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  1. Christian Science Monitor Reporter Called Me About Barr
  2. The good news: Barr/Baldwin/write-in Paul/Whatever
  3. Is Bob Barr 'Hope for America?' A Libertarian's Critique
  4. McCain can't sell tickets to his fundraiser
  5. Kotecki On Barr
  6. Walter is running for President!
  7. Bob Barr is currently the 3rd top story on Yahoo!
  8. Barr to be on MSNBC now May 27
  9. I Didn't Know Third Party Politics Was so Ugly
  10. McCain Mispronounces Ahmedinejad!
  11. Just donated $100 to Barr, who's with me?
  12. HuffingtonPost.com hopes Barr gores McCain
  13. Bob Barr Endorsed Ron Paul For The Libertarian Nomination
  14. Kubby Urges Support For Barr/Root Ticket
  15. The Whig Party Endorses Bob Barr and Rips Apart the other 2 Candidates
  16. If Ron Paul endorsed Bob Barr would you vote for him?
  17. V for Vendetta? Barr 2008 == Buchanan 2000 ?
  18. Libertarian candidate Barr? LOL
  19. John McCain gets Heckled During Non-Proliferation Speech!
  20. Bob Barr? Candidate, Opportunist, Traitor, Hero...who is he?
  21. McCain promises to spend all of our Treasure winning in Iraq
  22. McCain Economic Policy Shaped by Bank Lobbyist
  23. Bob Barr Rips Bush Administration on Privacy Issues
  24. The LP as "The Party of Principle" is DEAD
  25. McCain Admits to Watching "Obama Girl" Video
  26. "Worse Than Bush" - On foreign policy, McCain is more of a neocon than Bush
  27. John McCain's Lobbyist Problem Just Got Worse, Remember his Friend Phill Gramm?
  28. Dear Libertarian Party: I want to break up -- Michelle L.
  29. Dick Cheney for LP Nominee 2012!!!
  30. Constitution Party Presidential candidate Dr. Chuck Baldwin EXPOSES John McCain
  31. Baldwin Or Barr - Poll
  32. Libertarian Party 1972 - 2008: Rest in Peace.
  33. Barr will be on The Colbert Report
  34. While supporting RP, we need to start discussing Bob Barr
  35. Eric Dondero Supports Barr takeover of RP Revolution!
  36. Liberal Democrats for Bob Barr
  37. He’s No Obama, but Bob Barr’s Fundraising and Media Spike Continues
  38. Chuck Baldwin to speak at the JBS 50th Anniversary Celebration -- October 2-5, 2008
  39. Bob Barr the protectionist
  40. A Libertarian's First Day As President
  41. Ron Paul interviewed on antiwar radio - does not know who he will vote for
  42. Why to choose Bob Barr and not Chuck Baldwin
  43. Ron Criticized by LP VP nominee, Wayne Allyn Root
  44. Barr should attack McCain and cost election
  45. Baldwin Vs Barr Debate?
  46. Why democrats never wanted clinton
  47. Mary Ruwart will NOT endorse Bob Barr
  48. One more adviser from McCain is going to bite the dust?
  49. Meaning of Root's "Bangs" Discovered
  50. Baldwin will not be on over 1/2 of state ballots
  51. Obama A closet constitutionalist?
  52. An Obama conspiracy?
  53. Ron Paul Libertarian for U.S. Senate in Michigan
  54. McCain has already won the Nov Election ~ Electorial College votes McCain 270 vs Obam
  55. Sweet Bob Barr T shirt!!!
  56. Baldwin acceptance speech
  57. Barr already at 6% in Rasmussen poll!!!
  58. Barr sets out foreign policy vision
  59. (Bloomberg News) - McCain's Reformer Role May Falter Amid Lobbyist Ties
  60. Regardless of whether your 2nd choice is Baldwin or Barr...
  61. June 14 FLAG DAY Moneybomb
  62. Restoring Liberty, By Dr. Charles Baldwin
  63. Ron Paul finally Answers Question on Endorsing Bob Barr
  64. Bob Barr Blimp with "Peace & Sound Money" on Both Side Panels
  65. Bob Barr On Glenn Beck and The Fed
  66. ron says will stay out of endorsing
  67. Chuck Baldwin believes in Freedom of Religion
  68. Root calls RP foreign policy "naive and weak"
  69. Huckabee Supporters for Baldwin
  70. Baldwin cant do anything being on 20 state ballots
  71. BobBarrForums.com
  72. Bob Barr and William Barr
  73. Will you support the war monger/drug warrior duo?
  74. ALERT: John McCain has magic foreign policy knowledge.
  75. Why I support Bob Barr here's why - NYC Meetup founder
  76. EVERY party appears to be FUBAR'D
  77. Bob Barr on Glenn Beck TV for the hour - 6/4/2008
  78. Bob Barr Preaches Ron Paul's Liberty Message On FOX News 06/01/2008 [YouTube]
  79. CS Monitor: Ron Paul supporters are deciding between Chuck Baldwin and Bob Barr
  80. Kn@ppster asks: "Could Bob Barr be our next president?"
  81. Investigating Baldwin... Investigating Barr... Both, Neither or ???
  82. Democracy is NOT FREEDOM - By Ron Paul - Good RIDDANCE Mike Gravel!
  83. Your opinion on Barr/Root
  84. Let McCain Know Who His VP Should REALLY Be!
  85. How to beat both Democrats and Republicans
  86. Bob Barr Rejects Racist Support
  87. Libertarian Party Ballot Access
  88. Which is worse McCain or Obama
  89. Barr 6% in NC
  90. If you meet McCain ask him this:
  91. I didn't realize Obama girl was an actor
  92. Mike Gravels New YouTube Video...
  93. Only a Miracle Can Save America Now
  94. Baldwin Radio Interview set for Thursday June 5 reset to week of 16th
  95. Who should Baldwin supporter vote for, if he isnt on their state's ballot?
  96. Ron Paul on Bob Barr: We're Allies
  97. Obama Clinches Democratic Nomination - Help Us To Educate His Supporters
  98. Tell Iraqis No Permanent Bases, Says Bob Barr
  99. CATO: Bob Barr "not libertarian" on trade
  100. "Bottle of hot water to dehydrated babies??"
