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  1. Did J. Amash vote for CISPA? [Mod note: No]
  2. How One Man Has (Almost) Ended the Indefinite Detention of Americans (NDAA)
  3. Amash attacked in WSJ Editorial 4/30/12
  4. Congressman Amash changed Twitter avatar to NDAA prohibited sign
  5. Why did Justin Amash vote for H.R. 4133?
  6. Smith-Amash Amendment to Limit Military Detentions [NDAA]
  7. NDAA Indefinite Detention Vote - Smith-Amash Amendment Fails 182-238 (roll call inside)
  8. WSJ editorial bashes freedom, liberty and Justin Amash
  10. Amash votes against Iran resolution that may lead to war
  11. Amash hosted a "Ask Me Anything" session on Reddit
  12. Amash explains his vote on HR 4133
  13. Amash considers resigning from Congress after feeling heat from a vote
  14. I Stand With Justin Amash!
  15. Who exactly are these people commenting on Amash's Facebook?
  16. Amash: Foreign military aid and alliances are constitutional
  17. Justin Amash Reconsidering His Support for HR. 4133
  18. Reason: Garrett Quinn on Justin Amash's Re-election Challenge
  19. Amash explains his position on controversial bills on his facebook page
  20. Justin Amash 48 Hour Money Bomb (6-4-2012)
  21. Beat the PACs money bomb
  22. Help Justin Amash win the GOP New Media Challenge
  23. Amash tweet
  24. THANK YOU to those who ponied up or otherwise helped Justin Amash raise dough
  25. Amash wants people to follow this twitter acct too
  26. Justin Amash takes another swing at NDAA, tries to prohibit indefinite detention
  27. Sounds fairly unpleasant to me. (Amash tweet)
  28. Justin Amash votes to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress
  29. Justin Amash in 2016?
  30. Democrats infighting while finding opponent for Amash.
  31. Amash says do it!
  32. Amash Wins Republican New Media Challenge
  33. Justin Amash speaks out on auditing the Fed
  34. Justin Amash Response to Obamacare Ruling
  35. Amash loses Right to Life support, claims politics are at play
  36. Justin Amash: Party of One
  37. Amash is livetweeting audit the fed
  38. Amash's speech on the floor on Audit the Fed bill HR 459
  39. Amash starts leadership PAC and makes endorsements
  40. Amash Looking For Volunteers
  41. Amash on twitter - looking for interns in DC and Grand Rapids
  42. Rand Paul & Justin Amash Super PAC Solicits Job Applicants
  43. Amash's primary results
  44. Roll Call: Justin Amash in more difficult position
  45. Knee-jerk supporters attack Amash for Paul Ryan post
  46. Amash Endorses For President
  47. Gary Franchi claims Amash is going to endorse Romney [update: Amash says false]
  48. Justin Amash: "I will help the Republican nominee after the convention."
  49. We Are The Future Rally: Speech by Justin Amash
  50. Rep. Amash Calls for Audit of RNC Over Treatment of Paul Delegates (The New American)
  51. Justin Amash Speech at Ron Paul Rally - Including NDAA!
  52. Yard Signs
  53. Win a Dinner with Ron Paul & Justin Amash!
  54. Donate between Sept 24 -- Sept 26 to win a dinner w Ron Paul and Justin Amash!
  55. Justin Amash raises $39,000 with lottery lure of dinner with Ron Paul
  56. Amash race now rated "Likely Republican"
  57. Amash must be doing something right, front page of yahoo.
  58. Justin Amash Seeking Grassroots Money Bomb Organization !
  59. Justin Amash's election polling numbers have him leading but the race is close.
  60. Amash vs Pestka Q3 Fundraising Figures
  61. Do-Nothing Steve Pestka-(New Amash Ad)
  62. Amash Campaign Email: Pestka borrows $1M for false attacks; see our new ad
  63. Amash trailing Democrat challenger in new poll (Detroit News)
  64. Grand Rapids Press endorses Amash for Congress
  65. New Poll Shows Amash Dominating with Double-Digit Lead
  66. [Video] Justin Amash at LPAC 2012
  67. Ron Paul Email re Justin Amash: "Our Ally Needs Our Help''
  68. Ron Paul Email re Justin Amash: "Our Ally Needs Our Help''
