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  1. 'Bill Clinton: His Life', like watching sewage treatment...
  2. Politico: Clinton would cream Giuliani, poll finds
  3. Edwards PWNS Hillary in new ad
  4. stupid question, can Bill Clinton be VP?
  5. Dreamt about Obama and Ron last night...
  6. JOHN EDWARDS copied our Ron Paul Mosaic
  7. No predicition from Obama on Dr. Paul
  8. "Clinton aides plant student's question" -- Scarlett & Black (Grinnell College)
  9. Clinton bad press
  10. Hillary Clinton: A Bilderberg Presidency - NAU here we come!
  11. Meet Obama
  12. Links to Clinton Planting Questions?
  13. Obama supporters copycat OUR success (trying)
  14. Speaking of Obama: From the "left," he doesn't pass the smell test
  15. Obama addresses 9000 screaming supporters
  16. Obama matched Pauls 4.3 million today
  17. Giuliani vs Clinton
  18. CNN planting questions for Clinton
  19. Edwards, Huckabee, Thompson Each Go One-on-One
  20. Obama sure told that old lady
  21. Obama ship is taking on water...
  22. obama surging ahead of clinton
  23. Obama the homophobe
  24. Hillary Clinton; Saving Lives and Taking Names
  25. Cheney is 8th Cousin of Obama
  26. Obama on the war?
  27. Bush/Clinton Dynasty
  28. CFR Obama would gladly bump Franklin
  29. OBAMA INHALES! News of the Century!!!
  30. Bill Clinton clearly references BUSH's NEO-CONS in this video
  31. Hillary Clinton relying on elderly women to help her win Iowa
  32. My mom got a response from Barak Obama concerning homegrown terrorism act
  33. Hillary Clinton, and why we need a female VP to win
  34. I love Huckabee supporters.
  35. Hostages Taken At Clinton Campaign HQ (NH)
  36. Hilary Clinton on tv all day today in new hampshire
  37. Okay guys, some info on Troy Stanley, the clinton hostage taker
  38. Your thoughts on the Clinton HQ incident
  39. Mike Huckabee Raised Taxes More Than Bill Clinton Himself
  40. Huckabee, the Clinton puppet...
  41. Polls: Huckabee, Obama take Iowa lead
  42. Obama, Huckabee Surging In Iowa
  43. Obama money bomb FAILS!
  44. Clinton Facade of Inevitabiltity Crashes and Burns
  45. John Edwards part of CFR propaganda hit team to destroy Russian sovereignty
  46. Clinton Campaign remarks on RP Fundraising
  47. "Gennifer Flowers Mulls Vote for Clinton" -- AP/Breitbart.com
  48. Hilllary Clinton Bad/Funny Photo Repository
  49. Mitt Romney=John Kerry?
  50. The Rupert Murdoch - Hillary Clinton Connection
  51. O'Reilly morally dumbfounded at how to respond to atheist about Romney speach
  52. Is Barack Obama anti-war?
  53. Huck vs. Romney Pardons
  54. Hillary Clinton Illegally Fundraises & Perjury.
  55. Obama Supports Homegrown Terrorism Bill
  56. Bloston Globe: Romney ad criticizes Huckabee on immigration
  57. Barack Obama (?)
  58. Huckabee Broke, Romney Borrows, Giuliani Ducks Terrorist Ties
  59. Romney Purchases largest Communications Company in America
  60. Romney, Huckabee On DE Ballot; Thompson Misses Mark
  61. Obama Pwns Hillary
  62. Hillary supporter steals Ron Paul banner
  63. Mitt Romney: Constitutional Expert
  64. Rodham Clinton called out on war - CRAZY ANSWER
  65. Don't let Hillary win!
  66. Bombs Away!!! Unload on Hillary!
  67. Romney..the Tax haven king! BUSTED!
  68. Imagine: Hillary vs Rudy vs Bloomberg
  69. Why Huckabee Might Be Helping Romney
  70. The Cartoon Mitt Romney Doesn’t Want You To See
  71. Bill Clinton: George H.W. Bush will help President Hillary
  72. John Edwards - Out of the race :)
  73. I saw in the news, Magic Johson endorses Hiliary Clinton
  74. Movie about Hillary
  75. John Edwards Love Child Scandal—Developing
  76. Mitt Romney Dreamed the Whole "My Dad Marched w MLK" Thing
  77. Hillary bringing you gifts by stealing you money
  78. BUSTED! Clinton links to funds in Cayman Islands
  79. Creepy Hillary Clinton Fundraising Video
  80. Chris Mathews Blasts Hillary on Morning Joe (Very Funny)
  81. GOPUSA: Presidential Race: Tancredo Out; Giuliani Falling
  82. Giuliani 4th in Latest Rasmussen
  83. Tancredo endorsement. Romney??
  84. Dirt on Tancredo's Endorsement: Romney