  101. The Path To Ron Paul For Many, Is Through Bob Barr
  102. Hillary discussion
  103. Bob Barr To Be On Bloomberg TV Night Talk Thursday Night
  104. Bob Barr Press Release Calls For Weekly Debates With Obama And McCain
  105. Does Chuck Baldwin Support Internet Gaming Rights?
  106. Obama vows to stop Iran from having nuclear arms
  107. Constitution Party - Ballot Progress Report 08 (Help with Ballot Access!)
  108. Please Explain How Obama is the Winner
  109. Isn't Barr on Colbert today?
  110. Barr to play serious role in Election
  111. That vid of Barr introducing Paul a while ago
  112. The Real Reason Obama Announced Democratic Nominee!!!!
  113. Hillary Makes Speech to AIPAC about Obama
  114. Tom Knapp to seek Boston Tea Party VP nomination
  115. McCain sidesteps answer about his faith
  116. McCain on illegal immigration: "we're all equal"
  117. Since Ron Paul will not run in Nov. can we support Chuck Baldwin on the grassroots?
  118. John McCain's breathtaking speech
  119. Bob Barr on Colbert Report [VIDEO]
  120. We should support Bob Barr AND Chuck Baldwin!
  121. Do You Support Nader's Lower Voting Age Position?
  122. Bob Barr Media Appearance CHANGES (None Tonight)
  123. Banned from Hannity for calling McCain a coward
  124. John McCain's obvious defeat is starting to be clear to everyone else
  125. Help promote the REAL GOP Ticket! (Fun for RP supporters in the GOP!!!)
  126. Polls show Obama and McCain 2 percent apart
  127. eMail from Joseph Lieberman - for 'Cain
  128. Know GOP'ers who crossed-over & voted for Clinton? (or McCain) Play w their minds!!!
  129. Please note: Chuck Baldwin Interview on RevBroad is reset
  130. I retract my disgust of Bob Barr.
  131. New Bob Barr Campaign Commercial!
  132. Why McCain challenged Obama to many debates...answer is here.
  133. Funny McCain Video
  134. If bob barr were to take a strong stand on illegal immigration it would help
  135. Bob Barr On Glenn Beck (Energy Independence) From 06/05/2008 [YouTube]
  136. Chuck Baldwin Consolidation
  137. Anita Andrews running for president instead of chuck
  138. McCain/Jesus '08
  139. Chuck Baldwin or Bob Barr
  140. Viguerie has NO shame!
  141. ** Bob Barr Glenn Beck FULL HOUR [YouTube] **
  142. ChuckBaldwinForums.com
  143. OBAMA fans...
  144. Bob Barr on Glenn Beck
  145. Why John McCain Must Lose This Election
  146. Hillary is officially out
  147. Best Wishes to the hundreds of new people on the new Anita/baldwin campaign
  148. Bob Barr on Glen Beck
  149. correction on post for andrews no-real-upheaval in baldwin campaign
  150. Clinton Formally Suspends Campaign
  151. We Must Support Obama! (Mod Note: Sarcasm)
  152. Does Bob Barr hate the Fed?
  153. McCain & Obama: They vote the same...
  154. John McCain: "Foot soldier in the reagan revolution!"
  155. Huckabee does the Heimlich; Saves Candidate for NC Governor!!
  156. McCain Wont Dignify Questions
  157. Is anyone else getting this excuse from Obama people?
  158. McCain vs. Obama
  159. Bob Barr: "The Constitution must come before any political party."
  160. The Wife McCain left behind
  161. Bob Barr crew, how much of this is true?
  162. Barr-Root (Brute) Force?
  163. URGENT!: McCain Admitted he'd be too old to run in 2008 (in 2000)!!!!
  164. Teenybopper Ron Paul Supporters say they can't vote for "CIA Bob Barr" - WTF? (Video)
  165. Barr Censors His Own Record?
  166. Why is McCain getting $58,000 in disability income?
  167. Slanderous YouTube Video Against McCain...Oh, But There's NO LINK!
  168. Robert Kiyosaki ( Rich Dad, Poor Dad ) likes Chuck Baldwin!
  169. McCain: We should deliver bottled hot water to dehydrated babies. WTF?
  170. Obama Supports National Finger Print Registry Bill
  171. Obama's Plan For Change
  172. Rudy on WFAN this afternoon "I raised 2nd most amount of $"
