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  1. New Liberty Candidate, Justin Amash, Files for Congress in Michigan (CD-3)
  2. GOP Rep. Ehlers to Retire; Bring on Justin Amash
  3. Justin Amash for Congress Money Bomb
  4. A Liberty Candidate Who Can Win: JUSTIN AMASH
  5. Justin Amash-liberty candidate in Michigan
  6. Justin Amash (Michigan, 3rd District) Wins First Debate
  7. Justin Amash (Michigan, 3rd District) Wins First Debate
  8. Justin Amash (MI-3) in The Atlantic
  9. Justin Amash (MI-3) featured in The Atlantic
  10. Justin Amash (MI-3) FEATURED in Reason Magazine's Hit & Run
  11. Justin Amash (MI-3) FEATURED in Reason Magazine's Hit & Run
  12. Justin Amash (MI-3) FEATURED in Reason Magazine's Hit & Run
  13. Why hasn't Justin Amash appeared on Freedom Watch???
  14. "How come I'm voting NO on everything and everybody else is voting yes?"
  15. Is it about damn time we set up a money bomb?
  16. Vern "bailout" Ehlers supports Heacock
  17. Today on "Votes Of Our Lives..."
  18. Justin Amash Featured In Mashable.com
  19. Americans For Prosperity Scores Justin Amash At 100%
  20. Justin Amash On Local News About A Bill He Introduced
  21. Former Senator Spencer Abraham Endorses Justin Amash
  22. Liberty Movement: Why Justin Amash Should be a Priority
  23. Ron paul endorses justin amash
  24. Ron Paul endorses Justin Amash
  25. Big-Government Establishment Endorses Justin Amash's Opponent
  26. Justin Amash's Old Seat
  27. Send Amash to Congress Money Bomb on July 8th!!!
  28. Club for Growth Endorses Justin Amash!!
  29. Club for Growth Endorses Justin Amash!!
  30. By August 3rd, we could WIN another US House Seat. Justin Amash MI-3rd District
  31. REQUEST: Bigger forum for Justin Amash
  32. Amash's Opponent Steals His Words
  33. Gr. Rapids Press praises Amash endorsements, calls it a two-man race
  34. Just finished the video i've been working on!
  35. Last day to register to vote! Make sure your friends are registered!
  36. Over 20 Reasons to Donate Over $20 to Justin Amash on Thursday, July 8th
  37. Justin Amash - Grand Rapids Local NBC Article
  38. Found this digg link someone setup
  39. Candidate Profile: Justin Amash (NBC Affiliate)
  40. Justin Amash Donation Thread - Donate!
  41. EVERYONE, look at this grassroots support!
  42. Only $2,000 so far today for Amash?
  43. Another BIG Endorsement for Amash!
  44. Justin Amash pics in parade with supporters..
  45. Cato Institute Blog Praises Justin Amash
  46. Washington Watch Blog Praises Justin Amash
  47. "How A Bill Becomes A Law, Unfortunately" by Justin Amash
  48. Government Transparency... Video of Amash speaking
  49. CATO... Justin Amash voted against stiff penalties on drug offenders...
  50. More on Justin Amash
  51. Justin Amash campaign leads in fundraising
  52. Justin Amash campaign leads in fundraising, more $ than opponents combined
  53. Should Justin Amash have a bigger sub-forum?
  54. Shout out to the Admins!
  55. Over $500k per job created!
  56. Use the Justin Amash for Congress avatar as your profile picture!!
  57. Use the Justin Amash for Congress avatar as your profile picture!!
  58. Largest Newspaper in the State, endorses Amash! Momentum is building...
  59. Largest Newspaper in the State endorses Justin Amash! Momentum is building...
  60. Justin Amash for Congress Radio Ad #2
  61. Justin Amash for Congress TV ad #1
  62. Justin Amash for Congress TV ad #1!
  63. Club for Growth Launches First TV Ad for Justin Amash - Exposes one of his opponents!
  64. Major Hit Piece On Justin From MSM!
  65. Help Get Out the Vote for Justin!!
  66. Do Rep. Justin Amash's 'NO' votes make him a risk in D.C.?"
  67. Help Get Out the Vote for Justin Amash!
  68. Another $30,000 + today... $411,000 for Amash(fund raising leader) with 11 days to go
  69. Justin Amash Radio Interview, 1340 AM WJRW
  70. "There is NO back-up plan. We are going to win this on August 3rd"
  71. Yard signs stolen
  72. Goal: 10,000 calls for Justin Amash from RonPaulForums
  73. C4L Survey
  74. Justin Amash endorsed by Freedom Works!
  75. If you're doing calls
  76. Featured in Forbes: FreedomWorks PAC endorses Justin Amash
  77. Message from Justin Amash
  78. Sign up to make calls on Monday (day before election).. Justin Amash
  79. Help Amash Reach His Fundraising Goal Before the August 3rd Primary!!!
  80. NEW POLL: Justin Amash 28%, Hardiman 23%, Heacock 18%, Undecided 25% **2 days to go**
  81. NEW POLL: Justin Amash 28%, Hardiman 23%, Heacock 18%, Undecided 25% **2 days to go**
  82. ** $17.76 Donation to Justin Amash ** 28 hours from election and he has the lead
