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  1. NEWSMAX Poll: Who Should be McCain's VP Running Mate?
  2. Murray Sabrin For U.s. Senate!!!!!
  3. Digg this! [The Obama "just words speech was plagiarized]
  4. Obama Stealing Speeches?
  5. Bush Sr. endorsed McCain
  6. More Than a Feeling
  7. Mobb Deep Questioned About Obama-Instead Plugs Ron Paul!
  8. If Candidates Were Dogs: Fred Thompson (English Bulldog)! LMAO!
  9. Moral obligation to stop McCain
  10. Picture Thread: Ban Candidate Photos
  11. McCain shady connections
  12. Obama / Racists or associates with them???? please check this out.
  13. McCain insiders leak--- McCain Won't Pick Huckabee + Huck details hope for brokered c
  14. Nader-Gravel 08? (Gravel suggests this himself)
  15. Romney the Whisper Joins McCain the Song
  16. Obama - "congress cannot declare war"
  17. Um...this guy...for President 08
  18. Ron Paul Supporters at all mccain events
  19. Want a brokered convention?
  20. Is there any way I can stop McCain from coming to my city?
  21. Obama E-mail
  22. Just Words. Just Not Obama's. Part II
  23. Please help me trash Obama in comments at this video
  24. McCain in trouble for sleeping with lobbyist.
  25. I think HUCKABEE and RON knew this was coming !!
  26. What else is McCain hiding in them cheeks?
  27. Digg It McLameBrain the scumbag
  28. URGENT DIGG: McCain's Instability + POW Years with Vietnamese Prostitutes!
  29. NYT is not doing this for the reason we think
  30. HUCKSTER's Wife is MCCAIN
  31. NY Times Begins the Deconstruction of John McCain!
  32. Rick Perry on Fox about McCain Scandal
  33. NEW VIDEO EVIDENCE: McCain's darkest Secrets REVEALED!!!
  34. Operation Don't Vote - If Mccain Gets The Nomination
  35. Is there any African American Special Interests Wanting Obama In?
  36. Michael Savage Endorses McCain
  37. Cheating Again? McCain Press Conference 9:00am - To Address Latest Adultery News
  38. McCain Has Affair - Then Divorces Crippled Wife - And Marries Young Rich Heiress
  39. NY Times Endorses McCain
  40. I sure hope the NYT does a follow up on McCain
  41. Photos Of Carol Shepp, John McCain’s First Wife
  42. Huckabee calls McCain "Man of integrity"
  43. Letterman Makes Fun of McCain (Video)
  44. McCain question
  45. OMG! Watch out for Hillary!
  46. McCain, Medical Cannabis, Melanoma
  47. Barack Obama Mad Libs
  48. FEC Poses Fresh Problem for McCain
  49. John McCain's campaign finance problems
  50. New Urgent Digg: Other was buried: John McCain's POW Years With Prostitutes
  51. My Sincere Hope For Obama
  52. Watch the Democrat Debate Now
  53. Crowd Applauds When Obama blows His Nose!
  54. McCain Love Fest at Fox
  55. I wonder what Obama's position is on Paul
  56. I wonder what Osama's position is on Paul
  57. funny #1 on google video Obama no legisltive accomplishments
  58. Mudslinging d1gg ! Whitehouse.com makes same polygraph offer to McCain lobbyist
  59. youngest superdelegate says Obama - they are now going crazy
  60. AZ Representative indicted multiple counts campaign fraud - Breaking News
  61. Obama fans burying my comments bashing world government
  62. Security relaxed at Obama speech
  63. BREAKING: Clinton Motorcade Crash, Officer Killed
  64. Help! Does Obama Want Mandatory National Service?
  65. More swiftboating, Newsweek - "A Hole in McCain’s Defense?"
  66. McCain warned by FEC on campaign spending
  67. Why is the secret service protecting Obama?
  68. Arizona Congressman Busted on Extortion Money Fraud
  69. Newsweek catching McCain in a lie?
  70. DIGG this! McCain takes money from the mob!
  71. "John McCain is a Liberal Gun Grabber" by Pastor Chuck Baldwin
  72. It's Raining on McCain-His Co-Chair Hit for Fraud, Extortion
  73. Nader Considering Run-Will We Lose Any People to Him?
  74. FEC Poses Fresh Problem for McCain
  75. So my dad voted for McCain....
  76. John Mccain Fraud And Mob Connections!
  77. Obama Bombshell Leaves McCain Scandal in the Dust
  78. John McCain wants to undo his acceptance of MATCHING FUNDS...LOL.
  79. Secret Service called off security on Obama event...
