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  1. Justin Amash and 15 Other MOCs File Court Brief to Declassify FISA Court Rulings!
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  4. Karl Rove out there lying about Justin Amash
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  6. Amash collects FreedomWorks Freedom Fighter award for 100% score
  7. Conyers-Amash LIBERT-E Act
  8. Justin Amash will email Karl Rove how much he fundraised off Rove's comments
  9. Justin Amash is circulating letter demanding Clapper's departure
  10. Amash Pushes to DEFUND NSA in DOD Appropriations!
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  18. Votes on Egypt, Syria and NSA surveillance
  19. Justin Amash vs House leadership over NSA amendment
  20. Libertarian Wishes on NSA, Syria Heeded by House GOP Leaders
  21. Buzzfeed: Meet The Most Powerful Junior Republican (Amash) In The House Of Representatives
  22. House to vote on Amash's NSA Amendment on Wednesday (update: defeated 205 to 217)
  23. NSA's Keith Alexander calls emergency briefing to lobby against Amash amendment
  24. Senate Intel leaders slam Amash amendment to cut NSA surveillance funds
  25. URGENT: NSA Activism, Who runs the Ron Paul 2012 (and Rand Paul) facebook pages?
  26. Justin Amash NSA Amendment Earns White House Condemnation
  27. Justin Amash on The Frank Beckmann Show re: NSA Amendment 7/24/13
  28. [Video] Justin Amash vs Michele Bachmann over NSA 7/24/13
  29. [Video] Justin Amash on Fox News re: NSA 7/24/13
  30. How the Justin Amash NSA amendment got a vote
  31. should be selling bumper stickers to out-of-staters for a profit
  32. [Video] Chris Hayes discusses Amash amendment
  33. Justin Amash almost beat the NSA. Next time, he might do it.
  34. Justin Amash prevails as amendment fails
  35. The NSA Won A Defunding Battle, But It Could Lose The War
  36. Neocon analysis: "The September 10th Caucus Gains Ground"
  37. NSA amendment's narrow defeat spurs privacy advocates for surveillance fight
  38. The Battle for the Amash Amendment: Victory in Defeat
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  40. Map of votes on Justin's NSA amendment
  41. Ron Paul Protege Leads Revolution Over Surveillance in Congress
  42. Local TV coverage of Amash's NSA fight
  43. How Nancy Pelosi Saved the NSA Surveillance Program
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  47. Should Justin Amash endorse Mike Enzi?
  48. Very detailed account of how Amash's NSA amendment got to floor
  49. Debate on Amash Amendment/Department of Defense Appropriations - Video
  50. My Michigan congresswomans dissapointing response.
  51. Huckabee defends Amash Amendment
  52. Letter from my Congressman on why he voted against the Amash amendment and my response
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  56. Amash is chairman of Congressional Liberty Caucus
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  63. Justin Amash: I troll RPF
  64. Amash can win Michigan Senate seat in 2014
  65. The political conference where Justin Amash is bigger than Beiber (YAL Convention)
  66. [Video] Justin Amash on Fox News Sunday 8/4/13
  67. Glenn Beck Talks To Justin Amash
  68. Edward Snowden Is A 'Whistle-Blower,' Rep. Justin Amash Says
  69. Dave Camp Weighing Senate Bid
  70. Justin Amash claims he trolls the Ron Paul Forums
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  72. Justin Amash on The Laura Ingraham Show 8/7/13 (tube added)
