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  1. Hey McCain voters did you know that McCain called for..
  2. Romney is a moron. Especially on Economics.
  3. What does MCCAIN store in his cheeks??
  4. I bet McCain Wins California
  5. McCain congratulates Huckabee, Romney, and ... himself...
  6. Guess the number of friends McCain drafts and win a free playstation 3.
  7. Obama = Bob the Builder
  8. LMAO at the Rocky theme at the McCain rally...
  9. BREAKING! Romney is still in
  10. Huckabee Romney McCain want us OUT
  11. Dobson says won't vote for McCain
  12. Why I will not Vote for Obama by Remi Kanazi
  13. Anti-McCain petition
  14. Wow, I really detest McCain!
  15. MSNBC saying Romney has uphill battle
  16. Obama claims lead in delegates
  17. A Picture of the Real McCain
  18. OT: McCain's first Wife
  19. Hillary / Obama = Socialism | McCain = Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran / War
  20. McCain continues to win the Republican Anti-war vote
  21. are OBAMA, CLINTON, MCSHINE, HUCKSTER the best 'chosen' that America could scrable???
  22. Rush just said, "If Obama is the nominee, we are DOOMED."
  23. John McCain - A Portrait
  24. McCain's 613 delegates - Prophetic?
  25. Suicide Voters For Obama!!!!!
  26. Huckabee & his Felon Friends
  27. Huckabee is Mathematically Eliminated
  28. Hillary loans Own Campaign $5 Mil
  29. Hillary puts on another act after being interviewed about healthcare
  30. For IMMEDIATE consideration
  31. new site to tell the truth about the mccain needs help
  32. Vietnam Veterans Against McCain
  33. Hillary's campaign is having $$$$ trouble?
  34. Ralph Nader 2008 Presidential Exploratory Committee
  35. Anyone have the McCain clip of the Draft?
  36. GOA's Take on McCain - Good Ammo Against Little Johnny
  37. McCain is a COWARD. He skipped the Stimulus Package vote.
  38. Help make a list of the 'non-Christian' things that Huckabee has done (for a project)
  39. ** READ ** Message from John McCain to Ron Paul supporters.
  40. "10 Reasons I Support Barack Obama" - Are you kidding me..
  41. This is JOHN MCCAIN!!!
  42. Does Obama not take donations from lobbyists?
  43. CBC - Global Warming Doomsday Called Off
  44. Obama's Money Bomb
  45. Hillary Loans Herself $5 MILLION! Falling like a rock
  46. If not Paul who will be our future President?
  47. Huck Not Showing up on Ron Paul Graphs Anymore
  48. CNN: Obama raises $3 million in 24 hours...
  49. Romney "Suspending" Campaign
  50. Top Donors For Each Campaign w/ CFR Highlighted
  51. Mitt Romney To Drop Out
  52. Sell your stocks, cap gains will soar
  53. Romney is out.
  54. Romney Quits
  55. What does "Suspend" mean? Read here!
  56. Reports Mitt Dropping Out?
  57. No more debates needed for McCain
  58. Why Romney's suspension is good for Ron Paul
  59. Romney is on CSPAN2 RIGHT NOW!
  60. n/m
  61. Romney = New Coke!
  62. What happens to the delegates if Romney drops out?
  63. McCain?? How???
  64. C-SPAN has too many connection for the live CPAC feed! Now on CSPAN2
  65. It's official-- Romney Suspends Campaign
  66. Follow the Oil Money
  67. Romneys CPAC speech
  68. Limbaugh beating up on McLame today
  69. McCain to get MAJOR Endorsement
  70. Romney's Suspension: The Fallout
  71. Romney's Message - Scare America Away from their Freedoms
  72. Huckabee saved in WV
  73. huck needs to drop now..
