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  1. Obama's new health care plan
  2. California to impliment 15 billion dollar universal healthcare plan
  3. Romney's Universal Healthcare in MA about to start penalizing...
  4. i didn't realize that "healthcare voters" were a SCIU scam
  5. Would Universal Healthcare make you leave the US?
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  9. Questions about Ron Paul's healthcare plan
  10. Tom Daschle's plan for a Federal Reserve Board for Healthcare (Obama LOVES it)
  11. Why McCain has the best health-care plan
  12. What is wrong with how our healthcare works now?
  13. JBS: McCain Health Care Plan Would Include Federal Money
  14. Healthcare: "Rights versus Wishes" - Walter Williams
  15. I think Socialized healthcare will...
  16. Need help on universal healthcare
  17. Doctors Against Nanny-State Universal Healthcare
  18. Universal healthcare and the waistline police
  19. Covert Rationing Blog - Strategies For the Battle Over Universal Healthcare
  20. I hate to say it, but im hoping for free health care
  21. Hidden Health Care Bureaucracy in Stimulus Bill
  22. Rationed Health Care in Stimulus Bill
  23. Obama Stimulus/Health Plan will kill you/Fight it now.
  24. They Snuck Universal Health Care Legislation Into the Stimulus.
  25. Libertarians on health care for children?
  26. Baxter Healthcare admits flu vaccine contaminated with live bird flu virus.
  27. Health Care...man, I'm torn.
  28. Fast-Tracking of Socialized Healthcare
  29. Government-Run Health Care Commercial [Fact-Check]
  30. American Indian Universal Healthcare Is Killing People
  31. MoveOn.org Ad for Obama's Healthcare Plan
  32. Kucinich slams Obama: Healthcare savings 'unconscionable rip-off'
  33. Canadians talk to Americans about health care
  34. Ron Paul: Fight Government Encroachment into Healthcare! 6/1/09
  35. "Single Payer Healthcare" I keep hearing this mentioned as a good solution?
  36. U.S. healthcare revamp to require medical coverage
  37. Article: Guess Who Paved the Road to Socialized Medicine
  38. Democrats want to tax your health care benefits
  39. Health care letter to the editor (critique?)
  40. National Healthcare Access Question
  41. Rep. Rangel: $600 BILLION of TAX INCREASES for Healthcare in Bill released today
  42. Ladies4Liberty discuss TARP, KBR, Chrysler, Healthcare
  44. Need some help in Digg thread RE: Universal healthcare
  45. What Battlestar Galactica Taught Me About Healthcare "Reform"
  46. Get Stossel In ABC's Healthcare "Debate"
  47. Healthcare Reform Details Emerge
  48. Why the Federal Government MUST step in and deal with healthcare.
  49. Coca Cola CEO supports universal healthcare, just not soft drink tax
  50. Moral Health Care vs. Universal Healthcare (Please Read)
  51. George Will Admits Public Option Healthcare will cut costs
  52. NY Times lies: 72% Support for Obama's Health Care Plan Stacked w/ Obama Supporters
  53. Obama Pushes Socialist Healthcare Plan on ABC
  54. NPR wants help identifying health reform lobbyist
  55. Obama’s Emerging Legacy: Wars, Bankers and For-Profit Healthcare
  56. Canadian health care
  57. Obama Medical Streamlining and the Microchip
  58. Walmart Endorses Obama Health Plan
  59. Crying Woman At Obama Healthcare Rally
  60. Dr. Mary Ruwart's Plan To Reduce Healthcare Costs 80% (Without spending $2Trillion)
  61. Yahoo! Finance: Senate bill fines people refusing health coverage
  62. Health care is a Right, how to handle these people?
  63. Health care from a liberty standpoint
  64. Government Coercion will fix health care...
  65. Congressmen Who Vote for Gov't-Run Health Care Agency Should Be 1st Customers
  66. Conservative Democrats break ranks on health care
  67. House Democrats Plan to Tax the Wealthy to Pay for Health Care Reform
  68. The Massachusetts health care mess.
  69. CBO Report on Health Care
  70. 56% think people should be locked in jail if they don't buy health insurance
  71. Washington Post setting up secret dinners with politicians, media, health care execs
  72. Republicans Published This Graphic of Democrat Run Health care
  73. Health care bill to hit millionaires with 5.4 pct surtax
  74. Democratic Healthcare visualized
  75. Obama's healthcare plan question?
  76. Schultz: Make Rich Guys Like Cheney Pay For Our Health Care
  77. Massachusetts Residents Sue State Over Universal Healthcare Costs
  78. The Ron Paul Interview: Health Care is Not a Right
  79. C4L: An Open Letter to Dennis Kucinich on Universal Healthcare
  80. Health Care - Bye bye private insurance
  81. Mises: Why ObamaCare Can't Work - the Calculation Argument
  82. Arguing with a democrat over universal health care
  83. 'Media Matters' Upset about healthcare flowchart, yet doesn't disprove its content
