Is Cut