  85. Hillary Censoring her Youtube videos
  86. Racial Supremacists support Obama. MSM dead silent.
  87. Cooter luvs John Edwards LOL
  88. Tancredo Endorses Romney!
  89. Good News 4 us - Larry Craig just endorsed Romney LOL! - VIDEO
  90. Romney abd Medical Marijuana
  91. Romney to 'Go After' Video Games
  92. Romney blasts McCain for opposing tax cuts
  93. Governor George Romney born in Mexico
  94. NH Concord Monitor slams Romney
  95. We thought RP got it bad today, look what the MSM did to Romney
  96. Enthusiastic John Edwards kids!!!!!
  97. Clinton urges Iowa voters to caucus on wrong day
  98. An Annoying Urge To Make an Anti-Hillary Video to Eight Easy Steps
  99. Romney ignores man in wheelchair
  100. Barack Obama - Professor of Constitutional Law - SO WHAT?!?!
  101. Clinton urges Iowa voters to caucus on wrong day!
  102. Obama on Iran, spread this like a disease
  103. Opps: Clinton urges Iowa voters to caucus on wrong day
  104. Pass it on! Hillary Gaining Support!!
  105. Looking for some good links to bury Obama
  106. Obama And Lobbyists Spread This Everywhere!
  107. Romney symbolizes GOP's problems
  108. The Romney backlash: Conservatives are coming home
  109. What happens if Edwards wins Iowa?
  110. Hillary buys 2 minutes of airtime in Iowa
  111. A lot of Barack supporters are racist. A lot of Hillary supporters are sexist.
  112. Sneak preview of John McCain's secret anti-Romney ad - MUST SEE!
  113. Romney call's people in middle of the night
  114. Is there a webpage with a good/verified list of examples of Clinton malfeasance?
  115. Dirty politics against Romney
  116. Romney mailing anti-mormon letters to gain sympathy?
  117. Mitt Romney signs suddenly appearing in SC
  118. Hey Hucky! Hey Romney, Hey Rudy, Hey McCain..
  119. Hillary: Pakistan Troops Might Have Killed Bhutto
  120. Just for laughs: Romney
  121. How the Liberal media defeated Gov. Browns bid against Clinton
  122. YouTube - Giuliani New York Magazine Scandal
  123. Romney has no support
  124. Bay Buchanan Joins Romney For President
  125. Huck does have a point about Romney
  126. Paul Rivals Clinton
  127. how OBAMA raises millions... SELL TICKETS to see the "rockstar" lol
  128. Tancredo on Fox shilling for Romney...
  129. Kucinich Sells Out, Tells Caucusers to Pick Obama as Second Choice
  130. Edwards Calls for Troop Pullout over 10 Months
  131. Hunting with Hillary
  132. Giuliani versus Mussolini
  133. How much does Romney own??? clear channel?
  134. Michael Moore and CNN's Lou Dobbs lash out at HILLARY!
  135. Giuliani wants to double troops in Afghanistan
  136. Give this new Obama girl video a crap rating and make the following comments...
  137. Bravo to Romney! Attack Ad that takes on Huckabee using Chuck Norris
  138. Hillary going to nursing homes offering to bus everyone for free. LOL
  139. Huckabee vs Hillary
  140. is Romney finished ?
  141. About to make a super-sarcastic ad about Obama, anyone got some dirt?
  142. Romney launching "Call at Home" campaign
  143. Obama video I made entitled "CHANGE" (sarcastic as I can be)
  144. WTF?? OBAMA is hope?
  145. Why Obama is rising
  146. Obama affiliated with a Communist / Anti-American church!!!
  147. *OFFICIAL* Letterman Top Ten Mike Huckabee Facts
  148. Romney the gambling Mormon
  149. Obama is guaranteed to be at least VP Democrat Nominee
  150. Obama: Volunteerism and College Education
  151. Obama Vulnerable on Illegal Immigration
  152. Huckabee On C-SPAN
  153. Mike Huckabee Congratulates Canada on its Igloo
  154. Wife said she thinks Romney LOOKS more like a president...
  155. Help with question about Obama??
  156. Obama / Hillary / Edwards = NEOCONS
  157. VDare piece on Huckabee and CFR etc.
  158. Obama Believes in Premptive war. Democrat?
  159. Huckabee the crazy. "Signed up for god's army."
  160. Would a Hillary drop out give Obama the nomination?
  161. Huckabee:"Natural resources belong to everybody"
  162. Hillary starts to cry.
  163. Bloody Boots on the Ground Huckabee
  164. obama smokes - why elect him?