  73. Letter to the Editor: Local “Representatives” Disappoint
  74. Cenk gives Justin some props for calling Snowden a 'whistleblower'
  75. Karl Rove Attempts To Paint Justin Amash As 'Liberal' Pelosi Ally; Amash Responds, 'LOL'
  76. [Video] Justin Amash on The O'Reilly Factor w/ Laura Ingraham 8/7/13
  77. Justin Amash interview w/ WZZM 13 re: NSA, Obamacare and open Senate seat
  78. Amash to Host Town Hall in Lowell Township on Aug 14th
  79. Last night, Amash broke news that it was GOP-led House Intel Cmte withheld NSA docs.
  80. AMASH: Intelligence committee withheld key file to critical NSA vote
  81. Justin Amash on Live with Renk 8/16/13
  82. Dave Camp not running for US Senate in Michigan...
  83. Anti Amash flyers on windsheilds
  84. Justin Amash upcoming guest on CNN's State of the Union
  85. Justin Amash at Cato: Republican Party headed in a more libertarian direction
  86. August 16, 2013 Article: Justin Amash's Marshall Townhall Meeting
  87. Justin Amash on NPR - Struggle For 'Soul' Of GOP 8/17/13
  88. Rep. Amash says he’ll push for new vote to curb NSA powers
  89. Amash replicates iconic Ron Paul sitting alone photo
  90. Justin Amash hints at widening dissent in Congress against NSA spying
  91. [Video] Justin Amash Townhall in Marshall, MI 8/16/13 (aired on C-SPAN)
  92. [Video] Justin Amash on TheBlaze TV w/ Glenn Beck, followed by G. Edward Griffin