  84. The Cause of My Life: Inside the Fight for Universal Healthcare (Ted Kennedy)
  85. Schiff - Health Care Bill: Prescription for Disaster
  86. Governors Join Republicans in Concerns on Obamacare Health Bill
  87. Massachusetts Pushes Rationing to Control Universal Healthcare Costs
  88. NYT mag - Why health care must be rationed.
  89. Obamacare Imperils Caucasian Seniors
  90. Dr. Ron Paul: Healthcare Is Not A Right! (Henry Blodget)
  91. Republican National Committee Chair Calls Obama Plan Socialism
  92. 7/20/09 Ron Paul: Healthcare is a Good, Not a Right
  93. Inside the healthcare bill H.R. 3200
  94. Is There a Libertarian Health Care Plan on the Table in Congress?
  95. Inside the communist "health care" bill
  96. Obama's Deceptive Government Takeover of Healthcare
  97. Obamacare for Illegal Aliens
  98. Pro-Market solution to Health Care?
  99. GOP leadership: Healthcare plan "Too much, too fast, too soon."
  100. Dennis Kucinich and Healthcare
  101. libertarian to the bone...except with health care...
  102. SIX Things to Do in SIX days to Defeat ObamaCare
  103. Heres whats in that health bill...........
  104. Dodd Doesn't Know If ACORN Could Receive Money Earmarked in Health Care Bill
  105. Racial Preferences in the Democrats' Health Care Bill
  106. Obama's Opinion of American Health Care (Cartoon Version)
  107. H. R. 3200 text house bill for national healthcare.
  108. Olame's Health Care? He and Senate enrolling in it?
  109. What Obama Doesn't Know About Healthcare Can Hurt Us
  110. Perry raises possibility of state's rights showdown re: healthcare
  111. Flashback: Sarah Palin says bailout = tax cuts, jobs, trade, healthcare
  112. Illegal Immigrants will get the FREE healthcare w/o all the fines..as citizens.
  113. Obama finally speaks the truth about his health care plan
  114. Obama Just Lost Healtcare Reform. Thanks Officer Crowley
  115. How Would Universal Healthcare Affect Audiologists?
  116. Obama's Healthcare Reform Biased Against Seniors
  117. CNN Money: 5 freedoms you'd lose in health care reform
  118. Horrors in the Obama Healthcare bill - you gotta see this
  119. ACORN protected by Police...Cops remove people in disagreement of Obamacare..vid
  120. Dems alone can't deliver Obama health care win
  121. Conyers Sees No Point in Members Reading 1,000-Page Health Care Bill
  122. President Obama’s Longtime Physician Opposes White House Health Plan, Advocates...
  123. Debunking Canadian health care myths
  124. Socialized Healthcare vs. The Laws of Economics by Thomas J. DiLorenzo
  125. Dallas Tea Partiers Surprise MoveOn.org Members at Health Care Rally
  126. Obama Aides propose tax on cosmetic procedures to help fund healthcare
  127. Congresswoman Bachman: Quotes Obama's Medical Advisors
  128. Obama - 14,000 ppl a day losing insurance...
  129. Rep. Kratovil (D) hung in effigy by Obama-care protester
  130. Obama’s Orwellian Healthcare Reform
  131. Health Rations and You
  132. House Democrats clinch healthcare deal
  133. Key GOP Senators Say Health Care Deal Out Of Reach Until After Recess
  134. Reject Health Care Cooperatives -- Trojan Horse for the Public Option
  135. Blue Dog Democrats Strike Deal on Health Care
  136. Health Care Reform: Why We Lose.
  137. Congresswoman Bachmann - No Health care for the disabled July 27, 2009
  138. Obamacare: Abortion Measure Passes, Then Fails, in House
  139. Obama's Doctor Pessimistic on Obama's Health Care Reform
  140. Obamacare Could Kill AARP
  141. Cash For Clunkers: The Canary in the Coal Mine For Government Socialist Health "Care"
  142. John Stossel Healthcare Segment TONIGHT 7/31/09
  143. Obamacare Out Of Committee : Here It Comes
  144. Obamacare
  145. House panel OKs sweeping health care bill
  146. The Myth of Free-Market Health Care in America
  147. Derivative Speculation has Bankrupted Private Health Care.
  148. Myth of 46 million uninsured
  149. Hurry up and die - you don't meet our social agenda!
  150. Obama et al Admit Health Care Is Trojan Horse
  151. Party Chairman Obama Promises to Destroy Private Insurance Industry (Video)
  152. Illegal Immigrants Account for $10.7 Billion of Nation’s Health Care Costs, Data Show
  153. *DIGG*Ron Paul: Healthcare Plan Based on Economic Fantasy 8/3/09
  154. Short Film DESTROYS argument for Single Payer (Communist) Health Care
  155. PROPAGANDA: White House Communications Director for Healthcare Takes on Drudge Report
  156. Obama Claims "Historic Step" on Health Reform
  157. Whitehouse wanting public informants?
  158. Town hall meetings as showdowns!
  159. State Mandates for Health Insurance: I'm Paying For WHAT?!
  160. Health Insurance Lobby Speaks Out
  161. Dems targeting GOP critters on healthcare