  74. How will Romney dropout effect voter turnout in up and coming states?
  75. Romney out --- GOP Futility!!
  76. We need Huckabee in the race at least until the February debate.
  77. Romney keeps delegates
  78. msm will start attacking mccain
  79. #109 - Romney SUSPENDS his campaign
  80. When will Huck drop out?
  81. I just posted in Mitt's forum
  82. Is Romney planning an independent run?
  83. Suspension means you're still a candidate!
  84. So wait...Romney is still on the ballets?!
  85. Sueing Mccain looks really good about now huh?
  86. Romney doesn't lose delegates
  88. Rush on radio today - he sounds desperate... read what he was saying
  89. Romney is OUT!!!!
  90. Romney; Did he drop out to be McCains running mate?
  91. Romney Helps Ron Paul
  92. John Mccain and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  93. Huckabee Just Announced Two Man Race Now
  94. Pat Buchanan: McCain “will make Cheney look like Gandhi”
  95. Cafferty just ripped McCain a new one!!
  96. Does Huck Have Any Money?
  97. John McCain is Still in for a ROUGH RIDE- Read why, and DIGG DIGG DIGG
  98. McCain and his "Treasure"
  99. Huckabee just said "it's down to two" on NBC Nightly News
  100. Laughing at Obama supporters
  101. Has Romney ruined it for us?
  102. Huckster picks up Dobson
  103. Barack Obama Money Bomb? (Bury It!)
  104. Just chant "Songbird" at all McCain Rallies...
  105. John Mccain Cheats On 1st Wife After Becoming Paralized
  106. WTF John Stewart just said to romney
  107. msnbc love fest for McCain... literally
  108. Huck on Colbert!
  109. huckabee on colbert said he thinks he will take texas
  110. John McCain Voted To Allow Illegals who committed serious to become legal
  111. John McCain is a War Hero - For the Vietnamese!
  112. McCain Getting Bill Clinton Endorsement
  113. McCain Scandal Involving THousand Native Americans Deaths
  114. Picture : MCRAMBO
  115. Huckabee on Colbert tonight...
  116. Digg: McCain Sponsored Removal of Navajo Indian lands, Genocide
  117. Haha, sweet article about McCain from Rasmussen
  118. is mccains story a complete lie?????
  119. Whoopi trashes McCain on The View! Argument Breaks Out!
  120. My anti-McCain and anti-Huckabee lists
  121. Article on Romneys North Dakota delagates
  122. Can McCain destroy the possibility of a brokered convention?
  123. Petition for Release of John McCain's DD-214
  124. McCain won't pick huck as a veep.
  125. John McCain Meet Up Group
  126. This video needs to go viral. Obama is not JFK, not even close.
  127. McCain... "SongBird" or "StraightTalk"
  128. The Exaggeration of McCain’s Electability--DIGG
  129. Am I accidentally costing John McCain money?
  130. Msnbc Suspends David Schuster For Clinton Comments
  131. Romney Campaign Staff Voting For Ron Paul?
  132. I love McMain's Mom...
  133. Digg: McCain's sponsorship of the removal and genocide of Navajo Indians
  134. John McCain and the Republican Party.
  135. Lobbyists Favorites - Clinton & McCain
  136. Probably a repost. Video: McCAin 1993/94 vs 2004
  137. Why do many RP supporters consider Senator Clinton to worse than McCain?
  138. Join McCain's team!
  139. The Four Horsemen
  140. DIGG This! Coulter compares McCain to Hitler!
  141. Romney, an elitist scum?
  142. Requesting the Rudy Giuliani 9/11 montage.
  143. Psychopaths for McCain
  144. Do you believe this McCain stuff?
  145. I shook Huckabee's hand today... What chemicals must I now use to cleanse myself?
  146. Hillary The Movie!
  147. ****McCain is Not Eligible for Presidency****
  148. McCain not eligible for the Presidency?
  149. Kucinich throws reps from Nancy Pelosi and AIPAC out of his office
  150. Obama's views on religions: Is Obama an Atheist/Agnostic
  151. What John Mccain was born in Panama??
  152. Huckabee married to McCain
  153. CNN Breaking News-Clinton
  154. Huckabee pending legal battle in WA?
  155. Who would you least hate to see win the general election?
  156. Huckabee Admits Making Fried Squirrel in Dorm Room Popcorn Popper
  157. If Obama Drops Out
  158. KKK endorses obama (satire)
  159. "Swift Boating of John McCain Long Overdue" by Devvy Kidd
  160. I guess Huck thinks
  161. McCain, Like Hope but different video.
  162. Obama going against McCain? NOT GOOD!
  163. Dr. James Dobson endorses Mike Huckabee???
  164. The democrats' generation gap
  165. Thats how bad people hate Hillary
  166. TX Gov. Rick Perry "asks" Huck to drop out, Huck kindly says eff you
  167. LOL, Point-Spreads.com declares McCain NOT born in US "territory"
  168. New McCain Video
  169. Our anti-McCain resolution just passed UNANIMOUSLY!!!!
  170. Help Dennis K. while you're at it!
  171. McCain ineligible to be President
  172. Huckabee calling foul over WA results...
  173. McCain funded by... GEORGE SOROS??? NAIL HIM!
  174. Clinton's inspiration
  175. Isn't Obama just like any other politician?
  176. John McCain... Electable?
  177. a possible McCain-Lieberman ticket?