  173. Kucinich on C-Span NOW introducing 35 Articles of Impeachment
  174. Bob Barr on Bloomberg TV right now - watch live
  175. ** Bob Barr Bloomberg Interview 06/09/2008 YouTube **
  176. Obamamania
  177. Barack Bamboozle
  178. Obama admin will open the door for Pres Swartzenegger
  179. Bob Barr Writing for Huffington Post
  180. Did anyone see McCain on TV last night? He looked "puffy."
  181. Prohibition Again? McCain promises to veto every BEER!
  182. Barr on drugs (pics_
  183. How is McCain beating Obama in the AOL straw poll?
  184. Bob Barr: "I was wrong on the War on Drugs --- It's a failure."
  185. Senate race recount SC
  186. They're DIFFERENT! We SWEAR!
  187. The Secret Friendship of Hillary Clinton and John McCain...
  188. McCain promises higher Gas prices!
  189. Take care of these Neocons...
  190. Dems want impeachment, NON-LEADER Obama prefers Bush in office to contrast
  191. Bob Barr on Waco
  192. Obama names Jason Furman as top Economic Adviser
  193. How John McCain betrayed the Vietnamese peasant who saved his life
  194. McCain: American troops return from Iraq -- not important
  195. Obama Ad In Haaretz
  196. Anheuser-Busch and Cindy McCain to be purchased by Belgium
  197. Paul: 'People will have a chance' with Barr
  198. Je ne sais quoi
  199. A PATRIOT SUMMIT!: We need to push for it now!
  200. Doesn't matter when troops return--McInSane
  201. Awesome Baldwin 08 test site
  202. Looks Like Obama Flip Flopped On The Iraq War!!
  203. Ok, Ron Paul is history. But surely we can all help Bob Barr.
  204. *** Bob Barr Money Bomb July 2nd NICE SITE: barrbomb.com ***
  205. If you guys like Bob Barr...
  206. Constitution Party's 'Ron Paul' - Chuck Baldwin
  207. 14 GOP Congressmen have refused to endorse McCain
  208. Now what? Bob Barr or write-in?
  209. Constitution Party Ballot Access
  210. Comparing Ron Paul and Bob Barr on the crucial issues of the day
  211. McCain
  212. McCain: "We have to talk up the dollar"
  213. Degrees of Significance: The Nomination of Obama
  214. DIGG - Obama is a Democratic Expansionist
  215. Wayne Allyn Root
  216. Comparing Paul & Barr
  217. Huckabee joining FOX Noise,lol
  218. Who do you think John McCain will choose for Vice President?
  219. Who do you think Barack Obama will choose for Vice President?
  220. McCain Blasted In the Words of His Fellow Republicans
  221. If Not Paul, Then Consider Baldwin
  222. If there was any question on how evil McCain actually is
  223. Why I won't be voting for Bob Barf
  224. If some vote for Barr and some vote for Baldwin and some for Nader, we all get Obama.
  225. Article: Nader Wants Paul Voters
  226. Ron Paul or BUST
  227. Obama says he would cut taxes for middle class (AP)
  228. Interesting short piece on Barr.....
  229. Digg elections. This is just pathetic. LOL
  230. Chuck Baldwin on gay marriage
  231. Obama Says No to North American Union / Yes to SPP though
  232. McCain Cancels Event Over Fundraiser's Rape Remarks
  233. Obamas Brother Speaks
  234. Historian agree, McCain has has little chance
  235. Obama: "I never said we should withdraw the toops..!"
  236. One thing I like about Barr is....
  237. Barr Speech At Texas Libertarian Convention
  238. Would you vote for Chuck Baldwin if Ron Paul Accepted the VP slot?
  239. Al Gore endorses Barack Obama
  240. Russert in 2001: "Robert Barr, one of the most conservative members in the GOP"
  241. Liberty Maven: Ron Paul on the “Write-In Ron Paul” Effort and What About Bob Barr?
  242. McCain at war with himself
  243. Help me with Barr please
  244. The Constitution Party?
  245. Poll: Obama or McCain
  246. Find a Chuck Baldwin Meetup Group near you!
  247. Yahoo News - When McCain Drops Out
  248. McCain: "I'm running to achieve 3 things..."
  249. Gravel interview upcoming (6/19) on Bloomberg
  250. Bob Barr on Neil Cavuto Today 06/18/2008 [YouTube]