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  1. Michigan GOP leaves Justin Amash to fend for himself
  2. Establishment's next target: Justin Amash
  3. Glenn Beck Radio: Hypocritical Republicans supporting Amash's liberal primary challenger
  4. Justin Amash's "Follow Friday"
  5. Justin Amash’s Michigan Primary Battle Is One for the Soul of the GOP
  6. PolitiFact gives "False" rating to Mike Rogers for claiming Justin Amash votes with Democrats
  7. This Twitter-Loving Trekkie Is the NSA's Worst Enemy
  8. Establishment Republicans Break Their Own Rules in Opposing Amash
  9. Justin Amash Introduces Backup Plan to Block NSA Phone Spying
  10. Justin Amash testifying in House Rules Committee in support of Amash Amendment - 3 pm ET
  11. Congressman Amash doing right if he’s rubbing Congressman Rogers the wrong way
  12. Justin Amash votes against his own bill, the USA Freedom Act
  13. FreedomWorks Poll (May '14) - Justin Amash up 30% in Primary
  14. Justin Amash Sets a New Record in Congress
  15. MIRS/PPC Poll: Amash 42%, Ellis 23%
  16. Freep: Amash's biggest challenge may come from west Michigan business leaders
  17. Ask Amash: What should we ask West Michigan congressman during MLive visit?
  18. Mike Rogers, Devin Nunes to host fundraiser for Amash challenger
  19. List of Members Helping Justin Amash Financially
  20. Imagine a Congressman Who...
  21. Brian Ellis new TV ad, attacks Justin again
  22. Someone give this guy a gold star: Congressman Amash marks 2,500 consecutive votes
  23. Amash: Ellis not a ‘serious or credible candidate’
  24. Rep. Justin Amash: Challenger Brian Ellis running on unpopular issues in Third District race
  25. Justin Amash on The Frank Beckmann Show re: Eric Cantor 6/11/14
  26. Ellis puts out another TV ad attacking Justin on abortion
  27. Amash should just release a commerical smashing Ellis
  28. Big Business Vs. Libertarians in the GOP
  29. Justin Amash on The Independents re: Cantor's loss 6/11/14
  30. Amash supports Labrador for majority leader
  31. Free Press/EPIC-MRA Poll (Jun '14): Justin Amash up 55% to 35%
  32. The SLAM rule
  33. Amash Videos
  34. Justin Amash on The Frank Beckmann Show 6/18/14
  35. Justin Amash MoneyBomb July 18th
  36. New Brian Ellis ad: Amash is 'Al Qaeda's best friend in Congress'
  37. Detroit News Endorses Amash
  38. Radio ad: Brian Ellis Supports Obamacare AND Common Core
  39. Justin Amash on Live with Renk 7/1/14
  40. TV ad: Brian Ellis is Wrong for West Michigan
  41. Radio ad: Who IS Brian Ellis?
  42. Justin Amash on WestSouthwest: "Establishment has already lost"
  43. Justin Amash on Frontlines of Freedom military talk radio show 7/5/14
  44. The Ugliest House Primary of the Cycle
  45. Justin Amash on The Frank Beckmann Show 7/10/14
  46. Target: Justin Amash
  47. Internal poll shows Justin Amash with 22-point lead over challenger
  48. Help us promote the Justin Amash moneybomb!
  49. Ted Cruz endorses Amash
  50. Justin Amash vs Brian Ellis 2014 Q2 Fundraising Figures
  51. Here are some of the lobbyists and business PACs trying to drive Justin Amash out of Congress
  52. Meet the candidate: Justin Amash to discuss issues at Press hub; RSVP here
  53. Justin Amash: The Candidate of the People vs. Cronyist Opponent Brian Ellis
  54. Official Justin Amash MoneyBomb Donations Thread!!
  55. U.S. Chamber of Commerce backs Amash challenger
  56. Amash yard signs being stolen in Michigan, two people turn themselves in
  57. Mark Levin Show Talking Up Justin Amash Now (update: tube added)
  58. Justin Amash's support for free enterprise earns enmity of Big Business
  59. Someone needs to dub this bizarre video that Brian Ellis has up on his YouTube channel.
  60. TV ad: Our Congressman is Justin Amash
  61. Amash fends off business critics, is favored to win in August primary
  62. Justin Amash pro-life mailer
  63. Freedom Act 'Close' One Year After Amash's NSA Attempt
  64. Brian Ellis tv ad featuring former Rep Pete Hoekstra
