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  1. McCain's YouTube Problem Just Became a Nightmare
  2. Don't Say You Haven't Been Warned! Warning Warning Will Robinson!!!
  3. Partisan Hate - It's Really Getting Ugly Now
  4. The Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart
  5. McCain most likely loses, but he's cheating.
  6. Why is Obama getting a "pass" on his Trilateral Commission allegiance?
  7. question for my republican friends
  8. Why is Barr being so dense!
  9. Ron Paul, Cynthia McKinney & Ralph Nader on stage together!
  10. Why to vote for Baldwin
  11. McCain Donor Accused Of Fleecing Taxpayers
  12. Obama Bling! Get Yours Today....or not.
  13. Obama: Powell Will Have a Role in Administration
  14. Colin Powell there's gonna be a crisis come along on the 21st or 22nd of January
  15. Obama as GOD
  16. Nice Bob Barr Q&A on C-Span Washington Journal
  17. Brilliant Barack Obama Supporters! Very Funny!
  18. Bob Barr interview on NewsHour with Jim Lehrer
  19. Obama is officially not eligible to be president
  20. Obama & DNC Admit All Allegations of Federal Court Lawsuit - Obama’s “Not” Qualified
  21. Early voters in North Carolina getting their tires slashed for voting Obama
  22. Bob Barr December 2005 Alex Jones Interview
  23. Obama Mocks And Makes Fun Of The Bible - No Christian Would Do This
  24. Obama hiding his links to ACORN
  25. Was Obama born in Kenya?
  26. How come Obama has SO many A/K/As?
  27. I'm voting for McCain. Here's why...
  28. Meet the 3rd Party Candidates (Pics)
  29. Al-Qaeda Endorses John McCain
  30. Dr. Paul Endorses Barack Obama For President
  31. Revolution March to sponsor Third Party Presidential Debate
  32. FED Chairman Bernanke Endorses Obama
  33. Election Night Helper: Links to All 50 States' Results Pages
  34. Obama - Promotion Video
  35. French TV archive releases McCain POW video
  36. The Rise of the ObamaCons - striking # of conservatives voting Obama
  37. Poll Suggests U.S. Troops Support McCain 3-1
  38. McCain and Obama Dance-Off
  39. Weather Underground wanted to kill 25 million people
  40. The Case of Berg v. Obama....TPTB are Scared
  41. baldwin nader debate on cspan 2 live link included thurs night 9:15
  42. Where can I get a sample ballot for Michigan?
  43. In the debate Nader said
  44. Is Obama Going to Get an October Suprise?
  45. Neocons <3 Obama
  46. a few questions for Chuck Baldwin
  47. baldwin broadcast ad
  48. Newspaper shows Obama belonged to socialist party
  49. "Phuck Obama"
  50. Obama to be removed from all ballots? Order of Judgment GRANTED
  51. Question about Obama born in Kenya lawsuit, is it inevitable?
  52. Obama Is Hiding Key Documents
  53. New Cabinet Under Obama Administration
  54. Bill Weld(R) endorses Barack Obama
  55. Bad news for Obama in Colorado early voting - Hillbuzz
  56. An Obama Affair?
  57. If you had to pick one...
  58. Binden gets kicked in the ass
  59. lol, news lady asked Biden if Obama is a Marxist
  60. Judge rules in favor of Obama in Berg vs. Obama
  61. Ready For Biden's "Test" of President Obama Within 6 months?
  62. factchecking new GOP ads' BS
  63. factchecking new GOP ads' BS
  64. 3rd Party Debate - FULL VIDEO
  65. Obamas Tax Calculator is a Fraud?
  66. AP: Nader says he set campaign speech record
  67. Even Anti-Obama Rhetoric is VECTORED!
  68. TVstation 20 milllion+ viewers:KNOW NOTHING re: OBAMAS BIRTH CERT.LAWSUIT
  69. ATF Breaks up plot to kill Obama + 102 blacks?
  70. Obama assassination plot foiled! :O
  71. Hawaii Governor seals Obama's birth certificate records
  72. All Hail Der Fuhrer...Obama on the March
  73. Sarah Palin - Redneck Woman
  74. Will Cindy McCain's drug addiction and community service be a problem for McCain ?
  75. N-WORD yelled at Palin Rally
  77. I guess Im voting for Barr
  78. Michael Savage Endorses John McCain
  79. Obama's Birth Certificate - Still Missing
  80. The case against Chuck Baldwin...
  81. Socialist or National Socialist? Take your pick(article)
  82. Ron Paul a "Fascist," says Obama campaigner
  83. What I saw at campus today...
  84. Bob Barr - Chuck Baldwin and Ralph Nader DEBATE TOMORROW NIGHT LIVE! link here
  85. McCain wake-up call : Big Sky Country
  86. Obama's Entire Campaign Strategy Explained
  87. Obama Says He Was a Communist in Kindergarten; Shared His Toys!
  88. Ron Paul Forums Exclusive Obama Infomercial Preview!
  89. WTF is a Compliance Fund?
  90. #1 threat to John McCain (humor video)
  91. McCain is purposely failing (article)
  93. A rational choice for election day (article-oldie but goodie)
  94. No Paul or Baldwin in New York?
  95. Shane Cory Fail.
  96. McCain can't find Joe the Plumber today in Ohio
  97. what's with Savage?
  98. Breaking News - Obama is officially a neo-hawk
  99. Bill Ayers Ghost Writer for Barrack Hussain Obama?
  100. Is this sub-forum helpful?
  101. Obama Claus: official Obama promises list
  102. Palin conspiracy theory
  103. 3rd party debat tonight 7pm EST C-SPAN
  104. Obama as a poseur - a usurper
  105. Obama admits there is no change coming
  106. The B.J. Lawson Blimp?
  107. McCain is a commie pinko :P
  108. Biden ad slamming Obama?
  109. AP: Obama aunt from Kenya living in US illegally
  110. Free Book Download: Obama, Americas Half Blood Prince
  111. L'il Obama
  112. Cheney endorses McCain
  113. finally filled out my ballot
  114. Missed It, Obama needs to Work Out, Funny!
  115. Obama Spread the Wealth Cartoon
  116. Bo is #2 not "the one"/HI says BC forged!
  117. Obama's Birth Certificate Verified By State
  118. Typo on bob barr website
  119. Judge Tosses Lawsuit, Says McCain is 'Natural Born Citizen'
  120. Obama Throws Another Family Member Under His Campaign Bus
  121. Obama Crimes Website BACK UP!!!
  122. Barry intends to bankrupt coal industry
  123. this country needs leaders, not politicians
  124. Obama: I’ll make energy prices “skyrocket”
  125. CFR: Advising the new President
  126. Time Person Of The Year Poll: Obama: 60%!!!
  127. why i'm working my ass off for McCain....
  128. Backstage at an Obama rally:
  129. Berg releases AUDIO and TRANSCRIPT of Obama's grandma saying he was born in Kenya!!!!
  130. Obama's grandmother died Monday?
  131. Obama Grandmother Dies
  132. More EVIDENCE that Obama is an ILLEGAL ALIEN and BORN IN KENYA! His GRANDMA says so!
  133. Ronulan Reporter Raids McCain Rally
  134. Jack Johnson vs. John Jackson (article)
  135. the last message of my campain '08
  136. Nader's Campaign for Socialism (Okay not really)