  69. Amash vs Pestka Pre-General FEC Reports
  70. Buy a TV ad for Justin Amash!
  71. Amash explains to college students importance of civic engagement
  72. Is Amash in trouble?
  73. URGENT: Amash needs money for ad
  74. [Video] WGVU - 30 Min Discussion w/ Justin Amash
  75. Justin Amash Takes Michigan Contest to the Airwaves
  76. An easy (and free) way to help Justin Amash
  77. What Reason Magazine says about Justin Amash
  78. FreedomWorks ad against Pestka
  79. Justin Amash's General Election Results Thread (update: Amash WINS!)
  80. Amash for VP 2016
  81. Justin's Balanced Budget Amendment
  82. The Libertarian that ran against Amash was GARBAGE!
  83. Democrat announces run to challenge Amash in 2014
  84. Justin Amash's future
  85. Congressman Amash Quoted in Heritage Foundation Article!
  86. Has Amash posted his recent votes on FB?
  87. Official General Election Results for Amash in MI-03
  88. Justin is Speaker Today!
  89. Amash removed from Budget Committee
  90. GOP Steering Committee Shuffles Conservatives from Committees - PURGE includes Amash
  91. Punishing the Paulians [Schweikert, Jones, Amash, Huelskamp]
  92. Amash and Huelskamp on Heritage's Live Blog Online 12 pm ET
  93. Justin Amash on The Frank Beckmann Show 12/4/12
  94. Can Schweikert, Jones, Amash, and Huelskamp get any better press than this?
  95. Reason: Justin Amash: GOP Leaders "Are Willing to Take Really Bad Deals to Avoid any Defen
  96. Great Amash meme off twitter:
  97. Justin Amash's facebook post on being purged off the Budget committee
  98. Call John Boehner's Office!
  99. Amash: GOP Leaders "Are Willing to Take Really Bad Deals to Avoid any Defense Cuts"
  100. [Video] Amash and Huelskamp on Hannity discussing Budget Committee purge
  101. [Video] Justin Amash on CNN: GOP leadership is out of step with America
  102. Boehner Punishes the Principled - A Conversation with Amash
  103. Amash, Huelskamp, Schweikert send letter to Boehner seeking answers
  104. Justin Amash would consider raising taxes?
  105. Massie, Amash join bipartisan group in calling for cuts to Pentagon
  106. Justin Amash: John Boehner not interested in balancing budget (Geraldo show 12/10/12)
  107. Justin Amash on Cavuto 12/10/12
  108. Rep. Amash is out of touch, says protesters outside his Grand Rapids office
  109. Amash Responds to Boehner's Letter (Which Doesn't Deny Existence of Scorecard)
  110. Justin Amash to Boehner: You Are Not Doing a Good Job, and Are Not Welcome in My State
  111. Amash signals possible revolt against GOP leaders
  112. Justin Amash: I was told I received a ZERO on GOP leadership scorecard (Hannity 12/12/12)
  113. Amash to Speaker Boehner: "Show Us the Scorecard!"
  114. Justin should go on C-SPAN morning show
  115. Boehner caves on debt ceiling (again)-Amash for speaker
  116. The Next Ron Paul? - Rep. Justin Amash takes on John Boehner and the "old GOP."
  117. AmConMag: "Is Justin Amash The Next Ron Paul?"
  118. Justin Amash on The Mike Huckabee Show 12/06/12
  119. Rep. Amash to Oppose NDAA 2013!
  120. We need to do something about Amash's name recognition (PPP Polls)
  121. Ben Swann just tweeted 2 ask Amash to do a skype interview! I hope he does! Encourage him!
  122. Justin Amash Cosponsors Ron Paul's Hemp Legislation
  123. Amash, Massie, Ron Paul 74 others Vote "NO" on "Protect Our Kids Act"
  124. The Amash Rebellion by Justin Raimondo
  125. Bills that may have affected the "scorecard"
  126. Amash tweets that per Politico 'leadership' held stance agst NDAA against him re purge
  127. Merry Christmas tweet
  128. Amash stands up to establishment trolls talking trash on Twitter
  129. Republican congressman opposes three-month sequester delay
  130. The Secret War Against House Speaker Boehner: Led by Amash
  131. WKAR Off The Record: "What Did Amash Gain? Political Isolation."
  132. Amash town hall in Grand Rapids