  178. Mccain and election fraud, important read.
  179. Obama Supporter Challenge: Ron Paul Fan Willing to "Change" Vote.
  180. WTF? Sen Kay bailey hutchinson as VP for Mcain
  181. McCain opts out of taking federal campaign funds
  182. John McCain: Privlidged 'War Hero', Liar, Colloborator, Traitor
  183. Mr. Plastic, Gary Bauer, the great "Christian Conservative" endorses McWar
  184. How are Obama and Hillary exactly the same
  185. Hillary will win because she has superdelegates
  186. I need help Comparing other candidates with PaUL
  187. Digg: McCain Endorsed by Oliver North (Central figure of Iran-Contra intervention)
  188. Mcain left out of this one
  189. Voted RP of course, but Obama has stolen the majority of young voters
  190. Huck up big in Virginia
  191. I hate that I'm pulling for Huckabee
  192. Fox calls for McCain
  193. McCain doesnt share the american people interests
  194. Barack Obama
  195. Listening to Obama on CNN...
  196. I challenged peopel to make a list of things they appreciate about Barack Obama.
  197. McCain Speech, Tired Looking
  198. Hillary says she is the underdog LOL
  199. john.he.is--You must see this!
  200. Hal Bidlack, Colorado a Ron Paul DEMOCRAT !
  201. McCain: Still fighting Vietnam?
  202. D1ggable Picture - Caption Contest Hillary McCain
  203. Would Obama's campaign have gone anywhere if he were 100% caucasian?
  204. Would Hillary's campaign have gone anywhere if he were 100% man?
  205. Huck's wife caught in passport flap.
  206. LOL, I just got an email from McWar.
  207. McCain has missed nearly 56% of the votes during the current Congress
  208. When Clintardo took on Obamiano
  209. Maverick Fails The Test: McCain Votes Against Waterboarding Ban
  210. Hillary and her friend... NAU here we come...
  211. Is Obama the Anti-Christ?
  212. Obama's Gglobal Tax Proposal Up for Senate Vote
  213. How "real" is Obama?
  214. ****Hillary's Electability.... A Thought JUST Occured To Me*****
  215. **Barack Obama & The Euphoria of Madness**
  216. John McCain, who was tortured back in 'Nam, just voted NO on banning waterboarding
  217. Mitt said to endorse McCain, who cares?
  218. LOL, Huckabee's Supporters Talking Independent Run
  219. Romney: "The next president of the United States, John McCain"
  220. wow; McCain really isn't natural born citizen according to state.gov!
  221. Checkout site for other candidates?
  222. A funny prank on a Huckabee supporter
  223. John McCain Vs. the Video Tape
  224. McCain says: "Alcohol = Prison" despite 18th amendment (Prohibition) repealed in 1933
  225. Secret Lovers...yeah, that's what they are
  226. Mike "Mish" Shedlock concludes it is Obama's time.
  227. Romney endorses a stuttering ghost
  228. Miss Teen South Carolina is a McCain supporter!
  229. Huck staying in?
  230. An email I received from GOPUSA...pimping for John McCain.
  231. Clinton Camp Reminded that 'Speed Kills'
  232. Lieberman is an ass, I know his niece
  233. McCain hurting
  234. McCain Proxie trashed by Olbermann
  235. Huckabee knows about blowback
  236. The devil will be in my hometown tomorrow
  237. CNN Larry King Live acknowledges McCain "health problem"
  238. MSNBC's David Shooster to return next week after pimping remark
  239. McCain...Electable?
  240. Obama Planting Fake Fainters in His Audience
  241. Boy faints at B. Clinton SPEECH in Austin....
  242. Meet Obama's Terrorist Friend, Mr. Khalidi
  243. McCain will lose BADLY to Obama
  244. His followers are 'creepy' and 'cult-like'
  245. Huckabee, Schmuckabee
  246. Will ‘Ace’ McCain Flame Out Again?
  247. Barak Obama Fronts Wall Street's Infrastructure. Swindle - What Change Really Means
  248. McCain's percentage in Texas
  249. Sinclair radio interview: Sinclair/Obama Sex/Drug allegations
  250. Huck banking on brokered convention - McCain worried