  165. Digg Bury Brigade: Obama
  166. CNN: Hillary Whining and Crazy on TV: Are you serious?
  167. Mike Huckabee beating us in fundraising (Graph link)
  168. Hillary plays Wag The Dog
  169. Did Crying Help Hillary?
  170. Bill Clinton or Mike Huckabee
  171. Huckabee jumps to first nationally
  172. Dick Armey on Huckabee
  173. Huckabee vows to defy birthright citizenship
  174. Romney States 1st Or 2nd..luntz Poll
  175. Obama foreign policy advisor supports world government
  176. How To Win the Evangelicals Away From Huckabee
  177. Vote Black - New Obama Ad on BET
  178. Why Obama is Hot and Clinton is Not
  179. NEWS FLASH! Huckabee Flip-Flops on His 14th Ammendment Statements
  180. Urgent Release! Obama Saves Kenya? Or His Family's Business?
  181. Giuliani definition of Freedom????
  182. Could anyone beat a Clinton/Obama ticket?
  183. Here's looking at you Hillary
  184. Ugh, the Katie Couric interview with Hillary sucks.
  185. Romney raises 5 mil today but only 1.5 mil for primary election
  186. Hillary Wins an Oscar
  187. Will the real Hillary please "sit down."
  188. Huckabee and Mainstream Media Ignorance
  189. Check out this Huckabee Press Release
  190. The Bush/Clinton Tag Team Dynasty
  191. Giuliani Slips to 9% nationally
  192. Gravel tells it like it is - Obama is NOT change
  193. Mike Huckabee BACKTRACKING on Illegal Immigration
  194. Mitt Romney Spambots! Check out these IRC Logs from 12/20/2007
  195. Digg: Chat logs proving the existence of Romney Spam Bots!
  196. great hillary vid... caught lying by her peers
  197. Kerry endorses Obama screwing his former running mate Edwards.
  198. Digg: Proof of Romney spambots!
  199. Is it me or does Romney talk like a 16 year old?
  200. The media wants Obama
  201. Interesting Facts About Obama´s Church!
  202. Who was more conservative? Bush or Clinton?
  203. Giuliani probably almost broke
  204. Could Giuliani be out of money already?
  205. Proof Huckabee is really a Democrat!
  206. Hillary Clinton on Gun Control
  207. Giuliani & Israel
  208. Giuliani Gets Exposed As Fraud by Firefighters
  209. Hillary Clinton Is A Felon!
  210. Brand, Market Adoption, and President Obama
  211. Reagan On Giuliani: "I Think He's Crazy"
  212. Huckabee Spokesman endorses Paul! - HYSTERICAL!
  213. Giuliani REALLY HURTING NOW...
  214. Digg: Giuliani Campaign Almost Broke!
  215. Huckabee Contest
  216. Huckabee thinks "the lord is returning soon"
  217. Giuliani is on CNN talking baout his tax plan
  218. Anti-Huckabee Ad Running in SC
  219. Watch a new Mike Huckabee video on utube.
  220. John McCain Ineligible To Be President [Mod: Info is disputed]
  221. Here we go: Obama promises $75 billion in handouts
  222. Obama is the real Racist.
  223. The Dark Side of Mike Huckabee (article)
  224. introducing a former Obama supporter to Paul
  225. Barack Obama Plans Massive Govt. Give-Away
  226. Giuliani we appreciate you participating too
  227. Why does Barack Obama have a New Black Panther party supporter on his official site?
  228. Fox Wants Hillary to Win
  229. The Giuliani Implosion
  230. The Giuliani Implosion
  231. WTF? Huckabee: The Constitution Should Be Amended To Conform To The Word Of God
  232. Mike Huckabee Had A Snowball Fight
  233. Giuliani tossed my crying baby 'like a football'
  234. Huckabee says to amend constitution to "God's standards"
  235. Is Romney a closet anchor baby?
  236. Huckabee now steals Ron's idea on visas from countries that sponsor terrorism
  237. Mike Huckabee: "We need to amend to constitution to be in God's Standards"
  238. Is there any truth to this (regarding obama)?
  239. The Bill of Rights as amended by Huckabee. (Or with minor changes any Rep or Dem)
  240. If McCain or Huckabee Gets the Nomination, It Will Destroy GOP
  241. Romney wants to be your boss, and people hate their boss
  242. Giuliani might loose in Florida
  243. BREAKING: Granny Warrior says EBAY CEO Romney campaign chairman
  244. Since Sept 2006... John McCain has NOTE VOTED on almost 56% legislation in the Senate
  245. Huckabee says there is a conspiracy against him
  246. Glenn Greenwood Calls out CNN's John King on McCain ass kissing.
  247. Clooney supports Obama.
  248. Things to be aware of (Mike Huckabee)
  249. Giuliani Admits he isn't a republican
  250. Huckabee: "If your roommate won't vote for me, lock him in the dorm!"