  133. Justin Amash on The Frank Beckmann Show 1/10/13
  134. House Passes Bill to Fund CIA’s Action on Obama’s “Kill List” – Amash Voted NO
  135. Amash should push for the "Hastert" rule to come back into effect
  136. House Adopts Amash Transparency Reforms
  137. Amash to host town halls throughout district 1/26-31
  138. Report from Battle Creek Enquirer
  139. Amash needs to work with the group to fire Boehner if he brings immigration bill up
  140. Amash's explanation of HR 325 - No Budget, No Pay Act
  141. [Minor Anecdote] Michigan Gun Owner's forum shows great support for Amash (and Rand)
  142. Rep. Justin Amash a ‘firewall for freedom’, PAC says – Receives Top Status in D.C.
  143. Amash: "We have too many bases overseas"
  144. Amash blasts Sen. John McCain
  145. John McCain makes racist joke about Middle-Eastern people on Twitter, Amash angry
  146. Commenters Attacking Amash
  147. Amash wants to de-authorize the use of military force?
  148. This White House (like the last) Mocks the Constitution
  149. Justin Amash >>>>>>>>>>>>> Rand Paul
  150. Amash in twitter battle with Jay Carney and establishment Republican twitter hacks!
  151. Justin Amash mulls Senate run
  152. Rep. Amash and Massie-Only Two to Vote "NO" on North Korea Condemnation
  153. Libertarian Super PAC Encourages Amash Senate Run, Pledges ‘Six to Seven Figures’
  154. Amash at Students for Liberty 2012
  155. Roll Call: Amash eyeing Senate run?
  156. National Review: Moving the Liberty Movement
  157. Justin Amash on Live with Renk 2/20/13
  158. Amash explains differences with Ron Paul in town hall
  159. Amash introduces bill to make legislation more transparent, easier to understand
  160. Amash testifies feds can 'snatch Americans from homes' under indefinite detention law
  161. DeMint, Lee, Paul, Amash, Broun, Huelskamp get perfect scores from Club for Growth
  162. Conversations with Conservatives LIVE NOW w/ Amash, Massie and Labrador
  163. Justin Amash on Reason TV: "Any Sequester Alternative Must Cut at Least as Much"
  164. Justin Amash to talk drone killings, indefinite detention at ACLU event 3/25
  165. U.S. Rep. Justin Amash: Sequester not 'smartest way to reduce federal spending'
  166. Justin Amash: "Young Libertarians should work inside the GOP"
  167. Justin Amash's great explanation for voting against VAWA
  168. Erick Erickson: Massie and Amash new gold standard of conservatism
  169. Thank you Justin Amash!
  170. [Picture] Justin Amash Destroys McCain on Twitter
  171. If Scott Romney runs and wins, Amash could wait
  172. Is Justin Amash going to run for senate?
  173. Justin Amash "certainly open" to Senate run
  174. Justin Amash posted an article about him thinking about running
  175. Justin Amash Joins Potential Contenders for Senate Seat
  176. Michigan US Senate Poll - Harper Polling
  177. Scott Romney not running
  178. @daveweigel @RepJustinAmash says he owns http://wackobird.com . True
  179. Justin Amash on The Frank Beckmann Show 3/13/13
  180. Only 3 Aren't Fooled by House Leadership: Amash, Massie, and Bridenstine!
  181. You Can't Under Estimate Justin Amash...
  182. Rep. Justin Amash For U.S. Senate?
  183. Join Amash and Massie for Conversations with Conservatives on March 20
  184. Ben Carson for the MI Senate Seat?
  185. Granholm won't run for open Senate seat
  186. Nice Article about Amash Townhalls
  187. Justin Amash picture at ACLU Civil Liberties discussion - from twitter
  188. Justin Amash criticized by same-sex marriage advocates, opponents
  189. Michigan Senate Polls: Peters leads Amash 39-31 with 31% undecided, up on Rogers 37-34
  190. Amash shares link hinting at Senate run on Facebook
  191. Michigan Republican Senate Primary Poll - Amash at 18%
  192. Conservative GOP congressman comes out for gay marriage
  193. Michigan Local TV-To the Point: Justin Amash
  194. [YouTube] Is Justin Amash the Next Ron Paul? [Full Reason TV Interview]