  80. Frank Luntz Fawns Over Obama--(ugh!)
  81. Obama... stealing more speeches
  82. Thought this was hilarious
  83. MCCAIN hopes that CASTRO dies
  84. McCain-Mafia Connection
  85. Will McCain drop out?
  86. Nader might run again: Meet The Press Sunday!
  87. Picture of Obama looking like a dog!
  88. If McCain chooses Condoleezza Rice for VP, can the Republicans win?
  89. Stop attacking McCain's "Weak" points.
  90. Video: Hillary_the_movie
  91. Please Watch This Mccain Video
  92. Walter for President?
  93. Nader just announced he is running for President
  94. is mandatory national service a good idea??
  95. A question for McCain supporters that should make them think
  96. Consumer advocate Nader starts presidential bid
  97. Creepy Endorsement of Nader by Anonymous
  98. Obama's Views on Illegal Immigration
  99. What's the Dirt on Nadar?
  100. DNC To File FEC Complaint Over Over McCain Funding Controversy
  101. Files and McCain Letter Show Effort to Keep Loophole
  102. It's Over, John McCain won the Nomination
  103. Hillary says shame on you Barack Obama
  104. Howard Dean after McCain
  105. Nader
  106. The real Obama
  107. Un-freaking-believable
  108. Nader Announces Run for President
  109. Help Ralph Nadar get on the Ballot
  110. McCain Says He Could Lose Over War Issue!!
  111. McCain just flip flopped on 100 years
  112. Texas neocons voting for obama
  113. Cindy McCain Stole Drugs From Charity
  114. John McCain not on the Indiana ticket! Is this true?
  115. Romney may re - enter the race, according to his son. . .
  116. delegates figured, fat chance McCain will get the nomination
  117. Obama's Al Qaeda links and the Clinton attack machine
  118. Exposing the truth about McCain is not "smearing" him
  119. Video: Sig Heil McCain!
  120. Obama Will not See the Presidency
  121. Vote for John Mclane
  122. VOTEVET attack ad on McCain
  123. McCain Naturalized, Not Natural-Born => Disqualified
  124. La Times Article! Great!
  125. Gravel Sues Pro-Hillary 527
  126. Front page of DRUDGE REPORT: McCain's elligibility comes into question...
  127. McFly has 1013 Delegates?
  128. FOX turns on McCain
  129. McCain eligible to be President or not?
  130. i will vote against McCain thread
  131. I'm warming up to Obama
  132. Juan Pablo McCain isn't making conservative friends
  133. Yes we can!!!
  134. "Murray Bomb" HTML Myspace Bulletin (courtesy of Kacela)
  135. Cafferty on Mccain's birth outside US
  136. Clinton-Obama Plans Would Keep US Mercenaries, Troops in Iraq for Years!
  137. McSame as Bush!
  138. New Robert Greenwald video on McCain - You GOTTA see this!! McCain sings!
  139. John McCain would be a worse president than GWB
  140. Former Secretary of State James Baker Endorses McCain
  141. HuckArmy tards are funny
  142. NYTIMES: McCain’s Canal Zone Birth Prompts Queries About Whether That Rules Him Out
  143. Found this: McCain Withheld Controversial Abramoff Email
  144. McCain slips, calls himself liberal
  145. NY Times suggests ineligibility of McCain still
  146. Pastor John Hagee Endorses McCain
  147. "Songbird" McCain
  148. Hillary running on Bush's slogan: plagiarism?
  149. Klu Klux Klan Endorses Obama
  150. Take poll from McCain
  151. Nader Announces Running mate
  152. Anti-McCain Commercial
  153. Tucker on Press Bias
  154. Obama has a democratic congress why can't they do it all now? Why didn't they already
  155. Naomi Wolf Endorses Barack Obama !!
  156. McCain Duxx - Greg Palast (top journalist)
  157. Huckabee is the FUTURE OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY?????
  158. McCain caught LYING again! Back tracks from key primary pledge of NO NEW TAXES!
  159. McCain's record includes 'some inconsistencies'
  160. Hillary's Proptosis of the eyes - Thyroid or psychological
  161. one reason why we should vote OBAMA
  162. 35 reasons to NOT vote OBAMA
  163. Mandatory National Service
  164. Hillary Fundraiser?
  165. Who will take McCain's Senate Seat?
  166. "WE ARE BORG" Hilarious new Obama video
  167. national health care...