  162. Obama states: "The stars are aligned..." to pass healthcare plan
  163. Healthcare Scheme Question
  164. Should Gov healthcare fund abortions?
  165. Abortion and Public Health Insurance
  166. Obama’s Healthcare Prescription
  167. Ark. crowd mocks lawmakers over Obama health plan
  168. Why is it a problem for opposition to Obamacare to organize?
  169. AARP Town Hall Meeting on Health Care
  170. Beck: Rationed health care? Obama health advisers say 'yes' (youtube)
  171. Pelosi: Protests Won't Derail Health Care Overhaul
  172. Violence at Tampa Health care Townhall!
  173. Healthcare Protest Arrests In St Louis
  174. Ron Paul’s Straight Talk on Health Reform
  175. Glenn is talking about the beating at the town hall
  176. Obama Appoints Top Donor To Key Health Post
  177. Socialized Medicine - Americans are at a fork in the road
  178. European Parliament Member Daniel Hannan speaks on England's social healthcare (Beck)
  179. Concerning Health Care Bill
  180. Cornyn: Public anger on healthcare a good opportunity for GOP
  181. Obamas "Health Care" logo looks a lot like the Nazi logo
  182. Town hall meetings / health care on C-SPAN now
  183. Amazing media coverage
  184. Charlotte Iserbyt on Healthcare Plan (good read!)
  185. Healthcare Freedom Act
  186. Health care reform investigation (2 Videos)
  187. Drug Companies Spending $150 million in Support of ObamaCare
  188. Obama health care plan will cover illegal immigrants
  189. Big Pharma Spending Millions To Push Obamacare
  190. Video: Congressman Kevin Brady Explains the Obama Health Care Bill-digg
  191. Healthcare Debate Turmoil
  192. USA Today Poll
  193. Pharma to run ads favoring ObamaCare
  194. Rasmussen: On Health Care, 51% Fear Government More Than Insurance Companies
  195. Pelosi Calls Health Care Critics "UnAmerican"
  196. The bill [h.r. 3200]
  197. You don't know jack about health care!
  198. Protests Continue at Town Meetings Devoted to Healthcare
  199. Obama health plans revive tea parties
  200. Huckabee blames Democratic allies for town hall tensions
  201. Medicare/Medicaid and Obamacare
  202. ObamaCare Shocker: Send in the Social Workers
  203. Glenn Beck radio covering TH from outside
  204. Obama Healthcare "Town Hall" a Sham
  205. Obama's Healthcare "Snitch Line"
  206. Ron Paul on National Health Care
  207. Ron Paul on Larry King 8/18 - healthcare
  208. Obama lied again in his TH meeting today
  209. So... What's the solution to the insane prices of private health care?
  210. Sen. Specter Shouted Down Over Health Care
  211. Obamacare: Similar to the USPS?
  212. The Whole Foods Alternative to ObamaCare
  213. Health reform vid
  214. White House crackdown on dissent means honeymoon is over
  215. 64% of Facebook users oppose Obama's health care plan
  216. My impressions of Obamacare
  217. Some details you should know about the healthcare plan
  218. AARP Corrects Obama: It Has Not Endorsed Health Care Reform Package
  219. RNC Handout on Healthcare (what are your thoughts?)
  220. So what is Republican party's problem with Obama's massive healthcare program?
  221. Obamacare supporter admittedly doesn't care about the Constitution
  222. Are you outside of the US? Do you like your National Health Care?
  223. Ron Paul on CNN 8/11/09 on Healthcare - "Cut spending and bring the troops home"
  224. Have Obamacare supports thought about this?
  225. New jersey - frank pallone town hall august 25
  226. ObamaCare Shocker: They Really Do Want to Croak Granny
  227. Obamacare Sets Up a Health Dictatorship
  228. Your thoughts on this health care article?
  229. Lists of Health Care Regulations
  230. How Long Would You Wait For Free Health Care?
  231. Health Care: Democracy is the PROBLEM!
  232. Reagan predicted Obamacare....
  233. A Four-Step Healthcare Solution
  234. Doctors Ron Paul & Rand Paul On Health Care Reform
  235. My Letter Opposing Obamacare I Sent to my Rep and Senators...
  236. Another free market view
  237. Obama Loves Big Pharma
  238. Politicians dismiss health dissidents at their peril
  239. Pelosi praised the 'disruptors' back in '06
  240. Conrad Says He'll Vote Against Public Option
  241. Support Whole Foods and Free Speech
  242. Obama: 'I'd rather have universal healthcare than a 2nd term'
  243. My video of the Raleigh NC Kay Hagan ObamaCare Tea Party
  244. Obama's case for Healthcare
  245. The one health care article that covers everything
  246. Dick Armey (Freedomworks) Quits Lobbying Job Over Obamacare
  247. AEI dude talks about health reform, mentions federal regulation on insurance
  248. creepy talking about healthcare Obama Joker poster
  249. Gallop poll - anti-health care side gaining steam
  250. Churches being used as propaganda devices for Obamacare