  65. Weigel: The Man the Chamber of Commerce Can’t Beat
  66. Tea Party Circles the Wagons Around Justin Amash
  67. Michigan Chamber spending $100k+ on tv ads in support of Brian Ellis
  68. Brian Ellis loans campaign another $200K, hits $1 million mark before August primary
  69. MLive Grand Rapids Press endorses Rep. Justin Amash in GOP primary
  70. Politico: Justin Amash heads into homestretch confident
  71. 3 Justin Amash allies running for Michigan state House
  72. Dave Weigel Podcast with Justin Amash
  73. Justin Amash Radio Ad: Pick Your Congressman
  74. if Amash wins he has to be the front runner for VP
  75. Two more Justin Amash mailers
  76. GOP establishment backs challenger in the 3rd district, but voters don’t seem to care
  77. Amash-Ellis race in homestretch, most outside money on the sidelines
  78. Amash’s Likely Primary Win Will Vindicate Libertarian Politics
  79. Club For Growth Back on TV for Justin Amash
  80. RedState: Justin Amash versus the Chamber of Commerce
  81. Is Justin Amash’s establishment opponent trying to get Democrats to vote in a GOP primary?
  82. Justin Amash and Brian Ellis on WOOD-TV To The Point 8/3/14
  83. VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  84. W. James Antle: Why Justin Amash Will Win
  85. Official Justin Amash Election Day / Primary Results Thread (update: Justin wins!!!)
  86. Politico: Justin Amash beats back primary challenge
  87. Why Justin Amash Keeps Winning
  88. Justin Amash primary victory speech
  89. Justin Amash Quells an Establishment Revolt
  90. Justin Amash’s Victory Is A Win For Free Markets, And A Blow To Chamber Cronyism
  91. Politico quiz: How well do you know Justin Amash?
  92. Justin Amash Calls Images From Ferguson "Frightening," Likens Situation to "a War Zone"
  93. Amash dissent: Why my opponent's smears were 'disgusting'
  94. Rep. Justin Amash, challenger Bob Goodrich meet for coffee, discuss future debates
  95. Justin Amash Accepts ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
  96. Has Justin seen the classified 9/11 report pages?
  97. Amash star power rises after Calley’s win at GOP confab
  98. Justin Amash on Live with Renk 8/28/14
  99. Justin Amash's statement on President's address re: military action in Iraq & Syria
  100. Justin Amash's statement on amendment to arm groups in Syria
  101. Rep. Justin Amash, Lt. Gov. Brian Calley to 'free the brews' at Founders
  102. Justin Amash on Live with Renk 9/25/14
  103. Justin Amash on WestSouthwest 9/29/14
  104. Justin Amash schedules debate with general election opponent on 10/8
  105. Anti-Amash mailer, lol.
  106. [Video] Justin Amash vs Bob Goodrich Debate 10/8/14
  107. Lobbyists' Worst Enemy
  108. Justin Amash on Live with Renk 10/14/14
  109. [Video] Justin Amash speech at LPAC 2014
  110. Justin Amash schedules second general election debate for 10/21
  111. Grand Rapids Press endorses Justin Amash in 2014 general election
  112. Challenger Bob Goodrich largely self-funded as Rep. Justin Amash outperforms opponent
  113. National business, free market groups give awards to Amash
  114. A Nightmare on K Street | Money Bomb for Justin Amash | Oct. 29 & 30
  115. Justin Amash on West Michigan Live 10/23/14
  116. Senate Races 2014: Why Michigan Never Became Iowa
  117. Amash: 'Our pro-liberty caucus is growing every year.'
  118. Justin Amash says HAPPY HALLOWEEN
  119. Justin Amash wins 3rd term in congress with 58% of vote
  120. [Video] Justin Amash on The Independents 11/12
  121. Rep. Justin Amash says police arresting Eric Garner used 'clearly excessive force'
  122. Amash wants legislation to address DOJ's airplane surveillance
  123. Rep. Justin Amash again votes 'present' on Keystone XL pipeline legislation
  124. [Video] Justin Amash Questions Jonathan Gruber at Oversight Hearing 12/9/14
  125. Something Rather Alarming On Amash's FB Page
  126. Justin Amash on The Independents tonight to discuss secret surveillance bill
  127. Amash: Most “Egregious” Violation of Privacy Law Just Passed By Congress