  93. Justin Amash on Syria, War Powers Act, and walking alone in Washington (Live w/ Renk 8/28/13)
  94. Report on Justin Amash's town hall in Battle Creek
  95. Karl Rove
  96. Amash looks forward to debate
  97. Obama 'hasn't come close' to justifying war in Syria, Rep. Justin Amash says
  98. Justin Amash: Military Members Keep Telling Me To Vote No On Syria
  99. Mike Rogers: Congress has constitutional responsibility to attack Syria
  100. Amash unswayed on Syria strike after classified briefing with Obama advisers
  101. Justin Amash to make 11 stops across district to hear from constituents on Syra
  102. WOOD-TV: Amash talks Syria at town hall meetings (video)
  103. Justin Amash on Syria: West Michigan 'extremely one-sided' on military strike
  104. Amash takes aim at McCain
  105. Justin Amash on NBC Nightly News on Syria
  106. Amash to lawmakers who support Syria strike: 'Might as well start cleaning out your office'
  107. Michigan's Amash gains friends, and foes, on both sides
  108. Amash: I am tired of GOP leadership going with Obama, American people don't want war w/ Syria
  109. [Video] Justin Amash on Face the Nation w/ Bob Schieffer 9/8/13
  110. Amash: ‘Some Things Are Being Embellished’ by White House
  111. AP: Congressmen Amash and Cummings Air Doubts on Syria Strike
  112. Amash: ‘If Americans could read classified docs, they’d be even more against Syria action’
  113. Justin Amash on The Frank Beckmann Show re: Syria 9/10/13
  114. Justin Amash: ‘Gov’t Is Breaking Law’ By Sending ‘Weapons to Opposition Forces in Syria’
  115. On the Rise: Rep. Justin Amash emerges as leading anti-war voice
  116. [Video] Justin Amash on ABC's This Week roundtable discussion 9/15/13
  117. New York Times article profiles Justin Amash
  118. Rep. Amash: McCain, Graham Increasingly on Fringe of GOP
  119. Justin Amash Op-Ed: How to Keep the Constitution
  120. Justin Amash will not run for Senate in 2014
  121. Amash one of two reps to vote against "Missing Children's Assistance Reauthorization Act"
  122. Justin Amash on The Frank Beckmann Show 9/19/13
  123. Justin Amash Moneybomb
  124. Republican Representative Justin Amash Spills His Guts on Facebook
  125. Rep. Justin Amash Speech to LPAC 9/19/13
  126. Rep. Amash Details How Intelligence Committee Hid Briefings from Conference Members
  127. Lindsey Graham, John McCain on the 'extreme fringes of American society,' says Justin Amash
  128. Justin Amash wants to fund all Gov't programs except for Obamacare
  129. Amash slams Obama on Obamacare
  130. Please donate before Monday!
  131. Justin needs backup on Facebook
  132. Amash faces some backlash at home (and possible primary challenge)
  133. Brian Ellis announces primary challenge against Justin Amash
  134. Amash moneybomb
  135. msg from Justin Amash
  136. Obama says NSA has plenty of congressional oversight. But one congressman says it’s a farce.
  137. Rep. Amash Slams Congressional Intelligence Committees As The “Opponents Of Congress”
  138. [Video] Justin Amash at Cato: Intel committees undermine NSA oversight, congress kept in dark
  139. Mark Levin says the Establishment is targeting Amash
  140. Justin Amash on The Frank Beckmann Show 10/18/13
  141. NBC News lists Justin Amash as "On Shaky Ground" for re-election
  142. 3rd Qtr Fundraising @ $207K For Rep. Amash
  143. PPP Poll of MI-03 and Justin Amash's approval rating
  144. Justin Amash Receives Taxpayers’ Friend Award
  145. [Video] Justin Amash speech at Stop Watching Us Rally in Washington D.C. 10/26/13
  146. Big Business Tries to Unseat the Tea Party
  147. Justin Amash to do Liberty Karaoke fundraiser - Arlington, VA 12/3/13
  148. Conservative group smears Justin Amash as Marxist ‘fellow traveler’ for opposing NSA spying
  149. The World of Justin Amash
  150. Justin Amash, bipartisan group introduce bill to curb NSA spy programs
  151. Time Magazine : The New Republican war
  152. Mother Jones cover story: Troll vs. Spy - How GOP rebel Justin Amash spooked the NSA
  153. Why did Amash vote yes on HR 992?
  154. Will Congressman Justin Amash Lose His Seat In 2014?
  155. Rep. Amash condemns NSA spying, offers bipartisan solution at town hall meeting
  156. Former Rep's pro moderate GOP group looking to help Amash's challenger
  157. Club for Growth PAC Endorses Justin Amash for Congress
  158. Michigan political donors make fundraising push to take out Amash
  159. Justin Amash Targeted by Michigan GOP Business Establishment for Lacking Party Discipline
  160. [Video] Justin Amash speech at The Charleston Meeting 11/11/13
  161. Limbaugh: Justin Amash and these guys get a standing ovation
  162. Rush Limbaugh: We need more people like Justin Amash in congress to save this country
  163. Justin Amash debates primary challenger Brian Ellis on air 11/14/13
  164. Club for Growth Email: MI-03 may very well be the most important race
  165. Told you so: Rep. Justin Amash recalls saying Obamacare delay would be a ‘favor’ to president
  166. Targeting Justin Amash
  167. Subscribe to the official twitter account of Amash for Congress 2014
  168. Amash Opponent calls Snowden a Traitor
  169. Justin Amash may endorse Igor Birman
  170. State Sen. Mark Jansen decides against run for seat held by Justin Amash
  171. RINO Brian Ellis Is Primarying Congressman Justin Amash
  172. Breitbart: GOP Establishment Donors Target Tea Party's Justin Amash in Michigan
  173. Justin Amash Introduces "New Fair Deal Banking and Housing Stability Act"
  174. Justin Amash planning for December 16 money bomb
  175. Justin Amash: Claims made in Ellis's 'bizarre smear campaign' unfounded
  176. [AUDIO] Rep Justin Amash Explains What Happens @ Classified Briefings in Congress