  83. Yard Signs being Stolen... WTH?
  84. 22 letters to the editor in FAVOR of Amash in yesterday's Grand Rapids Press
  85. Politico.com
  86. Toady is the Justin Amash Primary!
  87. *The Official Justin Amash Results Thread*
  88. *The Official Justin Amash Results Thread*
  89. Justin Amash wins his primary!
  90. Justin Amash wins!
  91. Amashslide
  92. This Video Sums It Up :)
  93. Human Events on Justin Amash's Victory
  94. Awesome editorial on Justin Amash's win - had to post this for all RP supporters!
  95. Justin Amash post-election radio interview
  96. New Poll: Amash up 51-30
  97. On the issues
  98. National Review Online: Facebook the Nation - An article on Justin Amash
  99. Steve Forbes Endorses Justin Amash
  100. Amash Calls for 72-hour Review Period in Michigan House
  101. National Review: Justin Amash Teaches Republicans How to Use Facebook
  102. Who Can Set Up A Pledge Site for a Moneybomb?
  103. Justin Amash for Congress Constitution Day Money Bomb!
  104. Justin Amash for Congress Constitution Day Money Bomb!
  105. E-mail from Ron Paul about TODAY'S Justin Amash moneybomb
  106. Justin Amash moneybomb: Ron Paul has sent an e-mail !
  107. New Poll...
  108. Justin Amash for Congress Sept. 29 Moneybomb
  109. COOL EVENT FOR MICHIGANDERS: Lawrence Reed Breakfast Reception for Justin Amash
  110. COOL EVENT IN THE MIDWEST: Lawrence Reed Breakfast Reception for Justin Amash
  111. Amash on gay marriage?
  112. Justin Amash selected for TIME Magazine's "40 Under 40"
  113. Justin Amash Selected to TIME Magazine's 40 Under 40
  114. Justin Amash featured on Glenn Beck
  115. New Independent Poll for Amash: Race Tighter Than Expected
  116. Public Opinion Strategies: Amash 49, Miles 30
  117. Ron Paul email just received on Justin Amash!
  118. Lets not forget Justin Amash.....
  119. "Mitt congratulates Amash" facebook ad
  120. Justin on Audit the Fed: "I look forward to supporting Dr. Ron Paul in these efforts"
  121. Ron Paul: Justin Amash - "He's going to be one of my very close allies"
  122. New Article on Justin Amash
  123. Email Stossel to bring Amash on!
  124. Is Justin as Radical as Ron Paul, or is he going to be more like Rand?
  125. Justin on the news this morning
  126. Amash willing to cut the defense budget
  127. Committee Assignment?
  128. Amash to speak at RLC National Convention
  129. Justin Amash announces committee assignments!
  130. Looks Like Justin Will Be Able To Provide Real-Time Updates
  131. Budget Committee Looking Good
  132. NEW Justin Amash Facebook page for his Congressional updates!
  133. Amash and Iraq?
  134. Facebook DCLive: Streaming Justin Amash Interview