  128. Justin Amash's statement on Cuba
  129. Justin Amash statement on CIA torture report
  130. Rep. Justin Amash imagined as House minority leader if Congress split
  131. Reaction to North Korean cyberattack sets 'dangerous precedent,' Rep. Justin Amash says
  132. Justin Amash interview with MLive 12/29/14
  133. Amash voting for Boehner?
  134. Justin Amash: it’s time for Republicans to change leadership, will vote for a new speaker
  135. House adopts Amash transparency reforms
  136. Justin Amash on The Frank Beckmann Show 1/7/15
  137. Amash doesn't vote for Keystone pipeline -- here is why:
  138. 9 Republicans launched freedom caucus started by Amash
  139. Justin Amash Chastises Marco Rubio Over PATRIOT Act Reauthorization Stance
  140. Justin Amash on Stossel
  141. Justin Amash on Stossel 2/20/15
  142. Justin Amash on Live with Renk 3/10/15
  143. Justin Amash slams Jason Villalba on Twitter
  144. Rep. Justin Amash keeps presidential question open
  145. Justin Amash on The Frank Beckmann Show 5/5/15
  146. Justin Amash vs US Chamber of Commerce re: Export-Import Bank
  147. Justin Amash on Live with Renk 5/7/15
  148. Justin Shops at Lowes
  149. [Video] Amash and Massie testify on amendments to USA FREEDOM Act 5/12/15
  150. Justin Amash seeks legislative assistant...
  151. Amash’s letter targets ending bulk call surveillance
  152. Amash keeping watch on House floor in case Boehner tries to sneak thru Patriot Act extension
  153. Have to say that I'm a bit disappointed in his Yea vote on HR 91.
  154. [Video] Justin Amash on WOOD TV8's To The Point re: PATRIOT Act 5/31/15
  155. Justin Amash on WOOD Radio 6/2/15
  156. Justin Amash will be on MSNBC at 4:15 pm ET to talk Patriot Act
  157. Intelligence Committee votes to deny Justin Amash access to documents
  158. Detroit News: Surveillance fight puts Amash back in spotlight
  159. Justin Amash argues against Intelligence Authorization bill that permits spying
  160. Amash: Rod Blum needs your help
  161. Justin Amash's comments on Supreme Court marriage decision
  162. Justin Amash on WGVU's West Michigan Week 7/3/15
  163. Justin Amash on The Frank Beckmann Show 7/8/15
  164. The New American's Freedom Index: Justin Amash scores 90%
  165. Justin Amash Op-Ed: Keep Export-Import Bank in its corporate-welfare grave
  166. Justin Amash to oppose nuclear agreement with Iran
  167. Justin Amash 2018?
  168. Federal Bill Offers One-Two Punch Against Marijuana Meddling, Asset Forfeiture
  169. Justin Amash for Speaker of the House
  170. Justin Amash: House GOP's 'govern by crisis' model is broken
  171. Justin Amash offers amendment to strike $500M increase in spending
  172. The obsession of the House Freedom Caucus
  173. Justin Amash will vote for Paul Ryan for Speaker if he is nominee
  174. Justin Amash on The Frank Beckmann Show 10/22/15
  175. Justin Amash and Thomas Massie cosponsor resolution to impeach IRS Commissioner
  176. Justin Amash and Thomas Massie cosponsor bill to repeal 2002 Iraq AUMF
  177. Reps. Amash and Massie sign letter urging Speaker Ryan to bring ISIL AUMF to House floor
  178. Congressman Amash Brings Real Experiences to High School Government Class
  179. Joint Economic Committee hearings with Fed Chairs
  180. Justin Amash cosponsors H.Res.14 to declassify 28 pages of 9/11 report
  181. Amash gets into Twitter war with Taylor Swift fans over copyright law
  182. Amash plans bill to repeal CISA-like legislation included in omnibus
  183. Justin Amash on The Frank Beckmann Show 1/13/16
  184. Amash raps Obama over meeting with rapper
  185. Justin Amash on Tamir Rice Outcome: Cops Don’t Deserve Extra Leniency
  186. Justin Amash: Rubio ‘Everything Wrong’ With GOP
  187. Justin Amash: Let’s Close Loophole That Lets U.S. Sell Guns to Syrian Rebels
  188. Justin Amash on Flint Water Crisis
  189. Matt Welch talks to Amash and Massie about Tea Party and Donald Trump
  190. Crooks and Liars