  168. Group tied to al-Qaida backs McCain for prez
  169. Secret Family Photo of Hillary
  170. McCain Flyer - POW issues
  171. John McWar video
  172. What's more likely to happen to McCain?
  173. Bush Endorsement reinforces McCain investment in Iraq
  174. This Sickens Me - Anti-War.com Website (Justin Raimondo) Loves Obama
  175. YouTube: U.S. Military Commanders: McCain TOO HOT-HEADED to be Commander-in-Chief
  176. The Pope and Hillary Clinton
  177. (AP) Angry Boeing Supporters Target McCain
  178. Obama really thinks he can win the nomination?!
  179. The GOP strategizing a Clinton win
  180. Why Ron Paul and Obama both attract the young people
  181. Poll: Do you think John McCain's 'cranky outbursts' will hurt his presidential run?
  182. Defense Contractor Seeks to Buy Diebold - McCain's Advisor is Their Lobbyist!
  183. (Video) Don't take Obama's Iraq War Rhetoric Seriously
  184. Barack Hussein Obama: Simply unelectable. It's going to be Hitlery or McWar
  185. Why not a Clinton/Clinton ticket?
  186. Yahoo News - McCain's Temper shows itself, and he's caught in a Lie.
  187. McCain Just Admitted He Would Grant Amnesty - 60 Minutes
  188. Is Obama Really Anti Iraq War?
  189. This democratic race is hillarious !!
  190. Greg Palast Update: Chavez - Obama - Hillary
  191. FLASHBACK: McCain Called Chalabi ‘A Patriot’ With Iraq’s ‘Best Interests At Heart’
  192. For those of you who like Obama
  193. Sabrin's Race just got Easier.
  194. Obama as a Second Choice?
  195. From the Desk of McCain
  196. Pic of the McCain aftermath on the USS Forrestal
  197. Romney says he'd take Veep, calls McCain "Big Dog"
  198. exit polls show Hillary got NEW republican support
  199. Nader Campaign Asks for Money to Get Petition-Gatherers to New Mexico
  200. Government proof that McCain is not eligible to become President
  201. News Report From Chicago Where They Know Barack Obama & Tony Rezko Best
  202. Vietnam endorse McCain
  203. ‘McCain-Romney’ Sounds Good to Romney
  204. John McCain for President!
  205. Clinton/Spitzer for a Good Time in '09
  206. McCain : tried to win a county and/or precinct in Iowa - but couldn't
  207. McCain gets only 20.6% of the TOTAL vote in Mississippi primary
  208. Ron paul is getting hit on attacks on youtube
  209. Obama vs McCain is like...
  210. Aol Poll regarding McCain's chances
  211. McCain's fire on USS Forrestal the cause - not an effect.
  212. What If McCain Fainted?
  213. OMG, look at what an Obama supporter said
  214. McCain says al Qaeda might try to tip U.S. election
  215. Barack Obama - Let's know the facts
  216. OMG-LMAO --> " McCain says al Qaeda might try to tip U.S. election"
  217. Vote against Obama this election?
  218. Who was that Democrat candidate with no delegates?
  219. Obama not born in the USA!!!
  220. Obama a Tool of Bilderberg?
  221. Why the Kucinich love??
  222. The Question for Hillary Which May End Her Career...
  223. How Embarrassing, Hillary, Mommy Government?
  224. Hilarious Article: Grassroots Members of all Political Stripes Rallying to McCain
  225. Obama "rejects" pastor's remarks but he was present on July 22 & nodded in agreement
  226. Release their list of proposed earmarks
  227. McFly To Meet With Rothchild.. Must be nice to be able to use the Treasury as a bank!
  228. I went to Obamas Website
  229. Proof we were taken out by TPTB: Rothschilds endorse McCain
  230. Who is Barack Obama?
  231. I'd like to teach the world to sing...?
  232. Democratic Dream Team?
  233. Who will we vote for for President?
  234. Send this to EVERY obama supporter you know
  235. McCain Blunder in Middle East
  236. Obama on Iraq: Just Words
  237. who has been MOST consistent on the iraq war?
  238. Obama's Checkers Speech copies Nixon
  239. Bob Barr to Carry on the Revolution?
  240. We'll be renaming this place BobBarrForums.com before long...
  241. Bob Barr and Bruce Fein [VIDEO]
  242. John McCain sent me a letter
  243. McCain and Lieberman in Israel
  244. Jim Forsythe for Congress
  245. Talk Show Host Reveals Obama Connection To Terrorists
  246. DIGG THIS! Obama exposed!
  247. "Yes We Can," John McCain style!?
  248. What if McCain dies tomorrow?
  249. do you consider this as bribery?
  250. Why is Obama's racist church being exposed now?