  177. Justin Amash Dec. 16 Money Bomb - "Join the Rebel Alliance!" [update: extended 24 hours]
  178. Justin Amash endorses Igor Birman for Congress in CA-7
  179. It Started Out As Just A Few Libertarians Hanging Out At A Bar…
  180. Beck discusses GOP establishment targeting Justin and mentions Liberty Karaoke
  181. Justin Amash on The Frank Beckmann Show re: budget deal 12/12/13
  182. Weekly Standard on Justin Amash: The Congressman Who Says ‘No’
  183. Join the Rebel Alliance money bomb video
  184. Justin Amash: Nailing It
  185. Brian Ellis promises to violate oath of office if elected
  186. Rep. Justin Amash talks Republican Leadership, NSA survelliance and Obamacare at town hall
  187. Slate Interview with Justin Amash
  188. Justin Amash campaign announces results of 48 hour money bomb - $102k
  189. The Daily Caller Interview with Justin Amash
  190. Unlikely Michigan allies revive fight over NSA
  191. Merry Christmas from the Amash family
  192. Justin explains "controversial" vote on veterans burial bill
  193. Which Extreme Organizations Does Brian Ellis "Like" On Facebook?
  194. Military industrial complex tired of Justin Amash and other junior members
  195. Ellis dredges up a meaningless vote from two years ago to slam Amash
  196. Is Justin Amash Doomed?
  197. Amash tweet on Peter d-bag King
  198. Justin Amash named a Top 10 most influential Internet freedom activist of 2013
  199. Ellis is going after Amash for North Korea vote
  200. Conservatives Form Their Own Caucus Because the RSC Isn't 'Hard-Core' Enough
  201. Club for Growth to run ads attacking Brian Ellis' tax and spend record
  202. Little kid asks Amash question at townhall
  203. Justin Amash has a posse
  204. Security Guru with Access to Snowden Documents Briefs Congress Members (Because NSA Won’t)
  205. Justin Amash: 2 Graphs On The Spending Bill
  206. Justin Amash dismissive of Obama's NSA speech, says 'era of secret law' continues
  207. Justin Amash, Brian Ellis join call for Michigan GOP leader Dave Agema to resign
  208. In town hall event, Amash calls for bipartisan support on NSA
  209. Brian Ellis gave $2,500 to Dick Lugar over the years
  210. Amash on the Glenn Beck Show 7/25/13
  211. Justin Amash vs Brian Ellis Q4 2013 Fundraising Figures
  212. My analysis of the MI-3 primary race's fund raising numbers. Amash challenger in trouble!
  213. Justin Amash and Raul Labrador on debt limit: Avoid theater
  214. Amash Top Fundraiser in Michigan's U.S. House Delegation
  215. Amash up big on challenger Ellis
  216. Americans for Prosperity will spend $230k in support of Justin Amash
  217. Justin Amash on The Frank Beckmann Show 2/18/14
  218. Tea Party Express Endorses Congressman Justin Amash in Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District
  219. Conservative groups give Amash top honors
  220. Did Justin advocate "massive tax increases" in a recent speech?
  221. Rep. Justin Amash’s ‘Millennial Madness’ speech gets crashed by Rick Perry
  222. Michigan race highlights Tea Party versus Establishment struggle
  223. Politico: Big business donors abandoning Brian Ellis campaign
  224. Amash slammed for abortion vote in GOP challenger's first $75K TV ad
  225. Rep. Louie Gohmert slams National Journal for “libelous” headline about Liberty Karaoke
  226. Factcheck.org: Brian Ellis is misleading Michigan voters on Justin's solidly pro-life record
  227. Justin Amash Money Bomb is today! - Keep Calm and Join The Rebellion
  228. Desperation: Brian Ellis uses Ron Paul to attack Justin on abortion
  229. bombs away
  230. Justin Amash on The Ben Swann Radio Show 3/26/14 (tube added)
  231. [Video] Justin Amash discusses Obama's NSA reforms on The Independents 3/26/14
  232. Amash skeptical of new NSA proposals
  233. Justin Amash: President’s Push To End Data Collection, Will Actually Increase Collection
  234. Justin Amash on The Glenn Beck Radio Program 4/1/14 (tube added)
  235. Brian Ellis unleashes devastating attack powerpoint
  236. Justin Amash Interview w/ Matt Kibbe
  237. Brian Ellis' "Great Turnout"
  238. Justin Amash interview with United Liberty
  239. Brian Ellis supports Common Core
  240. Democrat Bob Goodrich enters MI-03 race
  241. Brian Ellis releases new tv ad attacking Justin Amash
  242. Justin Amash votes for Paul Ryan's FY 15 budget
  243. Justin Amash vs Brian Ellis 2014 Q1 Fundraising Figures
  244. Justin Amash on The Justin Barclay Show 4/16/14
  245. Justin Amash Loved New Captain America Movie
  246. Toady's Justin's 34th !
  247. Attention! Michigan Delegate filing Deadline is May 6 2014
  248. Brian Ellis: A case study in cronyism
  249. Justin Amash threatens to amend defense spending bill, derail NSA spying programs
  250. Amash mailer touting Paul and Cruz endorsements