  135. GOP freshman rep. favors using Facebook to explain votes | The Hill
  136. I wish every congressman had this...
  137. Amash selected for the Oversight Commitee's leadersiip
  138. Rep. Amash's House Floor Speech on Unconstitutional Health Care Bill
  139. How to contact Mr. Amash?
  140. Sitting in the White House movie theater . . .
  141. I sense a troll
  142. Amash to research job creation/economic growth in new committee appointment
  143. Amash at Michigan State Convention
  144. Amash Votes No On PATRIOT Act Renewal
  145. Where was Justin for Bernanke hearing at Budget committee today (2/9/11)?
  146. Amash confusion on Patriot Act Provision Extension
  147. Amash votes to allow Patriot Act vote to proceed under streamline process w/ no amendments
  148. Justin Amash PIctures - CPAC Related
  149. Internships?
  150. Justin Amash Votes 'Present' On Amendment to Defund Planned Parenthood
  151. Amash Votes Against Cutting War Funding
  152. Amash votes for cutting war funding
  153. Amash opposes corporate welfare, RP supports
  154. Politico: "Rookie Republican votes present"
  155. Amash votes "no" to prohibition of Dept. of Defense NASCAR ads; Paul votes "yes"
  156. Amash named a "top political newcomer"
  157. Heritage spending report card: Paul, Amash, Duncan, McClintock among 44 Reps to earn 100%
  158. Amash votes "no" with Paul on two bills in the overwhelming minority (399-3 & 396-4)
  159. The Hill: Only one GOP freshman votes against stopgap spending bill
  160. Great article on Amash from Cato @ Liberty blog
  161. Amash on FreedomWatch with the Judge tonight at 8pm on Fox Business
  162. Amash Questions Witnesses At Postal Service Oversight Hearing
  163. Photos of Rothbard and Menger in Amash's Office
  164. [VIDEO] Hill's youngest freshman uses the net to connect
  165. Justin Amash for U.S. Senate (R-MI) 2012
  166. Mlive.com: Facebook movement begins to draft Justin Amash for U.S. Senate run
  167. Amash Exposes the Napkin Amendment
  168. Justin Amash introduces own version of Afghan withdrawal resolution
  169. Amash explains his upcoming "present" vote on H R 1076, To Prohibit Federal Funding of NPR
  170. Amash Seems A Tad Perturbed By The Libyan Action
  171. Michiganders, Amash Is Having A Town Meeting 3/26
  172. Rep. Justin Amash Calls Libya Action Unconstitutional
  173. Rep. Amash Calls Libya Action Unconstitutional
  174. Radio interview with Justin Amash on Libya, Afghanistan, more
  175. Amash Announces RECLAIM Bill to Halt Libyan Strikes Until Congress Approves
  176. (AP) 2 House Republicans vow to stop Obama on Libya [Amash +Johnson]