  191. [Video] Justin Amash at Oversight Hearing on Flint Water Crisis 2/3/16
  192. [Video] Justin Amash on WOOD TV8 re: Flint Water Crisis 2/3/16
  193. Draft Justin Amash for President 2020
  194. Justin Amash praises Ted Cruz, will talk to him RE: endorsement
  195. Justin Amash cosponsors H.R. 664 - Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act of 2015
  196. Justin Amash Defends Apple On Encryption
  197. Meet The Two Congressmen Who Defied Their Party and Voted Against North Korea Sanctions
  198. Justin Amash: Why I Trust Ted Cruz
  199. Justin Amash on Fox Business' Kennedy re: Ted Cruz Endorsement 2/24/16
  200. Justin Amash interview with Rare re: Ted Cruz and future ambitions
  201. Justin Amash: I won't vote for Trump
  202. [Video] Justin Amash Interview with Reason 3/1/16
  203. Does Justin have an opponent?
  204. [Video] Justin Amash at Oversight Hearing on Flint Water Crisis 3/15/16
  205. [Video] Justin Amash questions Gov. Snyder and EPA's McCarthy re: Flint Water Crisis 3/17/16
  206. Reason Magazine: Justin Amash - The Last Honest Man in Washington
  207. Amash Grills EPA on Flint Water
  208. Justin Amash to host 8 town halls throughout district March 29-30
  209. Justin Amash elected as national convention delegate
  210. Justin Amash on WWMT's Connect to Congress 4/13/16
  211. Establishment Rand Paul staffer's dad beats Justin Amash for slot on RNC credentials committee
  212. Thank You Justin Amash (TV ad)
  213. Justin Amash to face token Democrat in 2016 general election
  214. Welcome to the Justin Amash Forum
  215. Amash to run for Libertarian Party nomination?
  216. Justin Amash's Office Is Hiring
  217. Justin Amash on Live with Renk 6/27/16
  218. Amash Says CIA Director Is Lying About Saudi Arabia’s Secret Role In 9/11
  219. Justin Amash Has Harsh Words for Senate Democrats Following Gun Control Vote
  220. Justin Amash's statement on H.R. 5611‬, the Homeland Safety and Security Act
  221. Justin Amash defeats bill that expands Patriot Act
  222. Justin Amash on West Michigan Week 7/22/16
  223. Amash on Weld/Johnson
  224. Amash on Huelskamp Loss: "Assault on House Freedom Caucus "
  225. Amash Hints at 2020 Presidential Run
  226. Justin Amash to appear at candidate Rebekah Bydlak's rally in Pensacola, FL 8/26
  227. Interview with Justin Amash and Rebekah Bydlak 8/28/16
  228. Justin Amash Op-Ed: Why are we giving Saudis $1B in weapons with zero debate?
  229. Justin Amash is only MI Congressman to not support ineffective, costly missile site in MI
  230. Justin Amash's piece for Cato's Letter - Defending Liberty in Congress
  231. Is Justin Amash going to run for president in 2020?
  232. Amash leads bipartisan letter asking for briefing from administration on Yahoo email searches
  233. Rep. Justin Amash and challengers wage low-key campaigns
  234. WZZM 13 interview with Justin Amash 10/23/16
  235. Justin Amash answers Michigan Radio's candidate questionnaire
  236. Michigan's 3rd Congressional District Debate: Justin Amash vs Douglas Smith 10/27/16
  237. Justin Amash 2016 election results thread [Update: Justin wins!]
  238. Libertarian congressman pans Trump's choice of Sessions
  239. Amash Criticizes Trump's Foreign Business Contracts
  240. GOP rep: 'No president is allowed to burn the First Amendment’ (Amash)
  241. The One House Republican Who Can’t Stop Criticizing Donald Trump
  242. Justin Amash: Trump views job in 'extra-constitutional' way
  243. Justin Amash: Why are we giving the Saudis $1 billion in weapons with zero debate?
  244. Russian election hack briefing demanded by Michigan congressman
  245. Justin Amash ‘not sure what to expect’ with Trump, details views for district
  246. Justin Amash - Review of 2016
  247. Scores turned away from contentious Rep. Justin Amash town hall meeting
  248. Donald Trump being president is making very clear who is principled and who is just partisan
  249. Justin Amash on his tweet "Dude, just stop."
  250. Justin Amash on CNN's AC360 re: Travel Ban 1/30/17