  195. FreedomWorks Welcomes Reps. Amash, Meadows, Salmon to the New Fair Deal Writing Team
  196. Justin Amash: The House's New Ron Paul
  197. Steve Deace warning or attacking Justin Amash?
  198. FreedomWorks on Tap: Justin Amash vs. The Establishment
  199. Michigan 2016 GOP Senate Primary Poll
  200. Rep. Justin Amash cosponsors change to federal marijuana laws
  201. Birthday Moneybomb on to raise raise $25,000 for Justin’s 33rd birthday, Thursday
  202. Justin Amash Discussion on Off The Record 04/12/2013 (VIDEO)
  203. Gunowner site poll on who you'd vote for for Senate in MI - Amash leading
  204. With CISPA cybersecurity bill on deck, Justin Amash reiterates privacy concerns
  205. Justin Amash on Wilkow! talks about Social Security and immigration
  206. Posted by Amash: CISPA Shouldn’t Infringe on Freedom of Contract
  207. Justin Amash on the Frank Beckmann Show re CISPA
  208. Justin Amash 33rd Birthday money bomb
  209. George F. Will: Justin Amash, one to watch from Michigan
  210. Amash: Boston and Watertown can rest easier tonight.
  211. Ron Paul Protoge Determined to Tear Down the Left Right Paradigm on Capital Hill
  212. Amash's Congressional District Breakdown:
  213. Amash and Massie Having Fun on Twitter! :)
  214. Conversations with Conservatives (Amash, Radel, etc)
  215. Pauls urge Amash not to run for Senate
  216. Amash: Rumor that Pauls urging him not to run 4 Senate started by 'unelectable Republicans
  217. New Fair Deal Event: Rep. Justin Amash
  218. Potential good news for Amash: Mike Rogers being pushed for FBI Director...
  219. Congressman Gary Peters announces he will run for U.S. Senate in Michigan (D)
  220. Justin Amash: 'I yield my time to the member from Utah'
  221. Amash votes against McClintock's Full Faith and Credit Act
  222. Amash says he'll fight against an 'anti-civil liberties' GOP Senate candidate in Michigan
  223. Justin Amash's FB comment on debt ceiling getting a lot of attention
  224. Potential Senate Run By AT&T MI President
  225. Michigan Senate GOP Primary Poll by Murray Communications
  226. Why Rep. Justin Amash voted 'present' on Keystone XL pipeline bill
  227. Amash mum on Senate run, but announces fundraisers across Michigan this summer
  228. God hates Amash?
  229. PPP Senate 2014: Amash close 3rd in primary poll
  230. Justin Amash and Mike Lee introduce bill to repeal Export-Import Bank
  231. Two MI republicans, two different takes on verizon phone records
  232. Justin Amash letter, signed by Massie as well,to the NSA and FBI about spying on Americans
  233. Amash civil liberties lawsuit
  234. Smith-Amash Amendment Will be Voted on for NDAA FY 2014! Contact Members NOW!
  235. Smith-Amash Anti-Indefinite Detention Amendment Back in House THIS WEEK!
  236. Amash/Lee Legislation To Abolish the Export-Import Bank
  237. Rogers To Announce Senate Decision Friday (update: not running)
  238. Justin Amash on Cavuto FNC 6/11/13
  239. Amash calls for DNI Clapper's resignation
  240. Hotair: Amash to Clapper: “Perjury is a serious crime”
  241. Amash Op-Ed on HotAir
  242. House Rejects Smith-Gibson Amendment; 200-226
  243. Justin Amash on Cavuto FBN 6/14/13 (video added)
  244. Justin Amash To Speak In Hartland
  245. Justin Amash on The Mike Huckabee Show re: LIBERT-E Act 6/19/13
  246. Amash, Huizenga vote to ban abortions 20 weeks after conception
  247. Amash warns GOPers on gay marriage; don't do anything stupid
  248. National Review: The Education of Justin Amash
  249. Justin Amash on Stossel re: NSA surveillance 6/27/13
  250. Justin Amash on InfoWars