  177. April 18 birthday money bomb for Justin Amash
  178. 4/12/11 -Rep. Amash on with the Judge
  179. New York Times Piece on Justin Amash Today!
  180. Amash Money Bomb TODAY
  181. Amash's Explanation For "Yes" Vote On Budget (HCon Res 34 roll call #277)
  182. Amash voted yes on the budget?
  183. Justin Amash Moneybomb Today!
  184. Rep. Amash rejects Sen. Graham's version of 'freedom agenda' | The Hill
  185. Ron Paul assigned as Amash's "official mentor" in Congress
  186. Freedom Watch 4/28/11 - Justin Amash
  187. Justin Amash on Freedom Watch 4/28
  188. Amconmag.com - Liberty's Maverick -- James Antle profiles Congressman Justin Amash
  189. American Conservative profile of Rep. Amash
  190. Daily Kos attacks Amash: "Amash's tea party supporters boot senior citizens, reporters..."
  191. Amash Dear Colleague Letter on Authorization for Use of [Perpetual] Military Force
  192. Rep. Justin Amash Seeks Limits on Presidential War-making
  193. Justin Amash on non-intervention in the Middle East.
  194. Justin want's our help... (email sent out)
  195. Unsung Hero: Justin Amash
  196. MIGOP Redistricting Justin Amash Out?!?
  197. Justin Amash needs our help with redistricting
  198. Amash on Heritage's "Magnificent 11" list
  199. SIGN JUSTIN AMASH'S PETITION TO CONGRESS: Don't Raise the Debt Limit!
  200. JUSTIN AMASH'S PETITION TO CONGRESS: Don't Raise the Debt Limit!
  201. The Magnificent 11: Justin Amash listed
  202. [Video] Amash on House Floor Discussing Libya
  203. Walter Jones to vote for Boehner debt plan? Paul Ryan trying to convince Amash too?
  204. Amash to vote NO on Boehner debt ceiling hike
  205. Rep. Amash op-ed: The debt ceiling deal -- an agreement to do nothing
  206. Rep. Amash op-ed: The debt ceiling deal -- an agreement to do nothing
  207. Justin Amash Facebook
  208. New Email from Amash
  209. Rep. Justin Amash Officially Endorses Ron Paul for President
  210. Surprised no one has mentioned this yet...
  211. U.S. Rep. Justin Amash endorses Ron Paul's bid for the GOP presidential nomination
  212. Text of Rep. Amash's endorsement of Ron Paul--GREAT statement
  213. Full text of Rep. Amash's endorsement of Ron Paul for President
  214. Club for Growth asks Boehner to pass Amash BBA
  215. Rep. Amash's "48-Hours-for-Liberty" Money bomb on Sept. 27 & 28
  216. 48 Hours for Liberty Money Bomb
  217. Justin Amash could use some love!
  218. Politico: 10 FEC Reports to Watch (Amash is one of the 10)
  219. Grassroots Amash Money Bomb?
  220. Justin Amash in an ongoing war of words with the NRA
  221. Amash vs Levin in 2014?
  222. Justin Amash models himself as Ron Paul protégé
  223. Politico: Justin Amash casts himself in Ron Paul's mold
  224. Rep. Amash smacks down Gingrich
  225. Rep. Amash on Freedom Watch w/ Judge Napolitano (12/15)
  226. Found on RedState: The Truth about NDAA by Justin Amash
  227. Rep. Amash votes on two Iran sanction bills
  228. Amash: "SOPA may end the political career of any congressman who supports it."
  229. Justin Amash's facebook status
  230. Amash Getting Primaried?
  231. Democrats want to remove Justin Amash!
  232. Democratic challenger
  233. U.S. Rep. Justin Amash will speak at Texas Congressman Ron Paul's rallies
  234. Justin Amash's House Seat at Risk
  235. Is Constitutionalist Justin Amash's Congressional Seat in Jeopardy?
  236. Roll Call article: Justin Amash Isn’t Afraid to Walk Own Path
  237. Justin Amash 1 of 3 to vote NAY for H.R. 347
  238. ALL HANDS ON DECK: Justin Amash has a SERIOUS Dem challenger. DEFEND THE FUTURE OF LIBERTY
  239. U.S. Rep. Justin Amash, a Ron Paul protégé, seeks a GOP 'revolution' - Earmarks
  240. U.S. Rep. Justin Amash, a Ron Paul protégé, seeks a GOP 'revolution' | Detroit News
  241. Amash votes No on Paul Ryan's budget
  242. The Hill: Amash meshes his civil-libertarian bent with fiscal conservatism
  243. Thank Justin Amash for standing up for liberty by wishing him a happy 32nd birthday!
  244. Thank Justin Amash for standing up for liberty by wishing him a happy 32nd birthday!
  245. How One Man Has (almost) Ended the Indefinite Detention of Americans (NDAA)
  246. Jack Hunter profiles Justin Amash (video)
  247. Wish Justin Amash a Happy Birthday!
  248. Rep. Justin Amash Calls for Eric Holder’s Resignation Over ‘Fast and Furious’
  249. Amash in the 2012 Republican New Media Challenge
  250. Rep Justin Amash Defends the Constitution, One Vote at a Time